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Songbreeze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SummerClan
Given Kit: Songkit
Apprentice: Songpaw
Warrior: Songbreeze
Queen: Songbreeze
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Swiftfoot
Mother Rowanstar
Siblings Whistlewind, Cloudstorm
Mates Shadowpelt (Formerly), Brambletail
Kits Brindlenose, Pepperpatch
Owner Fez

Songbreeze is a ginger tabby she-cat with a white chest.


Songbreeze loves to play with her littermates and friends. If anyone bullies her littermates she turns into the strongest warrior and defends them. Songbreeze has a very strong connection with StarClan. She is very nice, kind and is very similar to her mother.


Songbreeze was first born to Rowanflight and Swiftfoot in a litter of three kits. She is very active and loves to run around and shows interest in Shadowkit. Songbreeze has a strong connection with StarClan and so does her sister, Whistewind. She grows up and has Rainface as a mentor. Songbreeze shows to be a proving apprentice making her first catch in a matter of minutes. During the battle with the dogs, Songbreeze, her littermates, and her friends receive their warrior names.

Sadly, Silverflower, Luckshine, and Rainface had to give it to them, from StarClan because they had died during the battle. Songbreeze became Brambletail's mate but they had a fight and broke up. Songbreeze becomes Shadowpelt's mate, causing stress for Brambletail, who was still in love with her. Shadowpelt acts very poorly to Songbreeze and she refuses to be his mate any longer. This causes Shadowpelt to be furious with the she-cat and with his brother, who he tries to kill.

Songbreeze ends up telling Brambletail she has made a mistake in choosing mates and is in love with him. The two cats are now mates. Songbreeze recently joined STA. After the events of the STA, Songbreeze became pregnant with Brambletail's kits. She gave birth to one tom, and one she-kit, Pepperkit and Brindlekit. Pepperkit looks a lot like Shadowpelt, Songbreeze's former mate.

She spends 6 moons with the kits, scolding them and telling them stories. Motherly things. She is seen at their apprentice ceremony, as proud as ever. After, she shares tongues with her sister, when she moves out of the nursery, much to Oceanwave's dismay.

Rowan makes Songbreeze take a hiatus from the roleplay, the reason being that she was ill. She is seen, finding her mate, Brambletail, ready to tell him that they are not working out. He proves his love for her in the words she says, and the ginger tabby realizes that she still has feelings, strong ones, for Brambletail.

Songbreeze offered her life for her mother, Rowanstar, to return but the leader declined it. Songbreeze went to StarClan anyways because she missed her brother, father and mother. She said goodbye to her sister, and left.


Father: Swiftfoot - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Mother: Rowanstar - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Sister: Whistlewind - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Brother: Cloudstorm - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Nieces: Brightfeather - Deceased; Residence StarClan; Tawnyleaf - Living

Nephews: Longtail - Deceased; Residence StarClan, Batwings - Living

Uncle: Cloudsong - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Aunts: Ivyblaze - Deceased; Residence StarClan, Fallowheart - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Grandmothers: Whistlewing - Deceased; Residence StarClan, Wingbreeze - Deceased; Residence StarClan

Grandfather: Rowancloud - Deceased; Suspected StarClan member

Mate: Brambletail - Deceased; Residence StarClan, Shadowpelt (formally) - Living

Daughter: Brindlenose - Living

Son: Pepperpatch - Living

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Brambletail: "Songbreeze, we've been away from each other for almost a moon now, but do you want to be mates again?"
Songbreeze: "I would love too!"
Brambletail asking Songbreeze to his mate again SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive10


Songpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Luckshine: "You need your warrior names. But a ceremony will not be preformed. We will name you."
Luckshine: "From this moment, Songpaw, you will be known as Songbreeze. Cloudpaw, you will be known as Cloudstorm. Whistlepaw, you will be known as Whistlewind. Poppypaw, you will be known as Poppyheart. Branchpaw, you will be known as Branchheart. Shadowpaw, you will be known as Shadowpelt. Bramblepaw, you will be known as Brambletail. Graypaw, you will be known as Grayfoot. Eclipsepaw, you will be known as Eclipsemoon."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive6

Songkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Sunstar: "Songkit, Cloudkit and Whistlekit please step forward."
Narrator: "Songkit stepped forward smiling and her mentor was Rainface.She was now Songpaw. Soon her littermates became apprentices too. Cloudpaw had Petalseed and Whistlepaw had Lionheart."
SummerClan/Roleplay Archive5


  • Songbreeze came from two cats who were not originally SummerClan cats.
  • She is named after her Uncle, Cloudsong, and one of her Grandmothers, Wingbreeze.
  • Songbreeze always loved Brambletail while she was with Shadowpelt, but never showed it.
  • In SummerClan, "Songbreeze stopped and burst into laughter.", Rowan added that in because that was what she was doing at the time, because of the post before that one.
  • Her life image shows a music sheet. Coincidentally, her name is Songbreeze.
  • Songbreeze is now adopted by Dove's song.

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