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Sootkit (WC).life
Current WinterClan
Age About 12 moons (1 Year)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Guppystar
Siblings Gullbreeze, Blacktuft, Antkit, Lizardkit, Cormorantstorm
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Snakestorm
Owner Rainlegs

Sootlegs is a lanky, short-furred, black tom with a short, rumpy-style manx tail. He is the son of Guppystar, and a warrior in WinterClan. His littermates are Gullbreeze, Blacktuft, Antkit, Lizardkit, and Cormorantstorm, all of whom are half-clan. His mentor is Snakestorm.

He is known for showing ambition at a very young age, and being charming, boastful, and confident.



With a coal-black coat, Sootlegs is fairly attractive for a young tomcat. He has a short, albeit thick, coat and keeps it very well-groomed. His eyes are bright golden, standing out drastically among his litter, and he has a dark gray nose.
His shoulders are wide, and he has a strong, sturdy build. His legs are longer than his siblings', making him a bit more accident-prone, and he stands tallest among them. His hind legs are slightly longer than his forelegs, causing him to "hop" a little when he runs, much like a rabbit. His tail is very short, as he is of Manx heritage, and looks like a large tuft of fur.


Sootlegs displays all the signs of a healthy adolescent: he has sturdy legs, seldom shows signs of a cold, and eats plentifully.


Often seen flaunting a cocky, arrogant smile, Sootlegs is a people-pleaser. He enjoys the lavish attention given to him for being the leader's son, and is known for being very boastful about his rank. He aims to be on the good sides of a majority of WinterClan, for he aims to fill his mother's role after her ninth death, and become a leader. He is very charming towards she-cats, and may be a little more rude towards toms of his age than he really should be, but he is very easy to feel comfortable around.


Coming Soon



Sootkit is born to Guppystar of WinterClan and an unnamed loner, who happened to be a ginger-and-white manx, living near FreeClan's old territory. He is born to a litter of six, consisting of Lizardkit, Blackkit, Cormorantkit, Gullkit, and Antkit. He is delivered by his aunt, Applewhisker, and the medicine cat, Beautifulface.
He is later seen in camp, playing with his siblings when Applewhisker brings a rogue in. He is shooed into the leader's den for safety, until it is declared that the tom was safe to keep. He leads the rest of his litter out of the den, where they encounter Crowkit, and challenge him to a fight.
After the death of Lizardkit, his sister, he and his remaining littermates are made apprentices. He is apprenticed to Snakestorm, and immediately bombards his mentor with questions about when he can start training.



Unnamed manx tom: Status Unknown, most likely living


Guppystar: Living


Blacktuft: Living
Antkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Cormorantstorm: Living


Lizardkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Gullbreeze: Living


Azurestar: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Reedstar: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Marshshade: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Wolfpelt: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Risingfeather: Deceased; Confirmed Dark Forest member
Owlwing: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Sorrelstep: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Guppysplash: Deceased; StarClan resident
Moonsight: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Fadeshadow: Living
Bluekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Hiddenshadow: Living
Visionblur: Deceased; StarClan resident
Crowfoot Living


Petalkit: Deceased; StarClan resident
Applewhisker: Living


Loyal: Living
Web: Living
Romeo: Living
Rollingstone: Living
Lionkit: Living
Minnie: Deceased; Unknown residence
Chaplin: Deceased; unknown residence
Rook: Living
Molecloud: Living
Dolphinwave: Living
Seedfur: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Magpiekit: Living
Birdkit: Living
Catfishkit: Status Unknown
Roseleaf: Living
Greenkit: Status Unknown
Stoatkit: Status Unknown
Aspenflower: Deceased; StarClan resident
Willowkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Lightningstorm: Deceased; StarClan resident
Leopardkit: Deceased, Confirmed StarClan member
Regretpaw: Status Unknown, most likely deceased
Beakkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Briarshine: Living
Pebblesong: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Shadestripe: Living
Stormwhisker: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Mottlenose: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Yellowbird: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Thornkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Foxtail: Living
Alpinefeather: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Aerialace: Living
Leechfang: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Slugface: Living
Pridefall: Deceased' StarClan resident
Tranquilwind: Living
Lovekit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Robinkit: Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Guilttrip: Living
Justicesight: Living



Sootkit (WC).life


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