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January 11th, 2012 - February 18th, 2012

Petalseed saw Tesla disappear into a hole in the ground, maybe a fox-hole, an she stopped and waited by the entrance. She waited and waited, and he never came back out. After a long time of waiting, she slipped into the hole after him. "Tesla?" she called, but no answer came. After padding into darkness for a long time, she saw light up ahead. She emerged on the other side of SummerClan's territory. "That must have been part of the tunnels that Winterclan used to attack SummerClan a long time ago." Petalseed muttered. She then heard A peircing yowl from nearby in the forest. That sounded like Patchtooth! She raced deeper into the forest towards the sound, and found Patchtooth laying dead on the ground, a strange tomleaning over him. the tom was black and dark blue, and he looked up at Petalseed, bent his ears back, and hissed. His blood-red eyes sent a shiver down Petalseed's spine. Teh tom leaped at Petalseed, but she dodged out of the way. He leaped again, but she bounced off a tree, flying to the other side of the clearing. "Quit running away, you coward!" the tom hissed. He was about to leap at Petalseed again, but he suddenly looked at his paws in fear. They seemed to be turning white. He gave one last hiss at PEtalseed, then raced away through the trees. Petalseed fell to the ground in shock, unable to move. she had hurt her paw when she had bounced off the tree, and couldn't stand. She stared at Patchtooth's body for a long time, then she heard pawsteps coming through the forest. (it can be anybody)Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 01:18, January 11, 2012 (UTC)

Rowanflight, Songbreeze and Poppyheart (sorry Luckeh for rping) appeared on a border patrol and found a wounded Petalseed. "Petalseed!", Rowanflight cried. "What happened?" Songbreeze went over and inspected the she-cat. "Can you walk?", she asked. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 22:53, January 11, 2012 (UTC)Petalseed attempted o stand, but fell when she put wieght on her injured paw. "No." She meowed shakily.Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 20:04, January 13, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight's eyes went wide. "Poppyheart! Get Riversplash." Poppyheart nodded and Rowanflight helped Songbreeze life Petalseed to her feet. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 20:26, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

Featherpaw came with a patrol. She was told that somebody was dead, they wouldn't tell her, and that Petalseed was injured. She was with Angelpaw, Moonstar, Rainpaw, and Riversplash. She then froze as she looked at her father's dead body. Tears streamed down her eyes as she fell to her knees. She felt Angelpaw, her sister, and Rainpaw, her best friend, press up against her to comfort her. She could fell Angelpaw crying. ---- Riversplash picked up his herbs he was carrying and went to help Petalseed. "What happened?" he asked the ginger she-cat. ----- Rainpaw licked her friend soothingly. She hated seeing cats crying, she lost her mother she had nearly lost her mother here, yes, but she still hated to see people cry. Once she was calm enough for Angelpaw's comfort, she got up and went to help Riversplash. Happy New Years! Now out! 01:59, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

(Rainpaw didn't lose her mother, Petalseed's fine! XD) "This big tom..." Petalseed panted. "I... I found him standing over Patchtooth... He attacked me, then ran.."-- Nikos was padding around the forest when he saw two patrols go by. "What's going on?" he asked, but they ignored him. He started to get worried, then he saw Tesla racing through the forest to him. "I...I... Petalseed!" He panted. Nikos was gone before he finished his sentence. He raced after the patrol and found many cats in a clearing. In the center of the clearing, Patchtooth lay dead. Nikos gazed around anxiously, looking for his mate. He found the ginger she-cat talking to Riversplash while Songbreeze and Rowanflight were helping her stand. He saw her paw had been hurt badly and couldn't stand. "Petalseed! Are you okay? What happened?" Nikos raced over to his mate.Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 07:09, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

Rowanflight started to walk slowly and Songbreeze put her tail on Petalseed's shoulder. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 13:57, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

(oops, fixed) "Someone attacked her," Riversplash meowed to Nikos. "Set her down Rowanflight and Songbreeze," he meowed as they were in the medicine den. They did as he said and left, so he started chewing up some herbs and then pressed them onto her wounds carefully. She put cobwebs over the chewed up herbs and then left so she could rest. ---- Rainpaw went over to her friend and helped come her again, for she noticed she was starting to cry harder again. Happy New Years! Now out! 01:28, January 15, 2012 (UTC)Brownpaw shuffled his paws worriedly as his mentor took care of his mother, then left the den with him. He smelled his sister outside the den, and started off towards her when he suddenly caught scent of his uncle. "Tesla?" he asked. Tesla didn't answer, he just totted by.Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 22:54, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

(I'm gonna start my plan :3) Seedkit's ears raised in horror. He heard yowls outside of the camp. Brambletail, her uncle, ran inside of the nursery. His eyes were wide. "Intruders!" he yowled.    Lucky   Talky!   It's Christmas! I needy the presents!    18:17, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Breezekit jumped to his paws. He nosed his siblings to his paws and they ran outside of camp. "We are going to stop them with our mom!" Breezekit hissed behind him as Brambletail tried to stop them. ---- "Breezekit!" came Brightkits soft meow. She bolted after the tom, "What are you doing!" ---- "I'm saving our clan with my mom!" he said, looking into her eyes. Everything froze then all of a sudden came back to normal as they bolted out after Poppyheart. Happy New Years! Now out! 18:22, January 16, 2012 (UTC)A bunny ran by and saw the untruding cats and left. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 18:28, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

I read the gigantic comment that Ms ds nerd made before posting this. One of the intruders yelled, "You!" He was talking to Poppyheart. "Give me the kits now or they die!" {{SUBST:User:Leafpoolawesome/Sig}} 18:43, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Breezekit hissed at the intruder. "Don't you dare try to!" he hissed. He stood infront of his siblings and Brightkit, making sure that they would not be hurt. ----- "Breezekit, what's going on?" Brightkit asked the tom kit, confusion in her eyes. ----- "My siblings and I have powers, I can sense it off of them, they want us so they can take our powers and use it for their own needs." Happy New Years! Now out! 18:47, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Poppyheart whimpered sadly and shook her head. "No. Take me instead. I never told anyone this, and my siblings have a power, too. The power of crystals. That is more worthy to you, is it not?" she said wisely. The intruder snickered and said, "Alright. Take her away!" The gang of intruders, rogues, took Poppyheart back to their lair full of Twolegs. Seedkit whimpered. "Mother...?" {{SUBST:User:Leafpoolawesome/Sig}} 18:54, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Songbreeze watche dthe intruders taker her friend away. "Poppyheart!", she cried to her best friend. It was no use, though. She was gone. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 19:00, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

"No!" Branchheart screamed after them. "Bring her back, don't hurt her, bring her back!" she said, dropping to her knees and crying. ---- Breezekit watched them take his mother away and started to run after them until he felt Brightkit pull him back. "Let go of me!" he said, hissing, "I need to save my mother!" ---- "Breezekit, it's to late, we can't save her," she murmured. Happy New Years! Now out! 19:02, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

SOngbreeze started to cry on Branchheart's shoulder. "Why?", she meowed. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 19:05, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

"I don't know, she probably wanted her kits to be safe," she murmured. She watched Brightkit stop Breezekit from running after them and releazed how much she cared for his safety. ---- Breezekit started to cry but he walked back with Brightkit pressed against him. ---- Brightkit could feel him shaking and could hear him crying but she tried her hardest not to cry also. She walked over to the other kits and the two settled down right next to each other. Happy New Years! Now out! 19:20, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Petalseed pushed Brownpaw down onto the ground and shielded him when the intruders came in. She stared at the place hwere the intruders disappeared with Poppyheart. She didn't move until Brownpaw stirred under her and mumbled, "Mom, you're suffocating me!" Petalseed jumped up and helped her son to his paws. "I'm going after them." she heard someone whisper from behind her. She flipped around in just enough time to see a blue tail tip disappearing out the camp entrance. Petalseed ran after Tesla. (I'll finish the Tesla saga right now, well... no RIGHT now, it'll be a long post so i'll break it up into peices. Nobody interfere please.) Petalseed ran through the forest, following the scent of Tesla. After a while she found his wrestling with one intruder that had fallen bakc from the group. They rolled out towards the gorge where a cliff fals into a huge river with sharp rocks at the bottom. Petalseed saw them heading for the edge and raced over to them, yanking Tesla away from the edge as the intruder fell over the edge toward the sharp rocks at the bottom. Petalseed turned her eyes away so she wouldn't see the intruder's fate.-- "P-Petalseed?" Tesla mumbled. His eyes grew wide as he recognised his sister-in-law. he backed up a few steps from her and gazed down at his paws in horrow as they turned black. "Leave! Go! Now!" He yowled as the blackness traveled up his front legs. Petalseed stared with horror at Tesla as his pelt was changing to black and dark blue. When he finished transforming, his eyes turned to an evil red. Petalseed immediatley recognized Pyroblaze's and Patchfoot's murderer. "You're the murderer!?" Petalseed exclaimed. The tom sneered at her. "If you don't move I might become your murderer too." He leaped at Petalseed, and the ginger she-cat just hudled there. She was frozen by fear at the fact that peace-loving, gentle Tesla had turned into this evil murderer.Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 22:03, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

(posting again) Petalseed heard a yowl from teh nearby forest. "Shock! Get away from her!" Nikos appeared out of nowhere and bowled the black and blue tom over. "I've told you had better stay away from my clanmates! Now you've killed two cats, almost three!"-- Shock stood and slashed at his brother. "You told Tesla to stay away. I'm a totally different cat!" Shock pushed Nikos over and sliced at his belly. Petalseed leaped at Shock and pulled him away from her mate. She hissed at him and clawed at his nose. Shock took his front paw and clawed at Petalseed's face, making blood well up in her eyes. Petalseed jumped back and Nikos attacked Shock again.-- Brownpaw heard a fight going on. He raced through the forest and could tell that his mother and father were fighting the murderer... and losing. He had to help! but he was blind, what could he do? He raced back to camp. He had to get his littermates! (okay, they fight bravely but don't kil him OR rescue PEtalseed. I just thought this woul be a good chance for them to get their warrior names.)-- Petalseed launched herself at shock, reaching out with her claws and sliced him in half. He split into two different cats. One was Tesla, one was Shock. "She broke the curse!" Tesla yowled gleefully. the three cats leaped at Shock, but Shock was still stronger than them all put together. Shock pushed Petalseed away and she fell off the gorge. She hung on by her claws, unable to pull herself up. Tesla and Nikos were too busy fighting Shock to save her. they kept chasing him away from the gorge to make sure he wouldn't push Petalseed, but he kept pushing back.-- Brownpaw raced into camp. "Rainpaw! Flightpaw! Shinepaw! Flowerpaw! Come quickly!" he racedx out of camp, leading the way.Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 21:32, January 18, 2012 (UTC)

Moonstar felt sad when he remebered how he used to joke with his friends. (THIS MESSAGE IS DIRECTED TOWARD LUCK! DON'T LEAVE!) Cheesywhale123 Happy Hollidays! 00:39, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

(AGH! SPOTTED, FIRST OFF, SOME OF US CAN'T POST WHENEVER YOU WANT! AND MOONY, I SHALL EXPLAIN THIS IF WE MEET IN CHAT!) Rainpaw suddenly came back to the real world and started running after her brother. When they reached them, she lunged at Shock, bowling him over, but not leaving scars on him. ---- Featherpaw blinked but watched the cats leave. ---- Breezekit was crying, Brightkit was pressed against him, trying to comfort him. He felt warmth in her pelt but ignored it and continued to cry, knowing he would never see his mother again. ---- Brightkit hated to see Breezekit like this. She started to lick his ears, holping it would calm him. ---- Branchheart was in the corner of the nursery. She was pretty much invisible there, she was glad because no one would notice her crying. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 02:19, January 20, 2012 (UTC) (Well apparently I'm a bad leader so here goes this) Moonstar said the familiar signal for the clan meeting. "Thunderkit, Berrykit, Duskkit, Morningkit and Smokekit. Come foward." "You are six moons old and it is time for you to become apprentices. Thunderkit, you are now Thunderpaw. Your mentor will be Moonshade. Berrykit is now Berrypaw and his apprentice is Cloudstorm. Duskkit is now Duskpaw and your mentor is Bluesky. Morningkit you are now Morningpaw and your mentor is Bracken. Smokekit you are now Smokepaw and your mentor is Oaktail." Cheesywhale123 Happy Hollidays! 12:49, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

(Bracken is Graypaw's mentor from Lakesand's litter) "Umm... I'm already a mentor," Bracken said. "But, if Rowanflight can take over Moonpaw's training, then Shadowpelt can mentor Morningpaw." ---- Branchheart woke up and walked outside when she heard Bracken. She gave her godfather (hope no one minds) a glare but nodded her approval. "Agreed, Morningpaw would do good with Shadowpelt as a mentor." ---- Breezekit was sleeping next to Brightkit. ---- Brightkit was cleaning Breezekit's fur as he slept. It was so peaceful to see him sleep. She then settled down next to him. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 19:24, January 20, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight bowed her head. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 20:24, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

For Firestream: Firesky pricked her ears in alert and sensed Poppyheart getting kidnapped by rogues,her kits trying to save her,and Petalseed fighting with Tesla with Niko and their kits. "I want to help them,but they most fight their battles themselves. I will come help when I'm needed most,for I only keep everything balanced. Hmmm...finally the curse between Shock and Tesla is broken,but I can sense trouble awaiting us." Firesky thought,sighing as she watched her kits play. Once again,her great aunt and uncles were on her kits and she shool her head and saw the normal faces of her special kits,her special kits. "Morningkit,let's go outside and practicing waking again." Shadowpelt meowed gently to Morningkit. "Uh..." "They won't hurt you Morningkit." " promise you won't be a..a m..mean cat again? P...promise" Morningkit said,stumbling on some words. Shadowpelt looked into her beautiful green eyes and said, "I promise Morningkit,I promise on StarClan and everyone I love that I won't became that mean cat again." As Shadowpelt said those words,a smile finally spread apon Morningkit's face,for she hasn't smiled since her accident. Both of them left the Medicine Cat's Den and walked around the camp. Morningkit had happiness in her and cleared her voice and started to sing a song with her beautiful magical voice, "My legs,my legs! I can walk on my 3 legs! A shadow follows me everywhere I go,and now I can walk,walk on my 3 legs!" Everyone in earshot heard her little song and loved it for her voice brought calmness and peacefulness to their hearts,Morningkit's song brought a happy smile on their faces as they watched the tramatized kit,getting mended by a mean cat who was now kinder,calmer,and nicer. Thunderkit rolled out of the nursery with Smokekit and their siblings,they fought and pretended to claw each other. Then all of a sudden Thunderkit ubsheathed his claws as Smokekit pretended to rip open his belly and raked it across Smokekit's back,leaving lines of blood. Smokekit gave a shriek of pain and Riversplash and Firesky came rushing out. "What happened?" Riversplash asked as he led Smokekit in the M.C.D. Firesky looked at Thunderkit who had blood on his paws,"I'm sorry,Firesky! We...we were just playing and all of a sudden I just unsheathed my claws and instinctedly raked it across Smokekit's back. I'm very sorry,Fireky,am I in trouble?" "No,you're not. It was just an accident,but no more play-fighting for awhile because there might be another accident understand?" Firesky told to her kits,as she saw Thunderkit's dark ginger pelt glow like a dark-colored fire. Firesky padded back into the nursery and sensed someone was in there with her. "Branchheart!" Firesky thought and went to her side. "Poppyheart had to do it,dear. She did it to keep her kits from danger,I know it hurts to lose her,but she had to do it. If you were her,would you let the rogues take you then your kits?" Firesky meowed softly,comforting Branchheart and laid a tail-tip on her shoulder. She started to groom Branchheart's pelt for there was twigs,mud,and dirt in it,Branchheart seemed to come down a little and Firesky realized she was asleep now,quietly snoring a little. Cloudstorm was still grieving over the many recent happenings. Patchtooth's death...Poppyheart's much had happened. Nevertheless, he had to go on with his duties as a warrior and mentor. He padded up to Berrypaw. "Hi, Berrypaw. Why don't you get something from the freshkill pile to eat and then we'll go hunting, alright?" Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 16:09, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

Songbreeze padded up to her brother after he finished talking to Berrypaw. "I'm so sad about Poppyheart.", she cried. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 16:40, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

Petalseed watched all the cats battling while she hung on the cliff, unable to help them nor herself. She heard Nikos yowl, "Tesla, save Petalseed!" but when the blue and white tomraced towards the cliff edge, Shock reached forward and sliced open the tendon on his hind leg. He tumbled over the side of the cliff, but had enough momentom that when he reached out with his claws to grab the ledge, he swung back around and landed on the ground again. He reached for Petalseed's paws, but Shock knocked him away. The murderer grinned at PEtalseed and pushed one paw off, but Nikos slammed into his side before he could make PEtalseed lose the grip on her other paw. Teh fight was raging, bbut with all the chaos nobody had the time to save Petalseed. Finally, Shock landed two hard blows, on in Nikos's face, and one in Rainpaw's belly (sry for rpng her a little) as she had reared on her hind legs. Shock pulled away from the fight and raced for the cliff edge again. He was nearly there when Tesla slammed into his side. They rolled towards the cliff, but Shock let go seconds before they were both slung over the edge. Tesla plummeted into teh pounding water so far below. As Shock stood over Petalseed once more, she felt a burst of rage and leaped upwards, letting go of the ledge. She reached up and clasped her teeth into Shock's neck, pullng him over the edge of the cliff with her. They were both falling, falling, falling. Petalseed reflected how she had fallen into a river and nearly died after reciving the prophecy from sTarClan about Nikos. Now she would die, and she was leaving her mate and kits behind, but It was for a good cause. She and Shock fell to their death. (shock and Tesla are dead, but not Petalseed. She washes up on shore later and anyone can fidn her.)Year of the Dragon! (or seahorse) go Hatori! 06:52, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

Cloudstorm nodded sadly. "What's SummerClan coming to?" he whispered, gazing into the horizon. Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 16:26, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

(Someone please post! They all think Petalseed is dead, at least her kits should be freaking out!) Nikos opened his eyes and saw Petalseed pulling Shpock over the cliff along with herself. He raced to the edge in just enough time to see Petalseed's ginger fur disappearing into the water. "Petalseed!" He yowled after her. he gazed over the edge, hoping that his mate would appear over the surface of the water, but she didn't. He hung his head and padded back to camp, followed by his kits. (sry for rping but it didnt seem like that much)Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 17:56, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Days later, they came back. The intruders came back, Poppyheart's power had been draining out, and so quickly too. "No! You're not taking my kits, too!" Grayfoot yowled. He launched himself at the leader and slashed at his shoulder. "Fool! You cannot best me in battle!" the intruder yelled. He dug his claws deep into Grayfoot's throat. "Father!" the kits all yelled. Grayfoot fell to the ground with a thud. Seedkit's fur bristled. The intruder picked up Rowankit. "N-no! Help!!" she wailed. "Rowankit?!" Seedkit echoed in disbelief and fear. She clawed at the intruder but the intruder threw her against the wall. "No! Seedkit!" Rowankit managed to escape the intruder's grasp. She, Seedkit, Skykit, Flarekit, and Breezekit all lined up. Rowankit's eyes glowed yellow like lightning, Seedkit's brown like earth, Skykit's white like the sky, Flarekit's red like a flame, and Breezekit's blue like water. Lightning, earth, sky, flames, and water surrounded the kits. They all yelled and used their powers. {{SUBST:User:Leafpoolawesome/Sig}} 23:29, January 23, 2012 (UTC) (epic) Rowankit got ready. "Attack!", she yowled. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 23:31, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Breezekit made the water splash down on the leader. He made more water appear and splash down on the other cats. ---- "Breezekit!" cried Brightkit as she saw him fight those cats. She wanted to jump into there and help but she felt something weighing her down. ---- Breezekit then, as things go really tough, made time freeze with his siblings. (time skipping ahead! Weeeeeeee!) He then made everything change with them and then everything was different. He saw a blue-gray she-cat and Moonstar sharing fresh kill with two beautiful kits prancing around their paws. ---- "Aren't Faithkit and Hopekit wonderful?" asked the blue-gray she-cat. ---- Moonstorm said a reply and he heard the name "Rainface". Then Brightkit ran over and pinned him down. ---- "Breezekit!" she cheered happily. ---- "What happened?" he asked. ---- "You saved us, Poppyheart will be so proud!" she said. ---- "Poppyheart is back!" he cheered. He ran to go see his mother. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 23:44, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

"Poppyheart!", Songbreeze shouted and ran to her friend. ---- Rowanflight saw Rainface with Moonstar and couldn't believe her eyes. "Rainface!", she meowed running towards her. "And kits!", Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 23:54, January 23, 2012 (UTC)

Rainface purred. "Hopekit and Faithkit are their names," she meowed. She nuzzled the blue-gray tabby she-cat and the silver tabby she-cat. "And to be honest, I am surprised I am alive, especially sense I died, it's more surprising to have kits. But as soon as Breezekit started the time over, I had given birth during that and now I have them." She could hear Moonstar purring as she nuzzled her kits closer to her stomach. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 01:13, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Petalseed apeared. "What's going on?" she asked Rasinface. "I thought I was dead." she suddenly bristled as Tesla appeared. "Don't worry." he meowed. "I haven't seen Shock."Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 05:05, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Silverflower felt a little dizzy. She remembered watching down on SummerClan and all of a sudden she was actually IN SummerClan camp...and she wasn't in a dream! She looked at Rainface, one of her best friends. "Congratulations," she purred. She padded into the clearing--it had been too long! She looked at all of the familiar faces...she had missed them. Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 13:28, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Firesky raised her head in alarm,she sensed the rogues who took Poppyheart coming back for her kits,then all of a sudden she sensed a power stronger than the rest of Poppyheart's kits. "They have elements powers,but Breezekit has something more powerful. Huh??? What..what is that cats' scent?? Kits and a...a... No!!! It can't be!!" Firesky thought and dashed out of the Warrior's Den. "RAINFACE!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!! Oh how much I missed you,Rainface,my best friend." Firesky yowled,over joyed and happy,tears welling up in her eyes. "Yes,I'm alive and well Firesky,and I have kits too! This is Faithkit and Hopekit. I'm very surprised to be alive once again,given a second chance to live life." Rainface replied,nuzzling Firesky in the face. "Why hello there kits,I'm your aunt(cuz she's their mom's bff). Welcome to SummerClan!" Firesky meowed,her pelt lighting in immense flames,the kits could see the flames and open their eyes wide as they can too feel the perfect warmth of Firesky's pelt. "Cool!! Is that Rainface? I thought she was dead!" Thunderpaw asked as he returned to camp with his mentor and father,Moonshade. "Mother!! You' are alive?!?" Eclispemoon said,shock on her face. Riversplash came to see what was the comotion is and saw his mother,alive and healthy with kits!! He gaped his mouth wide open and with shock on his face too.(Srry for rping them,I miss this place) Rainface nodded and smiled at the cats who kept on saying that she was alive again and risen from the dead with two new kits. Everyone wondered how Rainface came to be and Firesky wrapped her tail over Brightkit's mouth before she can answer the question,Firesky looked at Brightkit's eyes and she quickly clamped her mouth shut. "Do not tell them about Breezekit amd his siblings powers,the less cats to know about them,they safer they'll be. You don't want them to get kidnapped liked Poppyheart by those rogues,do you?" Firesky whispered to her and Brightkit nodded. Once everyone settled down and went back to their tasks,Rowanflight,Firesky,and Rainface had a walk in the forest and towards the favorite oak trees of Rainface,while Firesky's was on the left side of it several feet away. "How was it in StarClan?" Rowanflight asked.(Rain you should answer these question when you post). "Did you expect to be alive again??" Rowanflight and Firesky both asked. "Rainface,did you see my parents and sister,Spottedheart?? How are they?" Firesky asked her best friend. After staying in the forest for awhile,they all padded back to camp with lots of prey waiting for them. "For the return of Rainface and her two kits,and Petalseed!" Someone yowled and the whole clan had a feast. Firesky of course picked a squirrel and shared with Moonshade. Morningpaw and Shadowpelt shared a squirrel together too. "Hmmm...a bright future for them?" Rainface whispered to Firesky as she pointed her blue-gray tail towards Morningpaw and Shadowpelt. Firesky nodded and told a joke to Rainface and they both laughed(I don't know what the joke was,just making some activity). Firesky and everyone who had finished their meal retired to their dens,Rainface went to the nursery followed by her two she-kits. Firesky felt a cold wind fly throught SummerClan,but it seems she was the only one who felt as she ruffled her fur.(She's gonna say a prophecy,you guys can change it if you don't like it and maybe you have to cuz I can't think a good one right away) "The gentle rain has returned with faith and hope,but beware for cats who follow no code are about to come and steal one of the elements for their desire. Day by day,they'll come back like a nice gentle weather and in the end if they are not stop by one of the elements,they will succed in completing their plot of darkness and destruction." The voice whispered,Firesky flicked her ears and saw Faithkit and Hopekit ruffle their fur and snuggled closer to their mother. - Firesky (gonna go ahead and post) Silverflower saw Firesky and padded up to her. "Firesky! Oh my goodness, its so good to see you. I've missed everyone here dreadfully..." she sat down next to her friend. Firesky smiled but Silverflower saw her mind was elsewhere. "What's up?" she asked Firesky. When Firesky didn't respond, Silverflower flicked her tail and decided to leave Firesky alone. She padded to the nursery. "Hey, goodnight, Rainface," she meowed to her best friend. She saw the two kits rolling around close to their mother. "Goodnight Hopekit, and Faithkit." She licked their heads and nuzzled Rainface before padding to the warrior's den for the night...the first time in a long time she spent the night at home. Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 14:01, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

(SILVER! SILVER SILVER SILVER!) Rainface purred to Silverflower. She started to wonder where Luckshine was, though she guessed she went herb collecting and that she would be back with someone, someone that Silverflower and her kits would love to see. She rested. (okay, i'm rping Hopekit which is the silver tabby, someone can rp Faithkit who is the blue-gray tabby) ---- Hopekit snuggled closer to her sister and mother. There was snow drifting into the nursery from what she could sense (she hasn't opened her eyes yet) but then, she opened her eyes. She blinked at the white fluffy stuff and then snuggled closer to her mother and sister. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 19:51, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Songbreeze purred about Poppyheart's return. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 19:54, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Breezekit was pressed against Poppyheart with Brightkit next to him. He was purring sense Poppyheart was there with them finally. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 20:06, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

(Okay so if my kits were still kits, I'd be in the nursery with Rainface, but then my last post wouldn't have made sense, so I'm going to have them still be apprentices.) Angelpaw couldn't sleep. She had heard of the arrival of legendary cats from StarClan but she had been out hunting all day and got back at night so she never met them. She padded out of the apprentice den and sat down and gazed at the moon. ----- Silverflower's head was rested on her paws and she glanced out the warrior den entrance and she saw the figure of a cat very close to Silverflower's heart. Angelpaw! She padded out and tapped Angelpaw's shoulder with her tail. Angelpaw turned, looked at Silverflower hesitantly, but then smiled and said cheerfully, "Hello! You must be one of those cats who arrived from StarClan I've heard so much about!" Angelpaw's eyes twinkled with warm welcome. Silverflower smiled and nodded slowly. "Yes...but I am also your mother..." Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 16:37, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

(....someone is gonna have to catch meh up her cuz i really dont have the time to read this all and i has no clue what to say xDDD) Skymist blinked. Skymist Is confuzzled(and still random!) 19:50, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

(lol, most epic post ever!) Bracken walked over to Skymist and pressed against her. "I am so happy that people are back and I am still with you," he purred to her. ---- Rainface woke up and lead her kits out of the nursery. She then walked over to Moonstar and sat down with him to discuse the apprentices new names. "I think Rainpaw should be Rainheart, Featherpaw should be Featherpelt, Shinepaw should be Shinefeather, Flightpaw should be Flightseed, Angelpaw should be Angelcarol, Luckpaw should be Luckfur, Moonpaw should be Moonface (lol, like the food), Goldenpaw should be Goldenpelt, Crabpaw should be Crabmoss, Slipperypaw should be Slipperyfur, and Graypaw should be Graytalon." ---- Riversplash nosed Brownpaw to his paws and lead him to the Moon(???) so they could meet with StarClan with the other medicine cats. They were all gathered and he paused them before they dreamt with StarClan. "I, Riversplash, medicine cat of SummerClan, call upon StarClan to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to learn the herbs and the medicine cat code, and i commend him a warrior in his turn. Brownpaw, from this point onword, you will be known as Brownpelt." They chanted his name then they shared dreams with StarClan. ---- Rainpaw was in camp. But that split second when everything changed, she felt different, more unique. She purred then ran off to tell Moonpaw how she really felt for him (you see, she only liked Moonstar because of Rainface liking him, but now she likes Moonpaw). "Moonpaw!" she shouted into the apprentices den. "I love you!" She jumped into there and they weren't seen for awhile. ---- Breezekit and Brightkit were curled up together in the nursery. No one tried to seperate them for the same reason not to seperate Shadowpelt and Morningpaw. ---- Hopekit was playing with Branchheart and Poppyheart's other kits that weren't Breezekit and Brightkit sense they were asleep. She was wobly but she managed to pin down Rowankit. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 20:18, January 25, 2012 (UTC) (Haha, Angelcarol? My mom's name is Carol....xD) The following morning, Angelpaw went with her sisters hunting (hope you don't mind if i'm roleplaying a bit) and Silverflower decided to spend time with the friends she had left behind when she went to StarClan. She chatted with Rainface, Firesky, Moonshade, Moonstar, Rowanflight, Skymist, Bracken, Luckshine, and all her other friends, and just enjoyed her time back. She heard Rainpaw shout at her son Moonpaw "Moonpaw! I love you!" she glanced around just to see Rainpaw leap into the apprentice's den. She chuckled and murmured to herself, "Young love..." - Silveh Rowankit kicked out and landed on a squirrel. "Yum!", she meowed while dragging it to the other kits. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 21:17, January 25, 2012 (UTC)Seedkit's eyes flooded with tears. "Ma..mama?" Poppyheart walked over to Seedkit. "What is it?" she asked. "Mama!" Seedkit wailed happily. She hugged her mother tightly and cried. {{SUBST:User:Leafpoolawesome/Sig}} 21:26, January 25, 2012 (UTC) Rainpaw then walked out of the apprentice den. Her fur was ruffled so she started to clean it. People were giving her a strange look but she ignored it. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:42, January 25, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight was one of the people who gave Rainpaw a weird look. "Ever since Rainface has returned, Rainpaw has reminded me less and less of her.", She said to her mate, Swiftfoot. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 21:50, January 25, 2012 (UTC) "She's her ownself, Rowanflight. She doesn't have a part of me in it, and even I was kindal like that as an apprentice, but don't worry, if she's anything like me, she won't be pregnant." Rainface's eyes were calm as she looked at the apprentice. ---- Rainpaw was suddeningly wanting the warmth of Moonpaw next to her but she fought that crave. She then settled down next to Rainface and purred. "Rainheart is a beautiful name," she meowed. ---- Riversplash then walked back into camp with Brownpelt and they went to do some stuff. ---- Bracken walked over from where he was sitting with Skymist to go talk with Rainface. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 23:52, January 26, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw and her sisters got back later on and dropped their catch in the freshkill pile. Silverflower smiled at them and then looked around. She looked around quizzically for a while until she padded to Rowanflight and asked her "Where's Patchtooth?" Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 00:18, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw thought she scenced another person there and she felt anothe presence. "He'll be here," she meowed. ---- Branchheart walked over to Cloudstorm and pressed against him, purring. "Our kits are lovely and intelligent, Cloudstorm," she purred. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 00:30, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Cloudstorm nodded in agreement. He nuzzled Branchheart and purred as he looked down lovingly at Longkit, Tawnykit, Brightkit, and Batkit, four furballs of energy, rolling between his and Branchheart's paws. ----- Silverflower nodded at her daughter. She longed to see Patchtooth, she hadn't seen him since the dogs' attack. Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 01:41, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Brancheart purred. ---- "He'll be back," Featherpaw meowed to her mother, sensing a feeling of anxiety coming off her pelt. ---- Rainpaw then walked over to Moonpaw and sat down next to him. ---- Rainface continued to stare at the apprentice, trying to get a good read on her. "She won't have kits, not yet, they need to be warriors soon though," she murmured to Moonstar and Rowanflight. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 01:55, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Brownpelt padded into the medicine cat den.-- Shock crouched in the shadows. He had no idea what had brought him back, but now he wasn't held back by that goody-goody Tesla. He must not make the mistake of being killed by that dumb ginger-furball again! He unshealthed his claws and stared through the grass at Petalseed. (he's going to keep trying to kill Petalseed now.)-- Petalseed padded up to Moonstar. she had thought out her descision, and it made it even more final when she glanced into a nearby puddle of melted snow and saw gray hairs tigned around her muzzle. She stopped in front of Moonstar and meowed, "I think it's time I retire."Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 03:54, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Silverflower looked out of the camp entrance and into the grass for Patchtooth before padding to the freshkilll pile. Wait! Is that a cat? Silverflower thought she saw a strange blue cat in the grass and blinked, but no...whatever she had seen...or thought she had seen...was gone. Silverflower is back!!! Hip hip hooray!!! 14:34, January 27, 2012 (UTC) (Skymist is still hyper!!) Skymist looked around, bored. She walked to the warriors den, "Moonshade, Im bored. Come hunting with me?" Her brother groaned and ignored her. She glared at him then grabbed him by the scruff and dragged him out of the warriors den. "Stop being lazy and come help me!."-- Moonshade sighed and got up, halfway through the clearing, when he noticed everyone laughing. "Alright, I'm going you stupid furball" Skymist grinned and the sibblings exited the camp to go hunting. Skymist Is confuzzled(and still random!) 21:08, January 27, 2012 (UTC) (sry cheesy but I need to rp Moonstar a bit) "Okay." Moonstar nodded to Petalseed, then he turned to a random apprentice and meowed, "gather moss for Petalseed's new nest." Petalseed turned and padded into the elder's den. When the apprentice came in with the moss, she made a nest next to Ivyheart's and settled down. "I'm so old..." she murmured under her breath. She spotted Nikos outside. "And he's so much younger than me, he won't join me for at least a few more moons." then she brightened and turned to Ivyheart. "But at least I'm with a friend."Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 22:27, January 27, 2012 (UTC) Silverflower padded to the freshkill pile and took out a plump squirrel. She sat down beside the entrance to the old burrow that Moonstar...once Moonstorm, had kept her in when she first arrived in SummerClan as a rogue. As she ate her squirrel thoughtfully, she recalled the history of that burrow. Not too long after Silverflower was officially accepted as SummerClan warrior, everyone had discovered that it was a burrow leading from SummerClan camp into the heart of WinterClan territory..and the WinterClan cats had been using it as a secret route for numerous, deadly attacks on SummerClan camp. It brought back so many memories... Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 15:08, January 28, 2012 (UTC) (If Moony doesn't post soon, i'm doing every kits apprentice ceremony and every apprentice's warrior ceremony) Rainpaw was laying down in the apprentice den. People still gave her an odd look, but she felt fine, besides, she was nearly a warrior, what was wrong with that? ---- Rainface was sleeping in Moonstar's den for the night, only because she hadn't seen him much sense she had died. She curled up next to him and slowly fell asleep. ---- Featherpaw gave Rainpaw a wierd look, but shrugged it off and fell asleep. ---- Bracken fell asleep next to Skymist in the warriors den. ---- Riversplash fell asleep in the medicine cat den. ---- Breezekit had made a seperate next for him and Brightkit. She was all ready sound asleep in the nest so he laid down next to her and drifted to sleep. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 18:30, January 28, 2012 (UTC) {CFlowerpaw layed down in the nest next to Rainpaw's. Despite the fact she was acting kind of strange and she was totally coo-coo over Moonpaw, she was her sister, and she would stand by her even if she was kind of crazy. Flowerpaw purred, thinking about Rainpaw's out-of-the-blue "MOONPAW, I LOVE YOU!!!!!" and leap into the apprentice's den. Then she thought, "We'll be warriors fact, we probably should've had our ceremony a quarter-of-a-moon ago..." she shook her head in sleepiness and pushed away all the thoughts and rested her head on her forepaws. Slowly, silently, she drifted to sleep. ----- Angelpaw shot a weirded-out glance at Rainpaw. She could understand how any she-cat could love her brother. Moonpaw was a realy nice guy. But was kinda weird watching a she-cat go that crazy over her brother. She looked over at Featherpaw who was already asleep and then snuggled up in a corner of the apprentice's den and fell asleep. ----- Silverflower laid down in her nest for her second night back at home. She STILL hadn't seen Patchtooth. She shrugged. Her mate would pop up soon...he used to go out of camp for a few days and come back without notice every so often, right? Actually, no, he hadn't. Stop being so optimistic and face the facts...maybe he's moved on from you, Silverflower! a voice in her mind scolded her. Silverflower growled under her breath and shook her head of the thoughts. But he kept wandering back in her mind. She remembered finding him with Bark in the woods...meeting Patchtooth--then Patch--was like love at first sight. She sighed at the memories and curled up in her nest. She closed her eyes and everything turned black. She fell into a shallow, dreamless sleep. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 20:30, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw noticed her sister's little 'thought' and she gave her a kick before going back to sleep. ---- Branchheart walked out of the nursery and into the warriors den. She pawed Cloudstorm awake. "Cloudstorm, I-I've missed sharing a nest with you, do you want to spend the night with me in the nursery?" she asked him. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 20:48, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw glanced at Featherpaw, giggled under her breath, and kicked back, and then fell back asleep. ---- Cloudstorm looked up at Branchheart and purred. "Of course," he murmured to her. The two padded back to the nursery. They layed down, close together, their kits huddled together next to them. Cloudstorm purred and licked Branchheart's ear. He watched over his mate and kits and only after they all fell asleep did he fall asleep as well. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 21:10, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw woke up again and then kicked her again. She moved closer to her friend so she wouldn't get kicked again. Branchheart licked Cloudstorms ears after he licked hers and then drifted to sleep. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:13, January 28, 2012 (UTC) In the morning, Angelpaw got up, and stretched with a yawn. Before she padded out into the clearing, she padded to Featherpaw, kicked her for the last laugh, and trotted out of the apprentice's den. ---- Cloudstorm woke up. It was a cold winter morning. His breath steamed when he breathed out. He looked at his kits, warm and cuddled up beside Branchheart. He purred, nuzzled each of them, and padded outside to join the dawn patrol. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 21:16, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw bolted after her mentor. "I'm coming two!" she meowed. She gave Angelpaw a kick before bolting after her mentor. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:18, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw rolled her eyes and padded next to her sister. She would have the last kick later, when Featherpaw least expected. Many evil thoughts ran through Angelpaw's mind of vengeance. (Heheheh! >:) lol) Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 21:21, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw weeved through some trees she knew her sister wouldn't be able to. She then climbed up one and then jumped to the branch of the nearest tree. She was keeping view from the sky for them. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:23, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw trotted along close to the front of the patrol group with them. When the group split to hunt, she caught the scent of a rabbit. 10 minutes later, she had caught a couple rabbits and a chipmunk. After burying them, she spotted Featherpaw up in the trees, watching the sky for any dangers. Angelpaw continued hunting and keeping watch...they were pretty close to the WinterClan border. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 21:29, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw's senses were alert. She killed a whole family of birds that were in a nest and then swat them down to Angelpaw. She then looked up as she saw pelts of pale gray, black, and white flash near the border. Then they were across the border and she yelled, "They are coming!" she hissed at them. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:38, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw buried the rest of the bird family underneath the tree on which Featherpaw was keeping watch. Then she heard Featherpaw yelling "They are coming!" Angelpaw's tail twitched in annoyance. "What? We're not even on their territory!" she said. She and the rest of the patrol braced themselves as they heard the WinterClan patrol run towards them. The cats stepped without hesitance into SummerClan territory. "Attack!" on of the WinterClan cats hissed. Angelpaw's fur bristled as she glared at them, ready for any cat that attacked her. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 21:43, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Featherpaw jumped down from the tree and landed on the black apprentice tom. She sneered and pinned him down. Their eyes connected once but they continued to fight. She then let him up and he pinned her and she threw him into a tree. She hissed at him and he ran away. Then the patrol fought off the others and they left. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 21:53, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Angelpaw was breathing hard after the WinterClan patrol left, recalling one of the cats she had fought. It had been a large black tom with gray furs around his muzzle. Lots and lots of scars dotted his pelt and there were several places on his body where fur had never grown back from previous battles. His eyes were old and looked as if he were almost blind...but they were filled with pure evil and wild with hatred. Her heart had filled with hatred at the sight of him, even though she didn't know why. But the tom kept glaring at her, he kept on muttering "I almost killed your mother. I wish I had. You look so much like her. I wish I had killed your mother...I almost did. I almost did." He was crazy! He was completely out of his mind! The tom, Nightpelt, had lurched forward at Angelpaw but one of the WinterClan cats grabbed the old tom by the scruff and made him come with the rest of the WinterClan cats back to their camp. Cloudstorm had called after them, "You're too old for this, Nightpelt! You belong in the elder's den!" Angelpaw finally caught her breath, and padded around, recovering her buried prey. Then she padded back to camp carrying her catch with the rest of the patrol. Angelpaw told Featherpaw about Nightpelt on the way back to camp, and when they got to camp, Angelpaw went immediately to Silverflower. "Mom," she said, "We got into a fight with a WinterClan patrol while we were hunting...and there was this cat..." she described to her mother the cat's looks and what he did and what happened. "He was crazy, mom! He was psycho!" Silverflower sat and listened intently. "He's finally gone crazy, that's about time. He belongs in the elder's den." Silverflower said as she stared blankly. Finally Angelpaw asked her mother, "Who IS he, mom?" Silverflower turned her head to her daughter, and told her the story of the WinterClan prophecy, and who Nightpelt was. (Sorry guys, kinda long post and that was kinda random...I kinda brought back Nightpelt. XDD Anyways, yeah, now he's old and gone crazy, etc. I think that's the last of him we're gonna see...) Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 23:46, January 28, 2012 (UTC) Rainface walked over to them. "He is going to go to the Dark Forest, but his children and mate will go to StarClan, there is a specific reason why he would go to the Dark Forest while they don't. He is evil at heart, his mate was true to heart, she never did anything really bad, she only did stuff because she loved him. That kindness and being true to heart was passed down to her kits." ---- Featherpaw looked at Rainface confused but then understood. "Oh, so the kits might of gotten something of Nightpelt, but their hearts are true to themselves just like their mother." Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 00:18, January 29, 2012 (UTC) Silverflower nodded. "It's amazing Nightpelt has lived this long. By the sounds of it, he's gone psycho and it won't be long until he's paying a permenant visit to the Dark Forest," she meowed to them. She got up and padded out into the clearing from the warrior's den. She glanced round to scan the clearing for Patchtooth in hopes of seeing him but no such luck. She padded to the freshkill pile to grab a fresh piece of prey that the dawn patrol had caught. She sat down by herself and silently ate it. Afterwards, she decided to go for a walk, and she went out of camp and into the forest. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 00:28, January 29, 2012 (UTC) She nodded to what Silverflower said. "It won't be long until he dies, and then Snowflake will see who she really needs to be with. The right person wasn't Nightpelt, but Snwoflake was probably the only person he seemed to care for." Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 00:35, January 29, 2012 (UTC) As Silverflower padded through the trees, she smelled WinterClan. This must've been where the WinterClan and SummerClan dawn patrols met, she thought. She smelled Cloudstorm, Angelpaw, Featherpaw, and the other SummerClan cats on the dawn patrol...and the WinterClan dawn patrol. She could almost tell exactly what had happened. She padded away and her mind wandered to Patchtooth. Where was he? Certainly he wasn't dead. StarClan wouldn't be so cruel as to take her mate's life as soon as she was given her's back. But he wouldn't just disappear! He wouldn't so disloyal to SummerClan to, as soon as his true love died, abandon his newly adopted family. She sighed. Or would he? Was she wrong about him? Surely not! Seriously, Silverflower, have some faith in your mate. He remained faithful to you throughout your life! He'll come back. Silverflower sighed. Patchtooth had very rarely went to visit Twolegplace without saying anything, and he was allowed to as he hadn't always been a true clan cat. Perhaps he was on one of those rare visits. She padded by the SpringClan border and smelled the wonderful smell of daisies and lilies blowing from there into SummerClan territory. Despite her complete and utter loyalty to SummerClan, she had always like SpringClan's easygoing and heartwarming attitude to others. She wondered when the next gathering would be. She loved gatherings...getting to know other cats, knowing what was going on in general clan life. And the stories all the elders told the apprentices were always wonderful to her, even if they had been told a million times already. She suddenly wondered to herself why she was so eager to think about these things, to take a walk through the forest by each of the clan territories, to wait eagerly for the next gathering, to even anticipate elders' stories??? She shook her head. Probably just gladness to be back home after all that time in StarClan, she thought to herself. She passed AutumnClan's glowing trees and cool breeze at the border and then padded back to camp. She saw Angelpaw talking with Featherpaw. They were warrior-sized apprentices! Usually unheard of...Silverflower sat down to watch the clan ongoings. They should be having their ceremonies pretty soon. Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 01:14, January 29, 2012 (UTC) (Pfft, Cheesy's had his time, it's time for their ceremony and for Patchtooth to be with his mate and kits!) Moonstar woke up and then walked out of his den and jumped onto high(????). "Let all those old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath High(????) for a clan meeting!" They all joined and he continued. "Bluepaw, Rainpaw, Shinepaw, Flowerpaw, Flightpaw, Angelpaw, Featherpaw, Luckpaw, Moonpaw, Goldenpaw, Crabpaw, Slipperypaw, and Graypaw, please step forward." They all step forward. "They have trained hard to learn the warrior code, and i commend them as warriors in their turn. Bluepaw shall be Bluedawn, Rainpaw shall be Rainheart, Shinepaw shall be Shinefeather, Flowerpaw shall be Flowermist, Flightpaw shall be Flightseed, Angelpaw shall be Angelcarol, Featherpaw shall be Featherpelt, Luckpaw shall be Luckfur, Moonpaw shall be Moonface, Goldenpaw shall be Goldentalon, Crabpaw shall be Crabmoss, Slipperypaw shall be Slipperyfur, and Graypaw shall be Graytalon." The clan cheered their names and then he silenced them. "Now, it is time to make some kits apprentices. Branchheart and Poppyheart's kits step forward!" he meowed, to tired to say all of their names. "Okay, your new names are Brightpaw, Breezepaw, Seedpaw, Longpaw, Rowanpaw, Tawnypaw, Skypaw, Batpaw, and Flarepaw. Brightpaw, your mentor shall be Skymist, Breezepaw's is Bracken, Seedpaw's is Rowanflight, Longpaw's is Nikos, Rowanpaw's is Swiftfoot, Tawnypaw's is Feathershine, Skypaw's is Moonshade, Batpaw's is Firesky, and Flarepaw's is Tesla." He heard a few short gasps and went on. "I choose Tesla because I know trust him." ---- Patchtooth walked up behind Silverflower and tapped her on the shoulder. "Guess who?" he asked. ---- Rainheart purred at her name. She and Moonface walked into over to the entrance of camp to go hunting. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 01:52, January 29, 2012 (UTC) (Omg, just watched Titanic...can't....stop....crying....I need a box of tissues....D:) Cloudstorm purred to Branchheart, "Wow...our kits went so fast!" They sat and watched their kits bounce up and down around their mentors. ----- Silverflower turned and purred. "I've missed you!" she meowed and she pressed against him. (Srry...can't write anymore. I'm literally sobbing my eyes out....) Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 02:18, January 29, 2012 (UTC) It was night time and Rainheart and Moonface dropped their prey and went to guard camp with the other new warriors. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 05:57, January 29, 2012 (UTC) Seedpaw smiled as she looked at her mother's former mentor. She waved her tail up in the air. Poppyheart watched as her mentor walked away with her kit. They grow up so fast... she thought as she sniffled away tears. Soon there weren't be anything left to teach those little rascals! {{SUBST:User:Leafpoolawesome/Sig}} 19:26, January 29, 2012 (UTC) "So many new warriors, we might have to extend the warrriors den," Rainface murmured to Poppyheart. ---- Branchheart purred her agreement to Cloudstorm. "I'm going to rest, you can follow if you want," she said flurteringly to him. Everyone that heard her started to whistle about how flirty she was being, and she gave everyone a little look to be quiet. She padded back into the warriors den really sexy like, trying to get his attention. (omg, she should get a job as a hooker! trolololololololol!) Everyone was kinda giving her odd looks but she ignored it. She felt Cloudstorm starting to follow her to the den and she countinued to walk like that until they were safely in the warriors den. (oh, this is hilarious, she is such a fricking hooker!) ---- Rainheart was one of the people giving her a strange look. She slowly backed away with Moonface. "Okay, I promise I will never be like her," she murmured to him. ---- Branchheart was purring. "Oh, oh baby," she murmured. ---- "Okay, how about we leave them to it, and we all go somewhere," Rainface meowed to everyone. They all nodded and they slowly walked out of camp. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 19:42, January 29, 2012 (UTC) (THAT'S AWKWARD XDD) Songbreeze cuddled with Brambletail and felt a litle pain in her stomach."What's wrong?", Brambletail asked her. (Sorry for RPing a bit here) "Oh, nothing.", Songbreeze replied. Kits?, she thought. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 20:29, January 29, 2012 (UTC) (so you got that two, right Rowan?) Branchheart then walked out of the warriors den with Cloudstorm. Everyone then walked back into camp. ---- "Your done, right?" asked Rainheart. ---- "Yes, now be careful, two other couples are in there," she meowed. ---- "I'm good, Moonface and I can go somewhere else," she meowed. She was pressed against the tom. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 20:38, January 29, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight shared a rabbit with Swiftfoot. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 22:02, January 29, 2012 (UTC) Rainface was sitting with Moonstar in his den. Their kits were prancing around the room. She purred at them and then licked their heads. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 22:12, January 29, 2012 (UTC) Shock waited in the shadows, ready to strike if Petalseed ventured out of camp. Petalseed stood, padding out of the elder's den. She padded over to Bracken. "I wanted to go on one more patrol before I'm stuck in camp. Wanna come hunting with me?" (okay, he's going to attack Petal's patrol, but the other cats will help her fight him off then he'l try again.) - Spotz Cloudstorm was kind of shocked at how Branchheart acted. She hardly ever acted like that! But they could be expecting some kits pretty soon. (lol) ----- (Aggh, Raineh, I must realized you didn't give Featherpaw and Flowerpaw their warrior names. I'll revise your post and give them new warrior names. Just change 'em if you want.) Angelcarol glanced over at her foster parents who had raised her and her siblings up for most of their lives, exchanged looks with Featherpelt, then continued what she was doing. ----- Flowermist padded to her mother. "Heya. Can I come too?" Silverflower... My world isn't whole without you... 16:15, January 30, 2012 (UTC) (ugh, idiot me!) Rainheart walked over to Bracken and Petalseed. "I'm coming with you," she meowed. ---- "Why?" asked Bracken. ---- "Because, 1, my mother is going and she might need me, and 2, Bracken, you've become old," she meowed aloud. ---- "He's not that old! He's only a few hours older then me!" Rainface meowed to Rainheart. ---- "Ya, and you've been dead for a year Rainface, you came back young, Bracken didn't die nor come back young." She listened to the laughter of her clanmates. "Any way, I'm coming," she meowed. She flicked her tail and walked out of camp. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 19:35, January 31, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight laughed at Rainhearts remark. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! 21:38, February 1, 2012 (UTC)Batpaw went searching for Moonshade.---- Crabmoss groomed his pelt.---- "FIRESKY!! I WANT TO TRAIN!" yowled Skypaw.SilverstarMerry Christmas 13:59, February 2, 2012 (UTC) (Ah, SilverW, I think you have it mixed up. Batpaw's mentor is Firesky, and Skypaw's mentor is Moonshade...) Cloudstorm glanced over at Skypaw. "Hey Skypaw, your mentor'll get you training as soon as they're ready. Don't worry," he informed the new apprentice. ----- Flowermist had just finished eating a squirrel. She padded up to the deputy. (Wait...who's the deputy now? Haha, sorry, I'm too lazy to check the alligences.) "Can I take a border patrol?" she asked. "We could check all the territory borders." Up...up...up...up... up... up...up...up...AND AWAY!! 14:37, February 2, 2012 (UTC) (Rowanflight's deputy :3) Rowanflight nodded. "Of couse, Flowermist!", she meowed. "Take a hunting patrol with Branchheart, Cloudstorm, and Songbreeze." Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin!19:54, February 2, 2012 (UTC) Skymist's ears perked up, she padded up to Riwanflight and Flowermist, "Could I join?" She asked them. Skymist Is officialy quitting 21:39, February 2, 2012 (UTC) "Of course, Skymist. I'll join too.", Rowanflight said to her best friend. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! Flowermist nodded her head in respect to Skymist and Rowanflight, and then trotted off to find the others. She found Songbreeze and told her about the patrol, and then Branchheart and Cloudstorm sharing a rabbit and told them they were to go on patrol as well. ----- Cloudstorm let Branchheart finish the rest, and got up with a nod. He waited 'til Branchheart got up and then they all padded out of camp. Up...up...up...up... up... up...up...up...AND AWAY!! 23:47, February 2, 2012 (UTC) She got to her paws and followed them out of camp. Rainy is da... BANANA QUEEN! 23:54, February 2, 2012 (UTC) Flowermist lead the patrol by the WinterClan border. The patrol paused and sniffed around. WinterClan had been patrolling their borders an hour or so ago. It was nothing but usual; WinterClan patrolled their borders more often than they hunted. It seemed that they were always looking for a good fight to pick. The SummerClan cats continued their patrol. Up...up...up...up... up... up...up...up...AND AWAY!! 01:45, February 3, 2012 (UTC) Songbreeze sniffed around. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! Skymist sniffed the border quietly in the back of the patrol. Everything seemed fine. Skymist Is officialy quitting 21:44, February 8, 2012 (UTC) Moonstar looked at his clan from the high???.Cheesywhale123 Happy Hollidays! 00:42, February 9, 2012 (UTC) The patrol passed by the SpringClan and AutumnClan borders casually with no disturbances. They arrived back at camp. Up...up...up...up... up... up...up...up...AND AWAY!! 02:17, February 9, 2012 (UTC) "How was the patrol?", Swiftfoot asked Skymist. Firestar!Trust theFIREWithin! Angelcarol picked up a mouse from the freshkill pile. Up...up...up...up... up... up...up...up...AND AWAY!! 17:43, February 11, 2012 (UTC) "Everything seems fine as usual," Skymist told Swiftfoot. Skymist Lalalala :3 21:07, February 11, 2012 (UTC) Swiftfoot nodded and carried on. FirestarCody Rhodes is hot like Fire! Moonstar leaped down into the clearing. "It's nice to see our neighbors are not invading at the moment." Cheesywhale123 Happy Hollidays! 00:51, February 14, 2012 (UTC) (Cheezay cheezay CHEEZAY!!!) "Indeed," meowed Flowermist. ϚίĿʋεʀϝƪσώȅƦ (some assembly required) 00:56, February 14, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight nodded. FirestarCody Rhodes is hot like Fire! 00:17, February 15, 2012 (UTC) Moonstorm yawned. He was getting older. Cheesywhale123Domo2DOMO 00:53, February 15, 2012 (UTC) (Moonstorm? MoonSTAR you mean. XD) Silverflower blinked and padded to the freshkill pile. ϚίĿʋεʀϝƪσώȅƦ Nevermind, I'll find someone like you... </3 14:34, February 15, 2012 (UTC) (lol) Skymist walked towards the warriors den to take a nap when she felt a stab of pain shoot throught her stomache muscles. What the heck was that!? She thought as she limped into the warriors den. Skymist Lalalala :3 20:46, February 15, 2012 (UTC) Petalseed sighed and rested her head on her paws. It was boring being an elder when all her friends were still warriors. She suddenly glanced up and thought she saw a rustled in the bushes outside. She stepped forward and found a tuft of black fur. She frowned. could it be? She leaned forward and sniffed it. Shock was back.-- Nikos groomed his pelt in the center of camp. He saw Moonstar yawn, and noticed that his muzzle had a tint of gray. was he that old? Nikos shook his head to clear it and glanced back towards the elder's den. He would visit Petalseed, she must be lonely.-- Brownpelt sniffed a pile of herbs. He was out in the forest, and was bringing back marigold. He picked up the herbs and started padding off towards camp, when he tripped. He felt around the ground with his paws, but found no stick or tree root. He suddenly caught a whiff of a familiar scent. It was the scent on the cat who had attacked his mother and father! Did he come back during the time reverse? He had to tell someone!Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 16:59, February 17, 2012 (UTC)(how many lifes do you think moony should have by now?) Cheesywhale123Domo2DOMO 20:54, February 17, 2012 (UTC) (Are you planning on killing Moonstar?! DX, anyway, 5 lives ? 6?) Brownpelt raced back to camp. He scented his father and mother in the elder's den. He raced inside, he had to tell Nikos and Petalseed first!-- Petalseed and Nikos were sharing tounges when Brownpelt raced in, panting hard. "Brownpelt, what's wrong?" Petalseed asked, jumping up. "Shock's back!" Brownpelt meowed, gasping for breath after his run. "We know." Petalseed meowed. "What are we going to do?" Nikos asked. "What can we do?" Petalseed asked, "I'm retired, Brownpelt's blind, and you're the only one who could hunt him down!" Nikos considered this. "Well, we can form a group! A secret group, because only you, me, Tesla, and our kits know about Shock. You can lead it, and the rest of us can track down Shock and drive him away." Petalseed tipped her head to the side and thought. "Okay, but who will join?" (see talk page)Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 22:27, February 17, 2012 (UTC) "We can call it Shock Termination Association, STA for short." Brownpelt suggested. Petalseed nodded, then padded out into camp. "And I know two cats who can join right away." Petalseed padded over to Flowermist and Bluedawn, who were nearby. She leaned forward and whispered their situation,a nd asked if they would join.Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 23:42, February 17, 2012 (UTC) Flowermist looked at Petalseed and nodded. "Sounds good, mom. I'm in." She turned to Brownpelt. "Where did you sense that Shock was hiding?" she asked him, her voice barely a whisper. ϚίĿʋεʀϝƪσώȅƦ... Let my life song sing to you... 23:52, February 17, 2012 (UTC) "Out in the forest, near the path of marigolds." Brownpelt whispered back.-- Petalseed nodded then turned and padded across camp to Tesla. She wasn't sure if he would accept this, but she had to try. "Tesla, Shock is back." Petalseed whispered to him. She told him what she had told Bluedawwn and Flowermist, but to her dismay, Tesla shook his head. "I'm not going to join." He meowed. "I appreciate what you're doing, but I've lived my whole life under the control of Shock. I don't know what I could do for you." Tesla turned and padded out of camp, leaving PEtalseed looking surprised.Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 00:22, February 18, 2012 (UTC) Flowermist looked at her mother. "Mom, you have to get him to join our group, or at least help us. He could help us the most...he would know the most secrets about Shock that would help us defeat him...he used to BE part of Shock...he's one of our only leads," she said. ϚίĿʋεʀϝƪσώȅƦ... Let my life song sing to you... 00:27, February 18, 2012 (UTC) "You have a point, Flowermist." Petalseed meowed, "But i'm not sure how I could convince him."Guess what?!!?! my wiki-versary on *puts on sunglasses* feb. 20th 00:33, February 18, 2012 (UTC) "The fact that we're trying to kill his 'evil twin' should be enough..." Flowermist sighed. ϚίĿʋεʀϝƪσώȅƦ... Let my life song sing to you... 00:37, February 18, 2012 (UTC) Rowanflight nodded in agreement, as well as her daughter. "I agree.", she meowed. FirestarCody Rhodes is hot like Fire! 01:46, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

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