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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan, Loner
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died due to cancer in legs
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Dallas
Mother Unnamed she-cat
Siblings Misty, Frogstep, Brightwish, Wavesplash, Windsky, Lee, Grace, Darkstorm, Morgan, Stoatpelt, Mottledfur, Gingernose, Addertail, Earthspirit, Bakura, Yami, Seto, Rumble, Levi, Charlie, Ingrid Jasper, Finch, Drake, Jett, Aiko
Mate Swanfeather
Kits None
Owner Stoem

Sunsetfall is a big brown tabby tom.


He is very independent, smart, funny, and caring cat. He can be a little bit hot-headed, but he is very in-charge and likes to take charge of everything he does. He prefers to keep out of fights and he usually backs away. He is in love with his mate, Swanfeather, who he loves deeply. He is easily bothered, excpecially by his hips.


He is born to two unknown cats in SpringClan

Later, he does get his apprentice name, Sunsetpaw, and gets Mountainlight as a mentor.

He is shown to be mooning over Swanpaw, and actually has a crush on her. He falls late into his training due to a knee injury, in which he has for his life, which makes him slower and more in pain whenever continuing with life.

Later, he earns his warrior name, Sunsetfall, and he goes to celebrate with Swanfeather. He asks her to be his mate, and she replies happily yes, nuzzling him. He is later seen at Snowfur's death, mourning the dead she-cat.

Later, he is seen hunting and he complains about his hips, knowing they are getting bad along with his eyesight.

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Swanfeather: "Hey Sunsetfall!"
Sunsetfall: "Hey!"
Narrator: "Swanfeather licks Sunsetfall sweetly while Sunsetfall begins to purr"
Swanfeather: "I love you"
Sunsetfall: "I love you too"
Sunsetfall: "Oh Swanfeather, I truely do love you, more than any cat has loved eachother, will you be my mate forever?"
Swanfeather: "I love you Sunsetfall, of course I will!"
—Sunsetfall to Swanfeather about being his mate SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 9



Sunsetpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Froststar: "May All cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!"
Narrator: "The cats of SpringClan gather"
Froststar: "I am here to announce new warriors! Swanpaw, Longpaw, Wingpaw, Quickpaw, Soaringpaw, Spiritpaw, Lakepaw, Sunsetpaw, and Thornpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and proect it, even if it costs you your lives?"
Sunsetpaw and the other apprentices: "I do!"
Froststar: "Then I shall give you your full names! Swanpaw, you will be Swanfeather, StarClan honours your bravery and patience. Longpaw, you will be Longclaw, StarClan honours your enthusiasm and courage. Wingpaw, you will be Wingheart, StarClan honours your patience and speed. Quickpaw, you will be Quickspirit, StarClan honours your speed and strength. Soaringpaw, you will be Soaringsong, StarClan honours your courage and strength. Spiritpaw, you will be Spiritwhisper, StarClan honours your heart and spirit. Lakepaw, you will be Lakestorm, StarClan honours your strength and competition. Sunsetpaw, you will be Sunsetfall, StarClan honours your open mind and bravery. Thornpaw, you will be Thornfang, StarClan honours your bravery and consideration. We welcome you as full warriors of SpringClan"
—Sunsetfall's Warrior Ceremony SpringClan/Roleplay/Archive 9


Mate - Swanfeather - Living


  • He loves Swanfeather with all his heart since he came to the clan.
  • He was mistakingly called Sunsetsight at his Warrior Ceremony and Sunsetlight repeated times afterwards.
  • He has Hip Dysplasia, and he will retire early to the Elder's den due to failing eyesight along with his failing mobility.

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