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Spiderkit (SplC II)
Current SplashClan
Age Approx. 0 moons old (Approx. 0 years)
Status Unborn
Debut N/A
Father Barktail
Mother Palefang
Siblings Pikekit, Sturgeonkit, Rabbitkit, Loachkit, CS
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Mink

Spiderkit is a brown mink she-cat with aqua blue eyes. She is a kit of SplashClan, and is a daughter of Barktail and Palefang. Her siblings are Pikekit, Sturgeonkit, Rabbitkit, Loachkit, and CS.



Spiderkit is a slim and tall cat, which she takes great pride in, since it increases her intimidating looks as well as her good looks. She is a thin cat with a very muscular body. Her muscles are very prominent and can be seen very well. Her pelt length, however, is actually around the right length and not too short or too long for a SplashClan cat. Her pelt does keep her warm and she doesn't suffer as much as thinner pelted cats. This means when she swims her pelt won't weigh her down and makes it easy to swim. She can quickly catch fish rather easily, and this is thought to be due to her fast reflexes.
Her base pelt color is a very light tan color all together, but darkens to a light chocolate brown on her belly and becomes a darker chocolate brown color as it goes farther from her stomach. Her legs, face, tail, and ears are a chocolate brown color fading into the pelt. Her pelt rarely has any scars covering it and therefore her pelt is said to be rather beautiful. Her left ear is torn into a curled form and is said to have been mangled by the badger as well as a scar running along her throat.
Her eyes are a deep blue in color, that brighten to a aqua-looking sea foam blue and deepens towards the schlera. They are consistently bright giving off an approachable demeanor, most of the time. Although, when she is upset are sick her eyes will dull in color and even glaze over. In addition, Spiderkit's paws are a dainty and feminine looking. Her claws are small, blunt looking, but in comparison are rather sharp that are a gray-yellow and turn to a gray-golden color as they near the base of her claws in color and are rather flexible to the touch and rather strong.


Spiderkit is a rather pleasant cat to be around when in a good mood. She's nice, polite, active, and agreeable with others. Spiderkit hates getting into arguments, but will tell the other when they are wrong. She is polite having grown up this way, she usually says please or thank you in most of her sentences. She is quite active and likes to train alone or with a friend if able. Spiderkit is attractive, bold, and charming. She is quite attractive and believes so, although unlike some attractive cats she is not as obsessed with her looks. She is bold and very daring. She often is found doing dares that her friends have asked her to do. She is very charming when it comes to arguments with those she doesn't know and often wins these arguments. Spiderkit is calm, collected, and clear-headed when under pressure. She, although when in a dire situation, will ask advice from another cat to see what they would do. She rarely ever gets confused or acts without thinking under pressure. She collected when it comes to down to situations she must act quickly on and, although, is often found thinking it through before doing. She is very clear-headed when in horrible situations and usually always has some idea of how to get through it.
Spiderkit is authoritative, determined, and high-spirited. She is quite authoritative when need be and is also quite calm for a leader figure. She is determined in what she does most of the time and usually is never down about not getting it right the first time. She is high-spirited and has quite a bit of energy. Spiderkit is non religious, outspoken, and proud. She is outspoken most of time and will speak what she thinks, although often finding out others don't like what she thinks. She is proud and regal when doing anything and does it with a high head. Spiderkit is stubborn and stylish. She is stubborn when her mind is set on a goal and will not give up. She is stylish when doing things often found wearing a small flower crown in which she makes herself. Spiderkit is anxious and often shows it. She is anxious around others often as she is not a people person. She is fickle having a hard time choosing things, usually just prey or who to talk to.


Spiderkit was shown to be quite a talented fighter, with her powerful legs and strong paws. She was definitely a deadly opponent in battle, and was usually not seen being attacked by other cats. She, of course, had fast reflexes in battle and usually knew when a cat was behind her or planned to ambush her. Her light frame gave a powerful advantage and she used this mostly to fight from the trees or the river. Her fighting technique was usually fighting from the water's edge, which gave her an advantage over her opponent. This advantage were usually to throw her opponent in the river where they couldn't swim making her chances of winning higher.
She was a good hunter, as well as a excellent fighter. Due to her light paws and body, Spiderkit was rather good at catching fish and was more prominently known to catch both fish and land animals which is rare for SplashClan cats to do so, but it was said that Spiderkit had a taste for squirrels and rabbits. Her slimness gave her a major advantage when hunting on land her belly fur would never drag on the ground, rather it was far from dragging on the ground. Her tail was usually perfectly balanced when she hunted and her light paws never made a sound as well. She had quick paws and this gave her an advantage when fishing. Her quick paws made it very easy for her to catch any fish.
After an incident of falling into the river, Spiderkit had a slight limp and this makes it more challenging to hunt, but she did not let this affect her. She went out every day to make sure that her leg got stronger and afterwards had barely any limp.



Spiderkit is born into Palefang and Barktail's first litter along with Sturgeonkit, Rabbitkit, Mudkit, and Pikekit.



Barktail: Living


Palefang: Living


Rabbitkit: Unborn
Loachkit: Unborn


Sturgeonkit: Unborn
Pikekit: Unborn


Mudkit: Unborn


Flykit: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Pebblepaw: Living
Crowpaw: Living
Shadefoot: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Fishstrike: Living
Tallbird: Living
Cloverwhisker: Living


Heronkit: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Duckkit: Deceased; StarClan Resident
Shadekit: Living
Sedgepaw: Status Unknown
Mistypaw: Living
Shellstream: Living
Otterstep: Living
Eagleface: Living
Ternflight: Living
Cootnose: Living
Flytail: Living


Ebonyswan: Living


Grayface: Living

Great Uncle

Shadesplash: Deceased; StarClan Resident


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  • Spiderkit will be one of Riverstar's deputies, if she becomes leader.

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