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Current None
Past Kittypet
Given Kit: Hermione
Alternative Kit: Starling
Loner: Starling
Kittypet: Starling
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Loners & Rogues/Roleplay/Archive 9
Last Post Unknown
Father Copper
Mother Tansy
Siblings Fell, Airmead
Mates Foxwhisper (Formerly), Dallas (Formerly)
Kits Snape, three unnamed deceased kits, unborn kits
Mentor Tansy and Copper
Owner Stoemm
Starling is a thick-furred tortioseshell and white she-cat with light blue eyes.



Starling is a large she-cat. She is about a normal height for a usual mixed-breed cat. She has dense, fluffy, thick tortioseshell fur that is black with orange patches that blend with the fur. She also has a white muzzle, chest, underbelly, legs and paws, and a full pure white tail.

Starling has thin, bone-thin legs that are shorter in the front then back. She has a skinny, caved in stomach that looks as if she's starved, even though she eats well. She has a very long white tail that usually is straight and curl-free in the air. She has small, fragile paws with white claws, which are pretty short but sturdy. She has a long neck and an almost straight back.

Starling's head is round, with fur that sticks up at the top. She has a round skull that gives her a round head. She has a medium-sized muzzle, which isn't too long or short. She has round, sharp light blue eyes that are almost an unnatural shade of blue that resembles the sky. She also has long white whiskers and pointed ears, which are tipped white with ear-tufts.


Physical Health


Mental Health




Skills and Abilities




Even though born in Roleplay, she has some story not shown in the Roleplay.

Starling is the second one born, but is the strongest looking one of the litter. She has her grandmother's fur color, she she is named after her, them both being Starling. From the beggining, she shows adventurous traits and tends to wander off without anyone else noticing.

Starling opens her eyes first, and is amazed by the world. She quickly leaves Tansy's sight after she falls asleep and almost reaches the Forest, which was forbidden by Copper, until Copper catches her and punishes her. She, being angry, plans to go into the Forest once and for all with Fell and Airmead.

Starling asks her larger and now stronger brother, Fell, and her small but tough sister, Airmead, to go with her into the forest as an adventure, They, reluctant to agree, eventually do, and they plan to leave as soon as Tansy and Copper are gone. They both leave to hunt, desperate to hunt as prey runs short, and they sadly leave Fell in charge.

Starling journies along with Fell and Airmead into the Forest, where they are amazed with all the wildlife that lived there. She quickly chases after a mouse, in which she misses by a whole paw-length. She chases it farther and farther away from the enterance to the Forest, in which she doesn't care. She is chased after by Fell and Airmead, who are terrified that they couldn't find their way back now. After walking a long way, even Starling begins to discover that they were in trouble.

After many days of searching, they give up because of hunger. They quickly start to cry, Starling being the first suprisingly, and then Airmead recalls that she sees an unusual den. Fell and Starling follow her gaze, and see a log den, looking like a wierd square. She remembers hearing her mom and dad say that they used to live with housefolks, whom looked like big, pink, ugly things. Airmead investigates closer, followed by Starling and Fell, and Airmead discovers food pellets. Their hunger eventually getting the better of them, they eat the food, only to find that a housefolk to come and pick them up by suprise, and lock them in his den.

Starling and her siblings are trapped in the den for nearly 5 moons, made Kittypets, and given collars. They don't understand it, but all they know is that Copper and Tansy were looking for them, maybe. Starling decided that she could get out if she tried, so she and her siblings came up with a plan. When the housefolk walked out the door, the three ran out and straight through the forest, ignoring the yells of the housefolk.

They keep running until finally, they find the way out. They come into the valley, and find Copper and Tansy's nest. They all are heartbroken to discover that they had left only a moon ago, probably in search of them. They know that they are on their own, so they cut off their collars and stick together as a group, knowing to survive, they have to learn and work together if they needed to be without their parents.


She is born to Copper and Tansy along with her siblings Airmead and Fell as a Loner. She is not seen much after this as a kit, but her story from her Kit Life is explained in her Backstory.

She finds Foxwhisper one day when they are both young, and she takes a liking to them. they mate, and then he leaves her for someone else, leaving her heart broken and making Fell and Airmead angry with the tom. They take care of Starling's only living kit, Snape.

Later, she and Dallas mate, and she ends up pregnant with his kits.

Life Image


Character Pixels

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Mate - Foxwhisper (Formerly) - Living

Son - Snape - Living

Kits - three unnamed deceaed kits - Deceased; residence unknown Father - Copper - Living

Mother - Tansy - Living

Brother - Fell - Living

Sister - Airmead - Living

Grandmother - Starling - Deceased; residence unknown


  • Her name was once Hermione, until Stoem changed it.
  • She may join the clans sometime later in her life along with Fell and Airmead
    • If she did join a clan, she would have a warrior name of Starlingheart
      • If she does join a clan, she'll leave with her siblings sometime after, relizing that Loner Life was better then Clan life
  • She, Fell, and Airmead have a special relationship that keeps them together as a group.
  • She may or may not ever see her parents again, and if she does, her parents won't reconize her or her siblings, but they may find and reconize her siblings at one point.
  • She has oriental ancestory, because her mother, Tansy, is a oriental mix

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