Swampstar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded silver.

Current The Wind Chasers
Age 17 moons
Status Living
Debut TBA
Father TBA
Mother Ysolt
Siblings Shore, Enero, Galaxy, Sicily
Mate None
Kits None
Deputy Position
Successor TBA
Owner Whiskers

Swampstar is a sturdy pale classic tabby tom with a bullseye pattern. He can control nature, the rare power of nova, disable the powers of others, and can even turn himself invisible.

Swampstar is the very founder of The Wind Chasers, and currently cannot recally any of his memories. Swampstar's known for being brave and bold, standing up for what he believes and always stating what's on his mind. If he needs to argue, he will, and is not afraid of a tussle. His loyalty to his Clan and family is never challenged, and those who do challenge it, are rather foolish. Swampstar wouldn't leave The Wind Chasers for anything, as he knows he's needed there, and he loves it with all his heart. He can be rather sassy and stubborn, never giving up what he believes. His retorts are rather sassy and strong, and are as sharp as a thorn.



Swampstar's fur is short and dense, and a bit cloud-like, having a soft texture. The base of his pelt is a gray-brown color, being darker in the center of his body, and slowly turning lighter as it goes out. His head, tail, and paws are a darker shade of gray-brown, like the center of his pelt. Swampstar's fur isn't very sleek, in fact, it's fairly fluffy, but it is short. His pelt pattern is a marbled tabby, but his pelt color does look a bit odd, since the colors on his pelt fade from lighter, to dark, to light once more. Every time he sheds his leaf-bare coat, Swampstar's pattern (of stripes) change, but they stay in a marbled tabby pattern.
Swampstar's bone structure is very strong and sturdy, with an average thickness. He's a very well-muscled cat, attracting many she-cats, though he doesn't seem to care about them much, he only cares about his duty. Swampstar's eyes are a bright, light green color, flecked over-so-slightly with a bit of light blue. His shoulder blades are larger, sticking out from his pelt slightly. His whiskers are longer than most cat's, drooping slightly, and being a bright cream-white color. Swampstar's muscular legs are long, ending with massive pale paws. His toes are rather short and stubby, yet large, fitting his large paws well. His paw-pad's are a pale gray, with a slight hue of pink, being rough and strong in texture. His lungs are massive, showing that he's one to run long and quickly, showing under his pelt as he breathes in and out. There's a notable scar on Swampstar's back, that he received as an apprentice from an unknown cause, though it's suspected to be from practicing with his mother (though she was never his mentor). His ears are an average size, and a perfect triangle shape, having perfect hearing. Swampstar's neck is a little longer than an average cat's, but other can never really tell this, only when he fully stretches it out. His chest is wide and sturdy, and the fur on it is soft, a bit softer than the rest of the fur on his pelt.
Swampstar stands with his front legs close together, and his rear legs spread farther apart (but not too far apart). He keeps his head a bit high up, but not too high, because he believes he'll look arrogant and too proud. Swampstar keeps his chest pushed forward just a bit, and his ears pricked. Swampstar keeps his tail slightly low, but perfectly curved, dipping down and then rising back up. When threatened or angered, Swampstar often flexes his muscles and claws to warn his opponent/enemy that they're going too far. Swampstar's claws are sharp and unusually long, making him quite deadly in battle.


Swampstar is a fit tom who does work constantly, and can get a bit annoying due to his great amount of energy. Swampstar's physical health's ok, the only problem being his stamina. He can run fast, but not too far, being a heavier cat due to his size. His lungs aren't all that powerful, but his speed and long, muscular legs makes up for it. His heart is still strong, the only thing holding him back from having a large or normal amount of stamina is his lung power and heavy weight from his size, as stated earlier.
On a positive note, Swampstar's has a great amount of strength, due to his constant activity. Swimming makes his shoulders powerful, and running keeps his legs strong. Swampstar's bones are healthy and strong, keeping up with his body. There isn't too much fat on Swampstar's body, just enough to keep him healthy. There's no known cancer or any tumors on/in Swampstar's body, which is a rather big plus for him. Swampstar has a rather strong immune system, blocking out quite a few viruses from entering his body, though he does get sick every now and then. Since he isn't a neutered cat, he doesn't have a large amount of excess body fat, and not being neutered keeps him rather active and athletic.
Swampstar's known for being stable, his mind often being clear, thoughts quickly coming and going inside his mind. He doesn't have any known issues, such as anger issues or amnesia. His memories and thoughts are clear, coming to his brain quickly. His actions are perfectly fine as well, his brain reacting well with his body. Swampstar doesn't have any cancer or any tumors in/on his brain, and he hasn't been a victim of seizures. His brain is rather healthy, holding quite a bit of information, and a rather large size, making him quite intelligent. Swampstar hasn't suffered from any concussions in his life, at least he hasn't yet.
Overall, he is mentally stable, as he doesn't have any current disabilities either. In his younger life, he did have something along the lines an eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa, refusing to eat certain things, and only eating small quantities. This started as a kit, right after his mother started declining his requests for milk, as she wanted him to eat solid food like a real warrior. Swampkit became upset, so he refused to eat, or only ate a very tiny amount, and quickly became nervous about eating around others. This angered Ysoltstar, of course, and it worried her, but she didn't give in. Swampkit, slowly became extremely weak and fairly ill, so a few warrior convinced Ysoltstar to nurse her son once more. After this, Swampstar continued to eat in increasing amounts until the age of an apprentice, as getting super skinny, weak, and ill made him learn a lesson. Thus, Swampstar no longer has his eating disorder, but his foolish mistakes still haunt him to this day.


Swampstar is brave and bold, and always stands up for his siblings and clanmates. He can take quite a few risks, worrying his friends, family, and clanmates, but he can usually handle them. Swampstar isn't afraid to speak his mind, in fact, he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, but he is, he just hides his fears. He stands out in his Clan, his voice ringing clear, and his head high. Swampstar isn't afraid to risk his own life, even if the task he's taking his foolish. Swampstar challenges every unknown face, demanding what they're doing in his territory.  Swampstar often seems a bit foolish when he takes risks, but he often knows what he's doing. He's often willing to run to the rescue when someone's in trouble, and is often called a hero, but he doesn't always act this way to cats he doesn't think he can trust.
Swampstar's well-known for his loyalty to his family and Clan, though his family descended from Unnamed Loners. Swampstar will confront any cat who challenges his loyalty, or calls his Clan anything negative. He'll protect and serve his Clan to the end of his life, no matter the risks. Though no-one ever seems to invade The Wind Chasers territory, he is always sure that a cat marks the borders clearly. Swampstar would happily but his life on the line for his Clan, since he loves it greatly. Swampstar always pushes his Clan to get better, whether it's in battling or hunting, he's always sure to make them get better. He's always there to cheer on his Clan and clanmates, whether it's in a training group, or on a hunting patrol, Swampstar's always there.
He can be quite sassy and stubborn, always being sure to come up with a come-back or a retort. Swampstar isn't one to budge on a decision he's made, unless StarClan tells him other wise, but still, he'll hesitate greatly. Swampstar's well known for winning arguments and easily annoying enemies with taunts and come-backs. His tongue can be quite sharp towards outsider, but he's soft on his clanmates, lucky for them. But, cats in his Clan who shows disloyalty will receive this sharp tongue, and will either be kicked out or have to prove themselves loyal. To Swampstar, his word is final, so he doesn't tend to listen to others, if they argue, he's certain to continue the argument all day long until he gets his way. Swampstar is always certain to get a word in when arguing, and he often makes sure his words sting.
Swampstar will often get carried away with being his "big brave 'n bold self", after thinking he has a huge image to live up to, being a founder and leader of his own powerful faction. He tends to be too reckless for his own good, foolishly tossing his own life in the way when trying to accomplish something. He also comes off as standoffish and judgmental, due to the fact that he just loves to over analyze every single little situation and character. Because of his lack of dependency, Swampstar can be taken as cold and antisocial.


Swampstar's long legs give him long, swift strides, making him a fast cat. This isn't a power, oddly, it's just natural for him because of his build. His legs are strong, so instead of sprinting he jumps, making him hop like a rabbit when running. Swampstar's fur isn't long, so it doesn't get in his face or cause a drag on his body.  Though he can run quickly, Swampstar can't run very far, but his speed is a plus to his abilities.
Swampstar's thick pelt is practically water-proof, making him an above-average swimmer. His shoulder blades are strong, giving him powerful paddles as he swims in rivers/streams. His strong, thick paw-pads are great for sharp rocks on the bottom of streams/rivers, so they don't wound his paws as easily. Being a strong and taller cat, Swampstar doesn't always have to swim in shallow streams, he can just walk, but he prefers to swim. Since he's swum a great amount of time in his life, Swampstar's become talented at swimming, whether in tough currents, or in calm shallows.
Swampstar's an amazing battler, thanks to his strength and unusually long and sharp claws. He learned well from his mentor, knowing a great deal of moves, and he practices often. His muscular build gives him powerful pounces and blows, sending his enemies staggering. His long, sharp claws easily pierce an enemies' pelt, and remain lodged in their flesh well. Though he teeth aren't the sharpest, they still deal damage and pain. His thicker fur helps him from getting wounded, so his enemies often catch fur instead of flesh. Being tall, Swampstar's intimidating, often striking fear into his opponents so they either flee or have more trouble with battling him. Because he's loyal to his Clan, Swampstar always has something to fight for, making him fierce in battle.


Swampstar has the ability to control nature; from dead ferns to growing saplings, Swampstar can command anything that has to do with nature. He can make them into moving patterns when he's bored, but Swampstar prefers to use nature for hunting. He tends to strangle animals with vines, or purposely have a tree fall on something, which others call quite foolish. He will use the nature to summon herbs, however, when he's sick or is asked by a medicine cat. He is slowly gaining the power to force plants to grow faster, but since he doesn't use his powers to do this often, it doesn't work that well. Swampstar will occasionally use plants as traps or battle-weapons, such as ordering large branches to fall on enemies or using roots to trip them.
Also, Swampstar has the ability to control nova, much like his mother, so this is thought to be a power transferred by genes. This power is so great, he never uses it, and only figured out he had it when StarClan told him in a dream. Swampstar never plans to use this power due to how dangerous it is. It has been revealed at this power is a genetic ability, which Swampstar has been blessed with. It is much like his mother's power, an ability that takes in life force around it and creating a heating ball of light, which explodes on the target after following them. If this target is living and doesn't have any water-based abilities, they are guaranteed to die.
Another power Swampstar has is the ability to dull and/or disable another's power for a certain amount of time. This is a very useful power, to Swampstar's liking. It gives Swampstar a great amount of power over his Clanmates, but he only disables another's powers if they're using them in a bad way. The longest amount of time he can disable/dull another's power is for exactly one day. This power can take a large amount of energy, however, so Swampstar doesn't use it all that often, since he doesn't like being weakened.
The final power Swampstar has is the ability to become invisible. He hasn't discovered this power yet, so is unaware of it. He can remain invisible for as long as he wants, but he slowly loses energy the longer he stays invisible. He often uses this ability to spy on his clanmates, to make sure they're up to good. Luckily, he doesn't spy that often, since he prefers to believe that they're behaving. Swampstar often uses the power to become invisible to easily stalk and catch prey, but the only problem is that his scent remains, so this is his weakness with this ability. His speed increases a bit with this power, but it is noted that he is naturally a fast and strong cat.



Born to Ysolt and
Coming Soon, Swamp was a Loner at birth. He was the firstborn of a litter of five, his littermates being Shore, Galaxy, Sicily, and Enero. Unfortunately, the family wouldn't be all too happy for long. But from birth, Ysolt knew that her firstborn was something special, and hoped that he would protect his littermates for life. Of course, she dearly loved each and every one of her kits, even if she didn't really show it.
Once her kits were two moons old, Ysolt, her mate, and their litter, were kidnapped by twolegs to be experimented on. Swamp's father was killed after the first dose of chemicals, and after Swamp's first dose, everything went black...he remembered nothing.


The last thing he could recall was leaving the building. It was the day he was meant to be tested on once more, and gain another dose of chemicals. He had noticed weird things happening to his body...he felt unusually powerful, and had muscle tone much greater than any other cat in the shack. Whenever he passed any sort of flora as he passed, it seemed to grow. When he passed the other surviving cats, they seemed to grow weak, and he forever felt an unusual powerful fire burning within.
Swamp was freed when the twolegs conducting the illegal experiments were busted. There was also a backfire, releasing certain chemicals into the air, releasing a non-toxic purple fog. The twoleg towns were evacuated, and all of the cats involved in the experiment...were to be killed.
But the slyest, including Swamp, managed to escape. But he remembered nothing: not his family, not the deaths of his father and Sicily, not all of the pain he had went through...nothing. He just kept running until he was free. He avoided any other survivors, or any other cat in general. He knew something was terribly wrong.





Ysolt - Deceased, verified StarClan resident


TBA - Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Enero - Living
Sicily - Deceased, residence unknown


Shore - Living
Galaxy - Living



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Love Interest(s)

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Coming Soon


Ysoltstar: "I need to speak with you."
Swampgator: "Erm, speaking..."
Ysoltstar: "I need a new deputy, as you may know,"
Swampgator: "I don't know who to request, mom. Most of our warriors have disappeared."
Swampgator: "But I do suggest-"
Ysoltstar: "I want you to be deputy, Swampgator."
Ysoltstar talking with Swampgator about him becoming the new deputy. The Wind Chasers/Roleplay/Archive 10
Swamppaw: "Your sister's being stolen,"
Mindpaw: "Hm?"
Timepaw: "I have four legs, you know!"
Swamppaw: "Yeah, treat the lady correctly!"
—Swampgator to Mindpaw about how Meteorpaw is treating Timepaw The Wind Chasers/Roleplay/Archive 6





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  • Nova is strictly a genetic power that runs only in Swampstar's family. However, it is rare for it to pass onto offspring, as it usually kills kits who have it due to its immense power.
  • He will reproduce only for the sake of reproducing and continuing his family's line, but die shortly after his kits are born, or step down.

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