Swiftfang is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past AutumnClan
Given Kit: Swiftkit
Apprentice: Swiftpaw
Warrior: Swiftfang
Rogue: Swiftfang
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a fox
Debut AutumnClan 24
Last Post Unknown
Father Starlingjaw
Mother Snowheart
Sibling Shadownose
Mate Penellope (Formerly)
Kit Unnamed kits
Owner Stoem
Swiftfang is a large brown and white tabby tom with a long scar that crosses his face and amber eyes.



He is a very large tom. He has short, dense brown tabby fur that is rough to the touch, He was white markings on his muzzle, chest, underbelly, and all the way down to his tail, with a splash of white in his ear area and a stripe on his forhead. He has a long, and fresh-looking pink scar that touches the side of his head and streches all the way down to his chin, in which it goes straight over his eye and the bridge of his muzzle. He has long, strong legs that are tipped with small paws and short claws, in which they are an unusual shade of black. He also has sharp amber eyes that almost makes any cat flinch at the sight of them.


Mental Health

He is very grief-stricken within, and usually holds things in a pose to that.

Physical Health

He is a mostly healthy cat, he doesn't really get sick much. Though, the scar on his face is a sign of damage to his Physical health, it sometimes bleeds or gets infected whenever irritated.


Brave and bold to the core, he would do anything, any dare, any fight.  He always seems to have a scowl on his face, and whenever he looks at a cat, it looks as if he wants to bite their head off. Though, like every cat, he has a secret touchy side that is soft and caring, if any cat can reach it. He doesn't fall in love easily, and if he ever did, it would be almost a miracle that he would love any cat again. He is very loving tom, only crushed by the loss of his family and loved ones.

Skills and Abilities

He doesn't have many abilities, but one of the things he is great at is fighting. He could beat a cat with his bare paw, he usually claims. He loves fighting and always was interested in the subject of 'battle'. He can't hunt well, he can't flimb or swim, but he can fight, with words as well as claws and tooth.



He is seen in camp, walking out to go hunting, sighing.

Life Image



  • He was once a she-cat named Cougarkit, but Stoem changed pretty much everything, because she adopted him.

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