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Softsky is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

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Current AutumnClan
Age 92 moons
Status Living
Debut Frostfang's past
Father TBA
Mother TBA
Sibling TBA
Mate Cloudscar (formerlly)
Kits Three stillborn kits, Frostfang (adopted), Tanglepaw (adopted)
Owner Meerkat
 Softsky is a cream coloured she cat with blue eyes. She is an elder of AutumnClan, the former mate of Cloudscar, the mother of three stillborn kits and the adopted mother of Frostfang and Tanglepaw.

Softsky is known for her wise nature and kindess. Softsky also isn't as grouchy as the other elders, although she can snap at times.



Softsky is an average sized cat with blue eyes. Her cream pelt is thick, although at a short length, so it doesn't take as long as other cats to groom. Her back and around her face, excluding her muzzle, are a brighter colour than the rest of her body.


Despite being an elder, Softsky is rather healthy physically. As she eats healthy and excercises at times, she has been able to avoid getting sick regulary, although she is still more suspectable to illnesses and infections during her elder years.

Softsky's mental health is also very good. Intelligent and mentally strong, Softsky has no mental health issues.


Softsky is rather atypical for an elder, kind, calm and collected. With no regrets of her past and an eagerness to share wisdom, while she isn't too care free, she doesn't hold a grudge and always looks into the future instead of the past. However, when someone irritates her, Softsky is prone to snapping, although she is usually the first to make amends.

Skills and abilities

Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon



Three stillborn kits- "Oh, what beautiful kits they were, even though they never got a chance to breath. All three of them looked like they had potential. The only tom I would of named Cloudkit, just like his father. The bigger she cat would of been called Sparkkit and the smaller one Creamkit. If only StarClan had a different plan for them." Softsky on her kits.

Although she often looks into the future, Softsky can't help but bring her thought back to her stillborn kits, who she loved, even though they never got the chance to see her. She already had the names planned and was devastated when she couldn't name them. Softsky often thinks that they had potential and often thinks about them being in the warriors den, something that pains her.


Frostfang"It hurts that I wasn't the one to tell him that I wasn't his mother. He left the clan and shunned me when he came back. I'll always consider him my son, even though I wasn't realated to him. Softsky on Frostfang.

Softsky loves her foster son, no matter what ever happened when he was alive. She blames her former mate for telling him and doesn't hate him for shunning her after an absence from the clan. However, she does feel ashamed for not keeping her secret.

Tangleblaze"Oh, her demeanor is so much like Tanglekit! She's fiesty, fearless and even has the same adventurous streak! Her appearance is nearly the same too!" Softsky on Tanglepaw.

Unaware that she is really her adopted daughter, Softsky is reminded of her when she sees the cat who is the spitting image of her. Softsky has to restrict herself from telling her that though.

Icerunner"He's certainly an intriguing one, that Icerunner. I don't see why he ignores his son, but he seems like a good cat otherwise. I'm not that sure about him, but I'll give him a chance." Softsky on Icerunner.

Softsky is both confused and intrigued by her fellow clanmate. While she is confused that he keeps ignoring Sleetfang, she is impressed by his skills and she thinks that he is a rather good asset to have, even though he isn't clan- born. Softsky wants to learn more about Icerunner and why he has such a stoic demeanor.

Sonin"A bit naive, but certainly a harmless cat in the social sense. I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her, but I've got a feeling that I may like her"

While she has interacted little with Sonin, Softsky has quite a good feeling about her. More coming soon


Sleetfang"What a great cat to be around! This young warrior is already quite responsible and I think he'll grow even more. I'll always be there for him and he'll always be there for me." Softsky one Sleetfang.

Softsky is rather fond of the new warrior and thier friendship is mutual. Always the first one that Sleetfang turns to for advice, Softsky often provides it for him and she also sticks by him whenever needed.

Love interests

Cloudscar- Coming soon


  • Softsky is one of Meerkat's favourite cats. 



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