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Specklethorn is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Given Specklethorn
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Featherstorm
Mother Shinefeather
Siblings Silentspark, Spider, Goosekit, Snakepaw, Cricketpaw, Fallowpaw
Mate Cloudsky
Kits None
Mentor Rowanstar
Owner None

Specklethorn is a sturdy, large, tortoiseshell tom with warm amber eyes, feathered ears, a long, slender tail, a missing back leg lost in a fox trap, and huge, clumsy looking paws.


Specklekit was born to Featherstorm and Shinefeather, along with his siblings, Spiderkit and Silentkit, in the middle of an unusually hot and dry greenleaf.

He is made an apprentice along with Silentkit, earning his apprentice name, Specklepaw, and his mentor, Rowanstar.

He visits his father, Happybird, and his new siblings. He says even though Silentpaw won't come see them, doesn't mean he won't. He asks the kits' names, and says they're beautiful. Festherstorm purrs at his son, and tells him Rowanstar's teaching him right. Happybird thanks him, and tells him to come back anytime.

When Rowanstar calls him to come on patrol, she tells him to bring an apprentice friend. He chooses Cloudpaw, and she agrees to come.

He becomes a warrior, being renamed Specklethorn. He pads up to Cloudsky, and tells her even though they never really interacted much, he still liked her a lot and asks her to be his mate. She replies yes.


Specklethorn is loud, outgoing, and rambunctious. He is also slightly annoying and eager to learn. He is often in trouble because of his little adventures he often goes on. He's courageous and bold though, and fiercely loyal to his Clan. He's a great hunter, but is slightly clumsy at fighting due to his huge paws.

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  • One of his kits will be named Nosekit in honor of Moss, who is NOT dead, even if 'in honor of' sounds like she is. She's not though, k.
    • Mossnose33 is perfectly fine right now, and has never left the wiki. By Crys

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