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Spiderfang is a part of Project Characters and has been graded silver.

Current Dark Forest
Past Loners, AutumnClan, Rogues
Age 17 Moons (at death)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Illness
Debut AC Archive XLVIII
Last Post Unknown
Father Dax
Mother Biological: Lyra
Adoptive: Brightpelt
Sibling Nightecho (Half-brother)
Mate Thunderstripe (Formerly)
Kits None
Mentor Snakefang
Owner I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good

Spiderfang is a solid black tom with amber eyes. Formerly a loner, Spiderfang was abandoned by his mother as a kit and now serves as a warrior of AutumnClan. He is the son of Lyra and Dax (a former SummerClan warrior, now a loner) and has no known siblings. He has no mate and no offspring, nor has he served as a mentor to any apprentices.

Spiderfang is an arrogant, bitter character who is not widely respected nor accepted in his own clan. Yet, he has been recognized for his outstanding achievements in combat. He dislikes most others, and is in turn disliked by them as well. He prefers to be alone, and is often seen away from camp, straying from other characters and social interactions.



Spiderfang has short, glossy, black fur. His fur is uniform in length throughout his body, except for his tail, which has more volume than the rest of his coat. He has no markings on his body, except for a few, small battle scars that are sparsely scattered about his coat. Although his black fur provides little camouflage against the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds of the AutumnClan forest floor, he is completely undetectable under the cover of darkness. His coat is mostly water-proof, and liquid slides off his pelt with ease and it absorbs little water; due to this, he is excellent at swimming (in theory), but still prefers to stay away from water since he tends to be more clumsy while he's in it (which is typically accompanied with "oh shit help me I'm downing").

Spiderfang's build is tall and muscular. He is above the average height for a clan-cat, and his size makes hunting burdensome. No matter how low he crouches, prey can almost always see him approaching. His long, fluffy tail fails to aid him as well, since it often disturbs the fallen leaves around him, making quite an uproar for a small mouse to hear and flee from. Although he cannot hunt, he is an incredible fighter. His large size and powerful musculature allows him to quickly overpower enemies, and he is not easily knocked off balance. His claws are long, curved, and are incredibly sharp, which helps him to inflict deep wounds into his opponents. His long legs allow him to have a large range to attack from, so he uses this to his advantage on the battlefield as well. His ears are triangular-shaped and bat-like in appearance, granting him excellent hearing, which compensates for his below-average eyesight.

His eyes are an incandescent, vivid amber in color. They are excellent for noticing minute details up close, but they blur and blend the colors and shapes in the far background. Although his eyes are not up to par with his clanmates's vision, he never found his vision problems to be a significant issue, and never acknowledged them until a peer pointed out that he could not see as far as they could.

He is a young warrior and in excellent physical shape. When he entered the roleplay, Spiderfang was only thirteen moons of age, and had been a warrior for a little over one-and-a-half moons. Thanks to his tall, lean appearance, he is considered attractive by quite a few, and he might actually manage to get that boyfriend he's daydreamed about since he was five-moons if he stopped acting like such an ass.

Spiderfang is of Oriental cat descent, and is at least a fourth Siamese on his mother's side (with the other parts of the fraction being a mixture of Domestic Shorthair and Oriental Shorthair). Due to this, his hears are loner and more bat-like. His face is also slightly elongated, and his eyes are quite large compared to the rest of his face.


Spiderfang is a bitter tomcat who tends to stay away from others. He tries to convince himself that the reason why he pushes everyone away from him is because he is much better than them, but in actuality he is just afraid of being hurt or betrayed by them. He adores compliments from others, however, but cannot stand criticism of any kind. He has a sharp tongue, and is often seen fighting with someone.

Spiderfang is incredibly vain. He is constantly obsessing over his appearance, and may even stop in the middle of a patrol to check if his fur is still nice and neat. He wakes up early every morning to go groom his fur in a nearby stream, and this takes him at least a full hour. Over the course of a day, he spends the majority of his time grooming himself, or training obsessively. Recently, however, he has spent an increased amount of his time resting. He is ashamed of his lethargicness, but, despite his many attempts, has not found a way to regain the energy he once had. Due to the shame he feels, he often rests outside of camp so others will have a lower chance of seeing him.

At around nine moons of age, Spiderfang developed an incredibly aggressive and competitive personality. He feels that he must be the absolute best in everything, and often ends up frustrated and angry because he is unable to outshine his peers in certain subjects. He trains obsessively, a habit in which he picked up as an apprentice and has continued now that he is a warrior. He snaps at others, typically for no real reason, but he will definitely start screaming if someone comments negatively about him. Spiderfang also picks a lot of fights, though he used to pick even more when he was an apprentice.

He is incredibly impatient, and is incapable of understanding why things do not happen immediately. This was especially true when he was an apprentice, since he wanted to see results from his training efforts immediately ("No, sir, I want to be able to kick his ass now!"). As a warrior, this flaw contributes to his inability to hunt. Due to his impatience, he is incapable of spending a large amount of time tracking prey, and tends to give up before he can even find a roving mouse.

Spiderfang is overly sensitive and tends to overreact to small things. Like always, small problems are met with aggression and anger. If asked why these things irritate him, Spiderfang will not respond. This is because he has an intense fear of expressing sadness, or really any emotion, of any degree in public. For example, if a clan-mate dies, regardless if he knew them or not, Spiderfang will leave camp for the night instead of sitting vigil. This fear also extends to when he is isolated, and the though of him weeping in any fashion is appalling to the warrior.

He does not make friends easily, or rather, at all. His arrogance combined with his vanity and oversensitiveness makes him quite a prickly character to be around. He typically pushes people away from him as well, which makes the idea of friendship and impossible task. Despite claiming to not want any friends, incredibly painful spells of loneliness often grip him, yet they have failed to change his mind.


Spiderfang is in excellent physical health. He is rarely sick and does not become injured easily. His eyesight is below average, but he is able to cope with his disadvantage.

However, his mental health is a different story. Spiderfang has low self-esteem and considers himself to be a failure. This stems from the bullying he dealt with as a kit and apprentice. As a kit, Spiderfang was small and socially awkward. He was incredibly shy, and would rarely speak. His movements were awkward and choppy, and he would often trip and fall flat on his face. Due to this, he was mocked by kits and apprentices alike. For the first eight months of his life, he would walk with his head down, and speak with a quiet, meek voice.

His abandonment as a kit and apprentice also plays a prominent role, since it has left him with the feeling that he is loved by no one and a burden to everyone. He was often emotionally abused by his mother, Brightpelt. She would often tell him that she was his only family and the only one who loved him, and that if she abandoned him, like the rest had done, then the kit would have no one left. Due to this, Spiderfang developed an immense fear of abandonment, and would do anything to please his adoptive mother. He would take everything she said about him seriously, and was always determined to change himself to suit her. When she told him that he "could not handle pain, you'll be a poor fighter when you grow up," he would tear his pelt apart, when she told him he was "lazy and irresponsible, and unfit to ever be a warrior," he would cater to her every whim, and so on. When Brightpelt discovered her son's homosexuality and actually did abandon him, Spiderfang completely fell apart. He developed severe depression, along with various disorders involving body image and self-esteem.

He is considering suicide, and believes that it may be his only way out. He has contemplated this for moons now, specifically starting after he was raped as an apprentice by an adult tomcat. Spiderfang, despite his need for help, refuses to speak to anyone regarding his assault, suicidal thoughts, or otherwise.

When he turns sixteen-moons-old, Spiderfang's health begins to rapidly decline.  After a month-long battle with a tumor located directly behind his eyes, Spiderfang eventually dies alone in his den from an aggressive form of brain cancer.


Although Spiderfang is a powerful fighter. He is an expert at close-range fighting and uses his large size as an advantage. He can strike opponents from father distances than the average cat, and his long, hooked claws dig deep into flesh. He keeps his face blocked at all times from oncoming attacks, and surprisingly has never torn or chipped an ear in battle.

His aggressive nature causes him to apply to much force while hunting, and he has destroyed pieces of prey many times during the hunting process. When he hunts, Spiderfang charges full speed at prey, not giving them any time to escape, often crushing smaller animals such as mice. This tactic works well with larger game animals, however, he can never get close enough to strike because his large size makes him more visible in the undergrowth. He is much better at hunting during the night, yet he still uses his daytime-tactic, leaving all his catches practically inedible.

Spiderfang is a poor tracker, which also inhibits his hunting skills. He is too impatient to spend hours searching for someone or something, and often gives up around ten minutes into the search. His sense of smell works perfectly, but his eyesight is poorer than the average cat, making it slightly more difficult for him as well.

Spiderfang is an excellent tree-climber. His long, powerful legs and sharp claws make the task easy for him, and he can scale an immense trunk in a heartbeat. He tends to hide up on sturdy tree branches, and as an apprentice this was his favorite escape from the rampant bullying he had to deal with. He often feels that trees are the only living company that he has in his clan, even though the forest around him is slowly dying.



Spiderfang was abandoned a few days after he was born. He was left in AutumnClan territory, but he was taken in by a she-cat named Brightpelt. The warrior adopted the loner-kit as her own son, and named him Spiderkit, due to his dark pelt resembling that of a black spider. When Spiderfang was adopted, it was late in summer and nearing the fall. Since there were no nursing queens in the camp, Brightpelt fed Spiderkit using solid food in which she had ground up herself. This allowed him to survive long enough until he could eat solid food.

As a kit, he was picked on often in the nursery. He had few friends, and was laughed at whenever he spoke. He was small and socially awkward, and often felt like he did not fit in. He was ostracized by the other kits as well, which made his condition worse. At the end of his kithood, he waited in silence for his apprenticeship, which he looked forward to.

Although he had no biological mother or father around, he felt that he was supported by Brightpelt and that she was all the family he needed. He dedicated his entire life to please her and make her proud of him, and felt crushed whenever he had upset her in any way. Spiderkit also had no father growing up since Brightpelt refused to take a mate (that and no tom would ever want to be with her).

Spiderfang was often in the medicine cat's den as a kit. His mother would often tell him that he "was too weak," "did not care," or "couldn't stand pain," so he would injure himself in order to make her proud of him. He would run through thorn thickets and jump from far heights, tearing up his pelt and spraining his paws. The medicine cat treated his wounds well, and they never left any lasting damages, however they did spawn an addition for self-harm within Spiderfang.


Spiderfang was assigned a mentor along with several other apprentices during the same ceremony. His mentor was Snakefang, a senior warrior, who had a reputation of being a strict mentor with an outstanding record of success.

At first, Spiderfang hated the immense workload that none of the other apprentices had to deal with. His mentor swears the apprentice complained for two months straight, until a sudden change hit him. Spiderfang began to complete all the training tasks his mentor assigned him, and then more on top of it. His obsession grew to the point to where Snakefang suggested that he toned it down a little, but Spiderfang refused. The two often argued, and some cats claimed to hear faint yelling resonating from the training area all the way to the clan's camp (Snakefang would stay fairly calm, but Spiderfang would yell at the top of his lungs.) Snakefang claimed that the cause of this was how Spiderfang's mother abandoned him in combination with intense bullying, though he does not know exactly why since his apprentice would not admit it, even with great intimidation.

Around this time, Brightpelt started to grow ill. She stayed in the medicine den for a whole moon before she passed away, refusing to see Spiderfang the entire time. She insisted that he was no longer her son and a "disgrace to our clan." Once she died, she told the medicine cat to deliver her son a message, telling him how worthless and disgusting she thought he was. This message was never delivered, but Spiderfang already seemed to know what Brightpelt had said regardless.

When he was around nine moons old, around the time of Brightpelt's illness an nearing her death, he decided to go out of camp and train alone as he always had for the past moon. While he was training, a rogue had entered AutumnClan territory without being detected, and then ambushed the young apprentice. Spiderfang tried to fight back, but was unsuccessful. The much older tomcat had overpowered the apprentice, and proceeded to rape him, then left the area and the apprentice unconscious. When Spiderfang awoke, he made it back to camp and collapsed in the apprentices's den. When asked by his mentor what had happened to him, for he was covered in blood and bruises, the tom replied that he fell out of a tree, too embarrassed to explain the actual story. His mentor immediately took him to the medicine den, where his wounds were then treated, but Spiderfang kept his immense suffering as a secret regardless. He often suffers from night terrors and memories of this incidence.

When he was hald way into his eleventh moon, Spiderfang, his mentor, and several other warriors were ambushed by a pair of foxes while on a border patrol. Both mentor and apprentice fought bravely to defend their comrades, but Snakefang was gravely injured in the battle and died shortly after the foxes were chased out. The patrol carried the warrior's body back to camp, where Spiderfang requested that when he receives his warrior name, that may he please be named after his old mentor. His warrior ceremony was held the following morning, as a reward for his bravery. There, he was given the warrior name of Spiderfang, after his fallen mentor.


When Spiderfang enters the roleplay, he is thirteen moons old and has only been a warrior for around a moon and a half. After the death of his mentor when he was around eleven-and-a-half moons old, Spiderfang rarely spoke, and often retreated to the surrounding forest to unsuccessfully hunt or guard the border. Now, however, he has mostly recovered from his mentor's death.

Spiderfang is seen hunting in the forest outside the AutumnClan camp. At first, he is completely unsuccessful, but then is able to catch a small mouse. However, when he pounces, he crushes the mouse completely, and his bite marks rendered the animal's head completely unrecognizable.

He then takes the mouse back to camp, where he exchanges it for a different one, then sits down to eat. Another warrior, Grasshopperleap, then takes the mouse for himself, not realizing that the piece of prey is practically crow-food. The tom makes an expression of disgust, so Spiderfang watches him closely. At the tom's second gesture, Spiderfang stands up and confronts him, hissing that he did not have to take the mouse, and that he could just swap it out if he was just going to complain about it. Grasshopperleap then retaliates, stating that he is being treated like an elder, to which Spiderfang replies, "Then take a different mouse if you don't want to be treated like an elder, no one said you had to take that mouse! (XLVIII)" The tom then stalks off, and Spiderfang returns to his meal before he leaves the area himself.

Spiderfang then leaves camp. He then encounters Feathernose chasing Smokeshade out of AutumnClan territory and hears a vast uproar in the clan camp. He asks Thunderpaw what happened, and the apprentice told him to stay away from Feathernose. Spiderfang, now highly agitated, states that his statement does not help his understanding. Thunderpaw snaps back and tells Spiderfang to ask Feathernose himself, so the warrior calls the apprentice useless. The apprentice then walks away, his head and tail high, which actually taps Spiderfang on the nose. Insulted, Spiderfang knocks the apprentice over, hissing, "Hope that teaches you not to act like a pretentious little bitch around me,(XLVIII)." The two then verbally fight, and after a crowd appears, Spiderfang retreats to the forest. He then rests under a tree. He started planning when he should leave, then heads back to camp for the night,

The next morning, Spiderfang is up at his ungodly hour grooming his pelt. He hears Carppelt and Rosepetal trying to coax Thunderpaw down a tree. Spiderfang then climbs the tree, grabs the apprentice by the scruff, and carries him down to the forest floor and back to camp. He then retreats back into the forest, when Thunderpaw approaches him a while later. The apprentice apologies, and Spiderfang claims to have accepted it, although he makes sure that Thunderpaw is aware that Spiderfang does not trust nor like the apprentice in any way.

Later on, Spiderfang falls asleep outside of camp. He has a dream where another tomcat licks him on the nose as he swishes his tail back and forth, two kits chasing after it. The dream is blurry, and he hardly remembers it after he wakes up, not recalling any of the cats's faces from his sleep. Spiderfang then makes his way back to camp. He sees Sedgecloud, Swiftthorn, Rosepetal, and Cloverflight talking, and contemplates his life choices regarding his friends, or rather the absence of them.

Spiderfang returns to camp later on in the day. Shortly after, he hears the announcement that orders the cats going on the Journey to the Mountains to leave an sundown, so he waits by the camp exit. There, he sees Tigerheart, but ignores the tabby tomcat.  A while later, the two are delivered the news of the delay, and after a few words of protest, depart from the scene.

After Ravensoul, Silverberry, and Thunderstripe's warrior ceremony, Spiderfang is resting under a tree with a severe headache.  He questions if he should go to the medicine cat, since he rarely has headaches and none of this severity, but eventually discards the idea.  Thunderstripe then approaches him, asking if he was alright.  Spiderfang then sharply tells Thunderstripe to go away, but then changes his tone to explain that his head did feel slightly better.  The new warrior flinches at his words, and departs. He then has a brief memory of Berryflower, his mother, and departs, weeping uncontrollably. Spiderfang follows Thunderstripe, his headache now gone, and asks the warrior why he is crying. The warrior explains that he misses her and that he will stop crying, and Spiderfang replies, "Good, crying pisses me off...Why does everyone keep talking about her? She's all I hear about, especially from you. Why is she so special? (XLIX)" Thunderstripe then explains how Berryflower was the she-cat who raised him, and that he loved her. Spiderfang states how he now understands, and goes off on a small tangent about his own "mother," Brightpelt, before asking Thunderstripe what his own adoptive mother was like.  The tabby tom replies that his mother was caring and kind. Spiderfang then sits down and states that he is sorry for his loss, so Thunderstripe reassures him that his mother is happy in StarClan, so he is as well.

Spiderfang then states that he is going to go and hunt, and invites Thunderstripe with him. The tabby warrior easily stalks and catches a rabbit, while Spiderfang has problems even catching a small mouse. His prey eventually gets away from him, so in an attempt to hide his failure, Spiderfang picks up an old, bloated mouse carcass and takes it back to Thunderstripe.  At camp, Thunderstripe carefully watches Spiderfang, assuming that he is intending to poison an elder or queen with the rotten food.  Spiderfang then takes the mouse to eat for himself, but finds himself unable to, quickly burring it so it will never be found.  

Spiderfang then leaves camp and sees Thunderstripe, who had jst confessed to Snailpaw that he had a crush on the black tomcat.  Thunderstripe blushes, and Spiderfang hisses at him, asking what is wrong with the tabby tom.  Thunderstripe then apologises, stumbling with his words, preventing Spiderfang from knowing how he feels.  Noticing Thunderstripe's strange actions, Spiderfang asks him if he is injured.  The tom replies he is not, but Spiderfang leads him directly back to camp regardless.

Their, Thunderstripe is greeted by a mass of she-cats, and begins to panic.  Spiderfang tells the tomcat to calm down, and Thunderstripe submissively tells the fellow warrior that he is sorry.  This upsets Spiderfang, so asks the tom why he is acting so strangely, and that he no longer even stands up for himself anymore.  Afterwards, Spiderfang walks away, still enraged.

A day later, Thunderstripe invites Spiderfang hunting. The tom accepts, and the two leave camp. While walking, the tabby tom states, "You know you aren't a very bad cat, actually. (XLIX)" Spiderfang then tells the tom to 'shut up,' and then Thunderstripe, now angry and hissing, admits to Spiderfang that he is in love with the black tom. Enraged, the black tom replies, "...'Like me?' 'Like me!' You don't even know who I am! It's not possible that you like me! No one - likes - me! (XLIX)" The tabby tom then asks why, and Spiderfang replies that it is because he is a terrible person. Thunderstripe then walks away after explaining that the tomcat needs to learn to be a nicer person. Spiderfang then storms off in the oposite direction, ranting inside his own head.

He then come across Ravensoul, who is stuck in a bush, and asks him what is wrong. Spiderfang tells her to leave him alone, and the she-cat insists that he tells her what is troubling him. Spiderfang then hisses at her, saying that he refuses to listen to someone who is dumb enough to get caught under a thorn bush. Ravensoul then claims that he can help him to not be sad anymore, and he declines her offer, stating that he does not need her help.

The two then hear Thunderstripe scream, and follow the source of the sound. They discover that he has fallen down a hole, and Spiderfang tries to find a way to help the tomcat out. Thunderstripe musters up enough strength to climb almost out of teh hollow, and is then helped up by Spiderfang. The black tom then tells the tabby warrior that he cannot leave him alone for two minutes without him almost killing himself, and then Thunderstripe collapses. Spiderfang then cleans the tabby tom's wounds and carries him to the medicine den.

The injured tom wakes up for a few, brief moments to see Spiderfang outside of the medicine den.  He tells Thunderstripe to rest, and so the tom does so.  Ravensoul then enters the medicine den and rests alongside her brother, and the two fall asleep. Spiderfang then tries to rest, developing a headache. A few hours later, Spiderfang delivers two mice to the medicine den, and Ravensoul and the tom have a brief conversation. Afterwards, Thunderstripe wakes up, and Ravensoul and Spiderfang both leave the den.

Once Thunerstripe becomes healthy again, the two have a private conversation in the outskirts of the camp. The tabby tom asks once more if Spiderfang is in love with him, and he replies that he is not. Thunderstripe then run out of camp, so he follows him. Spiderfang asks the tom why he never speaks to him, and how could he ever love him if they never speak. Thunderstripe replies that it is because they are "meant to be," and that he wants to get to know Spiderfang further. The black tom then responds that he would never like him if he knew Spiderfang's past. After a while of coaxing Spiderfang to explain further, the tom retells his experience as a rape victim and his plans for suicide. After calming Spiderfang down, the two fall asleep outside of camp.

After a time lapse, Spiderfang is spotted in the Unclaimed Land.  He is washed up on a river bank and his memory is blurred.  It is implied that he has survived a suicide attempt and has washed up many miles away from his home.  At this same time in AutumnClan, he is believed to be deceased.

Spiderfang makes his way further downstream in order to clean himself off. When he is approached by Zene and Kamikaze, he is still in a daze from his trip down the river from AutumnClan, but manages to join the Bahara. There, he is given some food, and is given Andhi as a mentor. Since he is not too keen on being treated like a clan apprentice again, Spiderfang demands that he is to be taken out of that rank immediately.  Andhi suggests that Spiderfang tests out of the rank, and so the former warrior agrees.

While he is waiting for the tests to be set up, Spiderfang has a brief conversation with Ingrid. The she-cat asks why he joined the Bahara, and Spiderfang explained that he no longer wanted to be apart of the clan, withholding the full truth due to embarrassment. Ingrid then touches a wound on Spiderfang's shoulder, and the former warrior snaps at her, saying to not touch him.

Spiderfang is then called over by Andhi to begin the series of three test. The first test is a basic obstacle course where the participant much swim across a river jump across several rocks, and scale a tree. Spiderfang manages to swim across the river (after falling flat on his stomach in the shallow end), but not without his pelt absorbing a crippling amount of water. The warrior climbs to the top of one rock, then attempts to jump to the next, but falls not even half-way to the other side. He then walks around the remaining rocks and scales the tree. Andhi then leads him to the next test, which he "passes" as well.

The final test involves Spiderfang killing a fox. After a bloody battle with the creature, Spderfang emerges from its den with the blodied corpse. Although the warrior was not badly injured, he exited with several shallow scratch marks, a deep cut under his right eye, and a nicked left ear. Along with the scar on his shoulder, these wounds cause Spiderfang to become even more self-conscious regarding his appearance.

Spiderfang remains in the Bahara for another moon.  He slowly gains respect in the loner group through his strong fighting ability and aggressive nature, and he manages to form a place of belonging as well.  However, Spiderfang begins to think about AutumnClan again, especailly because Thunderstripe is still there and Spiderfang still loves him.  The warrior then leaves for AutumnClan again, making a journey that takes several days. 

Once in AutumnClan territory, Spiderfang quickly reunites with Thunderstripe again.  The black tomcat is extatic, but the AutumnClan warrior was more enraged than anything.  Thunderstripe began to yell at Spiderfang, accusing him of leaving and hurting him.  Spiderfang tried to apologize and explained that if he could, he would have never tried to commit suicide.  Thunderstripe then states that he no longer loves him and leaves the area.  Spiderfang then has an emotional breakdown and cries.

Later on, Spiderfang begins to travel back to the Bahara.  On his journey, he is lost deep in his own thoughts, which includes, "It was foolish of me to think that he would still love me. I bet he never even loved me to begin with. I can't believe that I ever trusted him, or ever trusted anyone. Everything and everyone in this world is set up to hurt me, to try to get me to quit, but I won't just give up, not anymore. If I can manage to get my revenge on this world merely by existing, then that's exactly what I plan to do for a very, very long time. There is no point anymore to living for anyone other than myself, because everyone on this Earth is absolutely vile. (UC VI)"



  • Lyra (Biological) - black she-cat, deceased
  • Brightpelt (Adoptive) - white she-cat, StarClan resident 


  • Dax - orange tabby tom




Biological Parents - Dax and Lyra

Spiderfang never knew his biological mother and father. All he knows about them is that they abandoned him at a young age. He was often reminded of this as a kit, especially by Brightpelt when she caught her kit misbehaving.

Although he does not know this, Spiderfang's mother was a loner named Lyra who had broken her paw. Due to this, she could not hunt for herself and could not produce milk to feed her starving kit. As a last resort, she left her kit in AutumnClan territory so he could have food and shelter, however she did not join herself for she was afraid of what the clan cats would have done to a young she-cat with a broken paw. Shortly after she gave up her kit, Spiderfang's mother died of starvation and exposure outside of clan territory.

Lyra named her son Vega before she gave him up to AutumnClan, and Spiderfang has brief memories of being referred to as that, though he does not understand the name's origin or who had called him that. He often hears this name while dreaming, but only during purely auditory dreams. Since no visual effects appear during these dreams, the only stimuli he interprets is the faint, distorted sound of a voice (which belongs to his mother, though he is unaware of this).

Spiderfang's father, Dax, is not aware of his son's existence, but he is still alive and is currently living as a loner. Hypothetically, if Dax knew his son was alive in AutumnClan, he would have joined the clan immediately to be with his son. Dax would have attempted to be the best father he could possible be, however, since he still acts like he is an adolescent, he probably would have turned out to be quite a reckless parent. However, this is not the case, and Spiderfang still resides with no knowledge nor memories of his biological father.

Adoptive Mother - Brightpelt

Brightpelt adopted the kit when she found him on a border patrol late in the summer. Although she did not have a mate nor was ever pregnant, and as there were no nursing queens at the time, Brightpelt fed her son by chewing up prey into a fine paste and then feeding it to him. This worked long enough until Spiderfang was able to eat solid food.

When she caught her kit misbehaving, she would threaten to abandon him as his biological mother had done. This developed an intense fear of abandonment within Spiderfang, and he did everything he could to please his mother so she would not leave him.

As a kit, Spiderfang had a close relationship with Brightpelt. He felt that he could tell her anything and that she would help him to the best of her abilities. This changed, however, when he was eight moons old. He told his mother that he had a crush on another male apprentice, and because of this she disowned him. Brightpelt announced to him and the whole clan that he was no longer her son.

Although the medicine cat never told Spiderfang Brightpelt's last wish, as an apprentice he heard her say that through the walls of the medicine den. This absolutely crushed him, and sent him spiraling into depression, but he denies that he is suffering from such a condition.

Brightpelt was an AutumnClan warrior who was born, raised, and died in the clan. She took great pride in being of "pure blood," as her line had no traces of any relationships with cats of foreign origin. As a kit and adolescent, she was always arrogant and lofty, and an expert at manipulation. Due to this, other cats were wary around her, and seldom trusted her. Many of her clanmates believed that she was not suited to have a mate, and especially not kits, though they would never dare say this to her face. When Brightpekt adopted a loner kit, her associates were essentially shocked, since this was so out of character for her.

Brightpelt never had any outstanding skills, but managed to become a warrior at a much earlier age than her peers, since it was believed that she manipulated her mentor to give her the graduation assessment early, and then found a way to cheat through the assignment. She lied, cheated, and manipulated others throughout the entirety of her life, and after her death, many rumors arose that she had never worked a single day in her life. Many of her clanmates noticed her abusive behavior towards her adoptive son, but failed to take action. This was likely because they did not want to upset Brightpelt (because she was quite ornery when confronted in any way) and because they thought the kit did not deserve their time, since they already believed that Spiderkit was too far gone, and would grow up as mean and cruel as the she-cat who had raised him.

Brightpelt contracted kidney cancer when she was already at an advanced age. Since she had adopted Spiderfang late into her life, the tom was only an apprentice when she was dying. Even on her death bed, she was excessively cruel to her son, and told him that he was a "disgrace" to her, his clan, and that she disowned him. When she died, Spiderfang was the only one who sat vigil for her (who was accompanied by Snakefang and his mate, Brookflight), despite her continued abuse of the tomcat.

Love Interests

Thunderstripe (Formerly) - 

Formerly, Spiderfang hated Thunderstripe due to his immature behavior and tendancy to play the victem in every situation possible.  The two got in a fight when Thunderstripe was still an apprentice, which was the highlight of clan gossip for several days.  A day later, Thunderstripe ran out of camp, and had to be dragged back by Spiderfang.  The two strongly disliked each other ever since.

Once Thunderstripe became a warrior, he matured enough to where Spiderfang could tolerate him. Thunderstripe soon became infatuated with the warrior, and his feelings were far from being returned by him. However, after several arguments and a rescue mission, Spiderfang too began to fall in love with Thunderstripe.

Soon, Spiderfang trusts Thunderstripe enough to keep what he considered his greatest secret.  He tells the dark ginger warrior about his brutal sexual assault as an apprentice, and Spiderfang realizes that he can fully trust Thunderstripe and that the warrior truly cares about him, so he completely falls in love with the other tomcat.

After Spiderfang suicide attempt fails and he is seen living in the Bahara, all his thoughts are consumed by Thunderstripe. When he makes his way back to AutumnClan, however, Spiderfang has found that his love no longer loves him, yells at Spiderfang that he abandoned him, and then leaves him there, crying. After the former warrior is done sobbing, he drags himself back to the Bahara, essentially reverting himself back to before he met Thunderstripe and trying to ignore his persistent affection for the tom.

Beetlepaw - 

Beetlepaw and Spiderfang were apprentices during the same time. Beetlepaw was a few years older than Spiderfang, and had begun to turn into a strong warrior with a promising future. While he was still in training, Spiderfang had admired the other apprentice for his outstanding skills, and of course his pretty face, and eventually developed a crush on him. This eventually lead to the black tom-cats disowning by his adoptive mother, since he briefly mentioned his infatuation with the tom while speaking to Brightpelt.

Spiderfang's feelings were unrequited, and Beetlepaw never knew nor noticed the apprentice's infatuated attitude around him. Beetlepaw dies a few days before his planed warrior ceremony, ending his interactions with Spiderfang permanently.


Former Mentor - Snakefang

During the final stages of his apprenticeship, and on the rare occasion when they were not fighting with each other, Spiderfang and his mentor considered themselves each other's friend. Snakefang loved to complain about his mate to the apprentice (and his mate loved to complain about him to her own apprentice), and Spiderfang opened up to his mentor more than anyone else in the clan.

More often than not though, the two were arguing about Spiderfang's unhealthy habits. Snakefang disliked how little his apprentice slept and how much he trained. Spiderfang would wake up every morning at an ungodly hour, then sneak out of camp unsupervised. This angered his mentor, but Spiderfang saw nothing wrong with this practice.

Snakefang was an AutumnClan senior warrior. He was widely respected for his great hunting and fighting ability, along with his outstanding skills in mentorship. He was always a patient, empathetic individual, even as a small kit, and put his clanmates before his own well-being. His selflessness eventually lead to his own demise at the hand of a pair of foxes, and he was mourned by practically the whole clan at his funeral ceremony.

Snakefang, as an apprentice, showed promising results and was a well-rounded student. He was made a warrior at an average age, and lived a humble, hard-working life. He met his mate, Brookflight, as an apprentice (she was a former kittypet, who had joined AutumnClan as an apprentice) and loved her dearly for the rest of his life. The two shared a healthy relationship, and greatly respected and cared for one another. Their relationship was based on an excellent degree of communication, and the two never felt they had to keep secrets from one another. Their most common interests was how much they liked to complain about their relationship, which somehow managed to strengthen their bond further. Since Brookflight was sterile, the two never had any kits, though sometimes Snakefang would refer to Spiderfang as his son after Brightpelt had abandoned him.



Although Spiderfang has not spoken to the other warrior since they were apprentice, he begrudgingly remembers the brown tabby's horrific bullying. As an apprentice, Spiderfang often found himself tormented, harassed, and humiliated by the other tom, who interpreted the other apprentice's suffering as some sort of game. Although Tigerheart has mostly grown out of his hurtful habits and has conveniently "forgot" about what he did to the black tom, Spiderfang remembers it like it was yesterday (mostly because it was literally like, two months ago).

Just before Snakefang's death, Spiderfang got in a fight with Tigerheart while they were still apprentices. Tigerheart initiated the brawl, and then Spiderfang promptly finished it, bashing the brown tabby's head into the ground. Afterwards, the two were then reprimanded by their mentors, with the typical phrases angry mentors say: "How could you do this!", "You're about to be a warrior soon!", "I swear to StarClan you will never graduate if you keep acting like kits!", etc.. This, of course, ended with the two hating each other even more than they did to begin with, and Spiderfang is still pissed off at Tigerheart to this day.


Spiderfang is Nightecho's younger half-brother.  The two were raised in AutumnClan together, but the two had no idea that they were related to each other.  Spiderfang was often harassed bu Nightecho as a kit and apprentice as well, but the abuse was never too severe.



Although Spiderfang was aware of Carppelt's existence before the problems Thunderpaw had caused, he never truly acknowledged her until afterwards. He helps her with her quest of getting the apprentice down the tree and back to camp, and respects her strong will to help her clan mates, regardless if they deserve it or not. Yet, he dislikes how loud she is. Her nosiness and habit of gossiping is also quite irritating to him, but he pardons it.


Spiderfang would often come in contact with Brookflight since she was both Snakefang's mate and Tigerheart's mentor. The four would often go on both hunting and border patrols together, despite Spiderfang's protests regarding Tigerheart's behavior. Brookflight was a senior warrior of AutumnClan just like her mate, but was noted to be a much softer, less strict mentor, but she scolded her unruly apprentice as much as humanly possible.

Spiderfang has always had a great respect for the she-cat. When she moved to the elder's den after Snakefang's death, he would try to make her life as comfortable as possible. At this time, she was depressed, irritable, and incredibly lethargic. After a short while of moving in, Brookflight began to grow ill. She soon died of illness, but even in her weakened state, she was sure to cheer the loudest at Spiderfang's (and eventually Tigerheart's) warrior ceremony.


Spiderfang first met Rosepetal when she was searching for Thunderpaw along with Carppelt. He has never spoken to the she-cat before, and knows little about her. The most he knows about her is that she has a calm, collected, and caring demeanor, and he respects her for helping Carppelt find Thunderpaw, even though the tom did not deserve their time.


Thunderstripe: "I need to admit something...I like you.""
Spiderfang: "...'Like me?' 'Like me!' You don't even know who I am! It's not possible that you like me! No one - likes - me!"
Thunderstripe: "And why is it not possible?"
Spiderfang: "Because I'm terrible to everyone! I hate everyone! I even hate myself!"
AutumnClan XLIX
Ravensoul: "Hey, Spiderfang, I just- wanted to thank you- Thunderstripe's been really sad since Mom died, and I...You're good for him. So thank you. I know you're not... emotional. But it means a lot, that you're there for him, really, it does."
Spiderfang: "Don't mention it. I honestly don't understand what he sees in me."
Ravensoul: "I think he sees everything you don't."
AutumnClan XLIX


  • He cannot stand the sound of chewing.
  • He does not believe in StarClan nor the Dark Forest.
    • Regardless, when he dies he will end up in the Dark Forest.
  • As a kit, he was petrified of the dark, but now he enjoys and finds safety in it.
  • He is likely one of the first LGBT+ characters on the wiki, seeing that he was created on September 9, 2012 (and then was completely remodeled on May 8, 2015).
    • After he was rewritten, the only two traits that remained from the original character was his strong fighting ability and his homosexuality.
    • This was due to his page being wiped completely when he was designated to be an NPC.
    • Spiderfang's original name was "Darkfang" - this was changed because his new roleplayer disliked how the old name sounded.
  • His was first designed as a dark grey tom with green eyes.  
  • His loner name, Vega, comes from a star in the constellation of Lyra.
    • It is typically feminine in usage.
  • A sketch of Spiderfang.





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