Sootflight is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Warrior: Sootflight
Queen: Sootflight
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a fox
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Dusknos
Mother Mistytail
Sibling Gingerpaw
Mate Longtail
Kits Tigerclaw, Nightglow
Mentor Jaggedflight
Apprentice Smokeheart
Owner Stoem

Sootflight is a gray-brown she-cat with amber eyes.


She's outgoing and patient. Mostly, she goes on border patrols, because she has a hunger for battle, though she doesn't relish in it. She's mastered basic moves such as the front paw blow and the back kick, which are the two tactics she uses most often.

She has also worked hard to develop her own tactics, and is strategic, often was helping Rowanstar decide who should be in the front line of battle. She passed up the choice of having an apprentice so that she could have her own kits, as she is very loyal to the warrior code. She also vetoed the invitation to train in the Dark Forest. She came up with the idea to camouflage herself with mud to look like a rock if another clan ever attacked. She's skilled at fighting, a focused, compact cat, yet a feisty ball of energy, as some cats in her Clan would describe her.


Sootflight was born to Mistytail and Dusknose, along with her brother Gingerpaw. She was accidentally apprenticed two moons early, but made up for her lack of size with her skills. She was a fast learner, as well as eager, and was always friendly to the other cats. She was mentored under the care of Jaggedflight. In honor of her mentor, she agreed to take on the suffix -flight as her full warrior name. Her first days as a warrior were not good—she forgot where the warriors' den was; but eventually caught in and is now a respected warrior throughout her Clan. She falls in love with a warrior, Longtail, after she takes him to her secret cave. They become mates.

She is currently pregnant with Longtail's kits. She loved talking to Songbreeze and was sad when she moved to the nursery and she had to leave a moon later.

Way later, she dies along with Stonefoot by a fox and now resides in StarClan.

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