Songspirit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Given Songspirit
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Mentor Leaflove
Owner Ravenfang

Songspirit is a sleek, agile white she-cat with black ears and tailtip, gray tabby stripes on her legs and back, and bright, sparkly blue eyes.


Songpaw is gentle and caring. She loves her clan, and hates fighting. She was going to be a medicine cat but she can't.


Songpaw is seen wondering who to play with. She then see Eaglepaw, and he flirts with her. They play around a lot.
The next day, Songpaw sees Eaglepaw with Bluepaw. She is shocked and runs away. Eaglepaw catches her and tries to say sorry. Songpaw, being the nice cat she is, forgives him begrudgingly. She talks to Bluepaw and they agree that Songpaw and Eaglepaw should get together.
She later finds out that Eaglepaw has chosen Bluepaw. She gets depressed and is seen wishing she was a warrior or something that would impress Eaglepaw.
Songpaw is eventually named a warrior, with the name Songspirit.
She always seems to be missing her old mentor, Leaflove.

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