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Starlight (StC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Starlight (StC)
Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan
Given Starlight (StC)
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown (Possibly TBA)
Mother Unknown (Possibly TBA)
Sibling Unknown (Possibly TBA)
Mate Darkpelt
Kits Grayfur, Blacknight
Owner Snowie
Starlight (StC) is a beautiful, light cream she-cat with long, fluffy fur, deep blue eyes and white paws.


Starlight is kind, but mean at times to certain cats. Sometimes she is mean but doesn't realize it.


Starlight is first seen in Blacknight's Story, by Blackkit, who scampers up to her with Graykit. Graykit asks if he can go outside, and she replies that he can. Blackkit notes that she just stares at him, and when he asks if he can go out, she says no, and just continues to stare at him with her pinning eyes. She finally allows him to go out when Graykit invites him, and she isn't seen for a while after that.

When Blackkit and Graykit are apprentices, named Blackpaw and Graypaw, Blackpaw thinks about her when he notices Graypaw being praised by Darkpelt, and how neither she nor Darkpelt liked him. 

When Blackpaw and Graypaw are warriors, named Blacknight and Grayfur, Blacknight asks her to go on a walk, and takes her down to the river, and says that this is the end of her life. He pins her down, and she stares at him helplessly, and he slits her neck, and throws her body into the river. When he goes back to camp, he is attacked because they know that he killed her, and he is killed. 

Starlight is seen with Grayfur, Snowstar, Strongheart, Winterheart and Darkpelt in StarClan, discussing the rest of their family in SpringClan.


MateDarkpelt - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Sons: Blacknight - Deceased, Residence: The Dark Forest, Grayfur - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Sister-in-CodeWinterheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Brother-in-Code: Strongheart - Deceased, Residence: StarClan

Daughters-in-Code: Snowstar - Deceased, Residence: StarClan, Frosty - Living

Son-in-Code: Frostclaw - Living

GrandsonDarknight - Living

Granddaughters: Iceflow - Deceased, Residence - StarClan, Wintersnow - Living

Great-Grandsons: Darkslash - Living, Geckokit - Deceased, Residence - Unknown

Great-Granddaughters: Icestorm - Living, Leafstem - Living, Birchtrail - Living , Swanfeather - Living, Spiritheart - Living

Great-Great-Grandson: Cheetahpaw - Living

Great-Great-Grandaughters: Sapphopaw - Living, Tealpaw - Living

Life Image


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  • She was murdered by her own son.
  • Her life image shows a cream cat with amber eyes, but she really has blue eyes.

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