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Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Age Approx. 73 moons old (at death)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Choked to death on phlegm
Debut AutumnClan 1
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Sootkit, Blazekit, Rainkit
Mate Badgerheart
Kits Fireheart, Sunfur, Shimmerheart, Whitetail
Mentor Unknown AutumnClan cat
Owner Mel

Sorrelshine is a petite tortoiseshell, black, ginger, and white molly with blazing amber eyes scarred underbelly, white ear, ginger and black ear, short, stubby legs, and unusually long tail. She is the daughter of two unknown cats from AutumnClan and the mate of Badgerheart. She is the mother of Fireheart, Sunfur, Shimmerheart, and Whitetail. She is a former warrior of AutumnClan and now resides in StarClan.



Sorrelshine was a petite tortoiseshell and white she-cat. The white in her fur was pure, like a fresh winter snow, occupying the lower part of her body and her left ear. The black was deep and solid, like the darkness in the night sky. The orange was vibrant and alive, looking like the heart of a blazing flame. Her fur was short and thin, easy to groom when it didn't need to be often. It was also silky and smooth.
Her legs were short and stubby, jumping at low to mid heights. Her frame was round, and she was slightly on the chubby side. Her tail was long and thin, consisting of the colors orange and black. Her face was rounded and small, making a U-like shape. Her ears were also small, rounded towards the top.
Her eyes were like two full yellow-amber moons, with deep pupils. Her whiskers were snow white to go along with her fur.


Physical Health

Sorrelshine had gotten greencough a couple times in her life, but other than that she was mostly healthy. She had a little bit of an overweight problem, which caused some leg aches.

Mental Health

Sorrelshine was a wise old cat and was stable.


Sorrelshine was brave. She'd do any challenge thrown at her without hesitation. She was a sweet mother to her kits, but turned sides instantly when in battle. Sorrelshine always said what was on her mind, but never to the ones making the choices. She had a love of eating, but didn't like training or patroling much. She loved her Clan since the day she was born to that tragic day when she died.

Skills and Abilities

Sorrelshine's short legs and larger body made it difficult for her to act as a warrior. She couldn't jump very high, or run very fast, but she was strong due to all the strength she had gotten from eating prey. Despite her flaws, she was a very talented warrior.
Sorrelshine's eyes were keen and always alert. her sense of smell and taste as well as hearing were also assets. Overtime, they wore down.



Sorrelshine had two brothers (Sootkit and Rainkit) and one sister (Blazekit), but they all died the leaf-bare that they were born in. Sorrelshine was the only survivor.


At the Gatherings, Sorrelshine meets with her friends from the other Clans, Rowanflight, Snowshine, Bramblewhisker, Mistcloud, and the late Red-eye. During the fight with SummerClan, she thought that Rowanflight would give her mercy because of their friendship, but she did not, to Sorrelshine's surprise. Rowanflight gave her a nasty wound. Her mate is Badgerheart and she has four kits now; Firekit, Shimmerkit, Sunkit and Whitekit. They are about to be apprentices.
Moons and moons later...
The cats become warriors and a lot of moons after that, Sorrelshine is sen looking around the Clan. She sees that they have moved and grown up without her so she goes to Flashstar's den and sees her and Moonleaf there. She tells the leader that her time is up and that she is going to retire.
Thunderfoot tells her to keep the kits safe with the other elders when the river floods. She proves to be reliable and does the job well.
A few sunrises later. She is there when Sorrelkit enters the Elder's den, and she introduces herself.
Sorrelshine is celebrating when Thunderstar comes to power, and again after he steps down and Mudstar took his place. Shortly after, she is diagnosed with greencough and goes to see Moonleaf. Moonleaf treats her once then goes off and leaves the old elder in the den with greencough. Sorrelshine's cough grows worse. About two days later, Sorrelshine coughs and cannot talk after. She squeaks and chokes a little and then realizes phlegm is lodged in her throat. She knew it was her time to die. The tortoiseshell she-cat takes one last look at her Clan and thanks them for everything they've done. She stops breathing and goes to hunt with StarClan.





Unknown tom-Deceased, suspected StarClan member


Unknown molly-Deceased, suspected StarClan member


Blazekit - Deceased, suspected StarClan Member


Rainkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan Member
Sootkit - Deceased, verified StarClan Member


Badgerheart - Living


Fireheart - Living, Whitetail - Living


Sunfur - Living, Shimmerheart - Living


Heatherflower - Living

Other Clans

  • She died in AutumnClan and went to StarClan.


  • Sorrelshine was created based off of Sorreltail from the Warriors Series.
  • Her death was based upon the death that almost took Rowan's Father.







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