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Spottedheart is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

"Are you blind?! Those kits aren't ours! You're no better than WinterClan! Return the kits!"
—Spottedheart talking to Bramblewhisker about her taking SummerClan kits to SpringClan camp
Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan, SpringClan
Age About 54 moons (4.5 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Lose of Blood
Debut SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Last Post SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 4
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Nightpelt, Firesky
Mate Ashfrost
Kits Lilyflower, Tornadostorm, Sorrelheart, Jadepaw, Blazeshot
Deputy Position
Predecessor Frostfire
Successor Mousefoot
Owner Rainy Felton

Spottedheart is a beautiful, dappled she-cat with green eyes.


Spottedheart had one goal in life which was to be the best warrior she ever could. She wouldn't allow herself to have any mistakes, nor fall to that of taunting. Coming from another clan made her skeptical of herself, doubting if she really could do what her clan needed her to do, but she corrected herself.
The she-cat tended to have a snappy tongue. If something wasn't how it was supposed to be, she would tend to get a bit upset. As she became deputy, this trait slowly went onto the back burner, though.
To those who truly knew Spottedheart, they knew she was kind. She often stood up for those who were her friends and had a soft-spot for kits. Sadly, though, she didn't get to see her own kits grow up or raise them like she would have wanted...



Coming Soon


She is first seen as a newly named warrior. She and Jadewhisker are best of friends. A few moons later and she is the oldest warrior besides Jadewhisker. Then, Jadewhisker's brother joins the clan and she takes a liking to him.
A couple moons later, there is a dog attack and sadly, Jadewhisker and Lilystar die. Her friend, Frostfire, then becomes Froststar, the leader, and she is made deputy. But shortly after, she is expecting kits. She gets to keep her position as deputy until the day she delivers her kits. She has a strong hatred of Warmpelt and she ends up killing him and then dying after having her kits.
She is not seen much in StarClan except in the occasional mention.





Spottedheart didn't know her mother much, except that she died protecting her. She likes to believe that her mother watched over her in StarClan up until her own death.


She didn't know her father much outside of knowing his name.


She didn't know her sister much, but was the first of her siblings to find out about everything. She told her sister, and would eventually tell their brother. She didn't talk to her sister much afterwards.


She disliked her brother from the start. Once finding out he was her brother, she was disgusted by this and would hate on herself for being related to him. She eventually told him, knowing not to keep secrets from him for too long.


She didn't know her pale ginger kit much, but would watch over her often in StarClan, feeling proud of her.


She didn't know her black tom much, but watched over him in StarClan.


She didn't know her kit that looked exactly like her due to her untimely death. She watched over her in StarClan.


Spottedheart didn't know her ginger tom kit much, but watched over him in StarClan.


Spottedheart didn't know the blue-gray kit she named after her friend well, but watched over her often, feeling the connection between her best friend.

Love Interests


At first, she was weary of him as he was a loner, but lightened up to him because he was Jadewhisker's brother. She felt close to the tomcat and grew to have a crush on him. She became his mate and soon afterwards became deputy. She became pregnant with his kits and was very loving to him. At her death, she finally told him that she loved him and soon afterwards died.



Since kits, the two were always friends, as thick as thieves. Spottedheart grew up with Jadewhisker, an outsider, but unknowning to it because she was a newborn when taken as a kit. She was crestfallen when her friend was killed, but carried on any way.


Since the beginning, she was his friend. After he was done with Shellshore, she stuck up for him, saying he was the father of the kits although his mate denied it. She was always close to him in a best-friend sort of way, especially after Jadewhisker's death. She stuck up with him, especially during the Warmpelt issue.


At first, the two were friends. She sort of admired the young she-cat who was flamboyant and never backed down. However, when she had her first kit, the two were constantly arguing. At the time of her death, she and Shellshore were friends again and Shellshore was crestfallen at her death.



The two had a hateful relationship. Spottedheart and Warmpelt often bickered and taunted each other. They fired insults constantly and in the end, she killed the tomcat, but eventually died right afterwards due to early kitting.



Bridleflower - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Fireblaze - Deaceased; Residence in StarClan


Ashfrost - Living


Jadepaw - Living
Tornadostorm - Living
Blazeshot - Living
Sorrelheart - Living
Lilyflower - Living


Firesky - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Nightpelt - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Berrynose (SuC) - Living
Morningpaw - Living
Silversnow - Living
Golddust - Deceased; Residence in StarClan


Thunderblaze - Living
One-ear - Living
Smokeheart - Living
Duskshadow - Living
Lightningflash - Living


Life Images

Spottedheart, warrior

Character Pixels

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  • She was suppose to live on longer but sadly, the roleplayer got bored and wanted to do something interesting so she drew a name out of a hat of cats to kill and sadly, it was this name.
  • To make her death more interesting and to a promise to another user, the roleplayer made her die after having kits.

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