Suntail is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Given Suntail
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Hawkheart
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Siblings None
Mates Twig, Stormclaw, Dark (R)
Kits Blossomkit, Gingerkit, Twigstep, Talonstrike, Cloudsky, Bluepaw (SuC), Cedarpaw
Owner Ravenfang
Suntail is yellow with orange stripes. She has deep green eyes that are like plants.


Suntail is spunky and does not listen to other cats about most matters. She is stubborn and knows her ground, but is also intelligent and beautiful.


Suntail is first seen having her kits outside of camp. Blossomkit and Gingerkit are carried back to camp with Suntail.

When the loner Storm comes into the clan, she is relieved when she finds out he was a kittypet. They fall in love when she realizes how much like a clan cat he is.

Later, she tells Storm she loves him and chases him into Twolegplace. She gets captured by a Twoleg and Storm rescues her. When they get back to the clan, Storm becomes Stormclaw.

It is later revealed she is expecting Stormclaw's kits.

After that, she helps in the fight against WinterClan. She tells Rainwhisper a valuable lesson, perhaps convincing her to get a mate?

Then she's eating with Stormclaw. She hears Rowanstar coughing and asks Stormclaw to go check on her. It is reavealed she has greencough and then when Rowanstar collapses, she starts frantically trying to heal her.

Then Suntail collapses. She has greencough too.

Next, she is seen sneaking out with Tiger. She is reprimanded by Stormclaw, and goes back to camp.

She is seen almost at death later, wishing her pain onto Leaflove, revealing she has something against him.

She is better later, so Stormclaw comes in to see her. He breaks up with her and she is extremely depressed. When she is later seen having his kits, she worries about them never knowing their father. She names them alone, Twigkit, Talonkit, and Cloudkit.

They become apprentices, and she gets pregnant again with Dark. She has two kits, Bluekit, and Cedarkit.

Later they are stolen by WinetrClan, and she is devastated and upset.

She trains and trains, but later she goes into battle. Hawkheart fightts her for a long time, and she has him pinned, but then he stuns her by throwing her at a tree. He slits her throat and he walks away.

She is seen saying her loved one's names, and then being mourned by Stormclaw and her kits.



Lillybreeze- Deceased, Residence StarClan


Twig- Deceased, Residence Unknown
Stormclaw- Deceased, Residence StarClan


Blossombreeze (SuC)- Living
Gingerflight- Unknown, Presumed Deceased
Twigstep- Living
Talonstrike- Deceased, Residence StarClan
Cloudsky- Living
Bluestone- Living
Cedartail- Deceased, Residence StarClan


Pikepelt- Deceased, Residence StarClan




  • Suntail has been mentioned with violet eyes, but Ravenfang has confirmed them to be green.
  • Suntail has serious depression, even though she tries to hide it.
  • Her future mate will be Dark, Stormclaw's loner brother.
  • She has had two mates and both of them dumped her.

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