Stockings is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Stockings is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Loner
Past Kittypet
Given Nickname: Sissy
Kittypet: Stockings
Loner: Stockings
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Rising Angel of Fire
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings Full: Orinda, Danny
Half: Aelita
Mate Shark (Future)
Kits None
Owner None

Stockings is a young, thick-furred, dark ginger tabby she-cat with white markings, and green eyes.


Stockings is wise and logical, though she sometimes does have a temper. Nothing short of intelligent, Stockings can easily solve situations quickly, even if she might snap at others around. She dislikes other cats that are lazy and not considerate of themselves and their surroundings. She has the air of a natural-born fighter, but has more patience than most cats would believe. Stockings is a very determined she-cat, willing to speak out for justice and for the right thing.

Early life

Stockings was orphaned, along with her siblings, Orinda and Danny, at a young age. Shortly after that, when Orinda had been killed in a harsh blizzard, Stockings was left to fend for herself and Danny. Eventually, Danny had run away, later found in the river, dead. A devastated Stockings could do nothing but mourn her brother's death, then move on. She eventually joined a group of cats dealing with troubles within their own group, and Stockings adjusted to the new life. As problems in the group continued, Stockings began planning a rebellion with the victims of the Clan issues. One fateful night, the cats led a successful rebellion, overthrowing some of the group and the cruel monsters within it.
Things began to calm down within a few hours, and with the vicious leader's disappearance, the cats were able to think more clearly. Stockings originally was elected as the leader of the new, close-knit group. However, to the surprise of most, she appointed a cat named Honey to take her spot, as she wanted to go on her own adventures. Leaving her final farewell and good wishes for the future, Stockings set off on her own once more.


A year and a half after her depart from the group of unknown cats, Stockings is seen in a very weak state, barely managing to catch a rabbit. Dragging the rabbit onto fresh grass, Stockings pauses, identifying a cat rather close to her location. Quickly thinking with knowledge that the cat has likely traced her and her prey, Stockings snarls for the watching cat to come out and fight her if they want the rabbit, baring her thorn-sharp teeth.
A tom named Shark eyes the rabbit, coming out of his hiding spot. Looking up to see Stockings hissing at him, Shark calmly meows that he wants the rabbit, as he had seen it first, anyway, and proceeds to unsheathe his claws. Stockings glares at Shark, then pauses to think. She murmurs to herself that she no longer has a brother to care for, anymore, though she herself is hungry. Stockings reminds herself that the tom would be able to last longer without the rabbit, loud enough for Shark to barely hear.
Finally, Stockings unsheathes her claws, facing the hungry cat once more. She challenges Shark, asking him why he did not go after the rabbit, demanding that he knew how slow she was in her hunt, and continues to ask why he hesitated. Shark growls that he could have gone after the rabbit, but he wanted to see how badly Stockings would fail at hunting. The tom pauses, then says that Stockings was not bad at all, though the rabbit is still his, lashing his tail angrily. Catching the statement Stockings had murmured to herself, Shark smirks as he jumps to the conclusion that Stockings's brother fed her, commenting how sweet it was.
Beginning to lose her temper, Stockings snarls to Shark that his ideals make him seem like an idiot. She answers his question, harshly telling him that she provided for her siblings up until they died. Stockings growls that selfish cats like Shark would never understand. In an attempt to reason with the tom, Stockings coldly tells Shark that a wise decision would be for him to step down, as she is not a very kind fighter. In response to this, Shark responds, after a few heartbeats, that he is not a kind fighter, as well. Stockings narrows her eyes, knowing she really did not wish to fight the tom, especially in her state in which she could die. She requests that they both share the rabbit, in which Shark reluctantly agrees. Stockings nods, pushing the prey in front of Shark, and taking the first bite. Upon swallowing, Stockings asks the tom where he is from.
Not desiring to talk at all, Shark flicks his tail, responding that he is from the forest. He asks where Stockings is from. Stockings tells him, after holding back an irritated sigh to prevent a fight, that it has been so long, she cannot remember. Stockings recalls that she only remembers finding herself in the snow with her and her brother, who she rescued. Stockings reveals that her sister was dead, by then, her brother dying soon after. She mentions that she joined a group of loners, then led a successful rebellion, leaving soon after. Stockings tells Shark that she is trying to find a cat to settle down with, then proceeds to ask Shark who taught him to survive in the forest.
Shark looks off the horizon, revealing to Stockings that his parents did, for a while, then were killed- leaving him on his own. Stockings bows her head, showing sympathy for his loss. She moderately tells him that he seems to have grown well, though, and asks him what his life goal is. Shark responds, looking away, that he isn't sure, and has lived that long without one. Staring at Shark, Stockings quietly asks why he doesn't go find something to pursue, in which the tom looks down, muttering that maybe he could. Stockings asks what Shark means, only to get snapped at by him, curtly mewing that it is nothing she should know about. Narrowing her eyes, Stockings growls softly that there is no need to snap, as she is only curious. She rises to her paws, and tells Shark that the rabbit is his. In response to this, Shark nods calmly.
Later on, Stockings spots Shark pacing back and forth on a riverbank. Surprised, she approaches him calmly with a fresh squirrel in her jaws. As he catches a fish, Shark is oblivious to the presence of Stockings, and he proceeds to begin eating the fish he had caught. Commenting on his good catch, Stockings seats herself next to Shark, lying down her squirrel. Shark glances at Stockings in surprise, and drops his fish, asking Stockings what she is doing there.
Stockings quickly lashes out her paw, catching the fish. She rests it next to Shark before purring in amusement. Then, she proceeds to comment on how he did not forget her. Shark replies flatly that he does not believe any cat would forget another stealing their rabbit. Snorting, Stockings asks him if he is still not over that, in which Shark chuckles that he is actually over it. Glancing at the squirrel Stockings caught, Shark praises her catch. Chuckling, Stockings nods and thanks him. She asks him if he wants to share, in which Shark says that he would like to trade fish for squirrel. Purring, Stockings agrees, then states that they can on one condition. Shark asks what, and Stockings says that they will trade if he stays, since she would like to know how he has been. Shark agrees after a few moments of thinking, stating that if it is what Stockings wants.
Stockings nods. She pushes the squirrel towards Shark while taking the fish for herself. Taking a bite and swallowing, Stockings casually asks Shark if there are any highlights since their last meeting. Shaking his head, Shark states not much, aside from a rogue on the loose forcing cats to mate with him. Stockings flinches, a glint of fear shimmering in her eyes. Unsheathing her claws slowly, Stockings acts as if she needs to defend herself. Shark asks what the matter is, adding that the rogue is not around for anything to happen. Stockings says nothing, and seats herself once more- apparently still nervous. Confused, Shark still asks Stockings how her life is. Happy to move on to a different topic, Stockings responds that it is going well, as she is on her own, trying to figure out what to do with her life.
Finishing his squirrel after nodding, Shark sits up, and suddenly asks Stockings if it is true that cats can fly way beyond the place. Stockings finishes her fish, faces Shark, and blinks. She admits that she has never really thought about it, and asks why. Shark shakes his head, confessing that he is just wondering since he heard about such things sometime ago. Shrugging, Stockings dismisses the idea. She pauses, then asks Shark where he plans to go. After Shark answers, Stockings nods in understanding- silent for once. When Shark asks where she plans to go, she confesses that she honestly does not know. Shark suggests that Stockings can follow him, adding that having a cat that he knows can be a good thing. Blinking in surprise, Stockings agrees.
Suddenly opening his mouth to speak, Shark closes it, then sits quietly by Stockings. She asks in concern if something is wrong, but Shark shakes his head, simply saying that they should stay away from the summer and winter clans. Stockings says okay, then glances up at the sky, noting how it is growing dark. She states that the two should rest for the night if they want to go exploring. Shark nods at Stockings, asking where to. She thinks for a moment before saying that she lives in a small tunnel next to a dead oak tree, suggesting that they can stay there. Looking around, Shark asks where it is, before declaring that if it is a safe place, he agrees. Stockings says that it is safe, and not too far from their current location.
Shark glances at Stockings, repeating where. Nudging the tom playfully, Stockings tells him to follow her before bounding towards a dead tree in the distance. Shark nods, and takes off after the she-cat. After the brief run, Stockings seats herself next to the tree, which is a few tail-lengths away from the wide tunnel, waiting for Shark to catch up. Finally getting there, Shark looks at the tunnel, asking Stockings if she sleeps there.

Life Image

Stockings-Life Image

Character Pixels

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Father: Unknown Ginger Tabby
Mother: Unknown Tortoiseshell
Brother: Danny (Deceased)
Sister: Orinda (Deceased)


  • This cat is solely based off an online friend, one of Starry's first ever, on a different website.
  • The person this cat was made in honor for has actually lost her two siblings, named Orinda and Danny- one from a car accident with a drunk driver, and one from suicide.
  • Her future mate is actually going to be Shark, role-played by Crys.
  • There is a story being written by Starry, with Stockings starring as the main character, called Rising Angel of Fire.

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