StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats. It is considered a place of plentiful prey and peace and is where those who believe their morals were good are said to be sent. Here cats can rest peacefully, watch over their families, and help guide leaders and medicine cats in their tasks. They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats ocasionally in times of need or peril.

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Former Leaders

Nicholai—brown and white tom of Snowshoe heritage. Roleplayed by: Mink
Vita—lynx point she-cat. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Yellowstar—massive pale ginger and white tom. Roleplayed by: Ferk
Cedarstar—heavyset dark gray tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Salmonstar—chocolate she-cat of Oriental descent. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Froststar—white tom with ginger patches. Roleplayed by: whiskers
Sheepstar—black and white tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Owlstar—fawn tortoiseshell bicolour she-cat. Roleplayed by: Ferk

Former Deputies

Bakura—Snowshoe tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Galen—tabby and white tom Roleplayed by: Ferk
Nox—black she-cat Roleplayed by: Mink
Falconheart—brown and white tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Willowflame—dark ginger and white she-cat Roleplayed by: whiskers
Puddlecloud—gray and white tabby tom Roleplayed by: whiskers
Lightstorm—white tom with a bobbed tail Roleplayed by: whsikers

Former Medicine Cats

Chansey—dark gray tom. Roleplayed by: Mink
Diancie—foreign-built chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Snowfur—white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Neo—silver tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Ferk

Former Warriors

Bianca—chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat. Roleplayed by: Mink
Adderclaw—brown tabby and white tom. Roleplayed by: Max
Cinderfang—grey and white she-cat. Roleplayed by: Max

Former Apprentices

Smokepaw—black she-cat. Roleplayed by: Max

Former Queens

Coming Soon

Former Kits

Bramblekit—brown tabby tom. Roleplayed by: Max

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