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Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age Approx. 13 Moons (1.1 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Drowned
Debut SplashClan 12
Last Post Unknown
Father Redpelt
Mother Runningsoul
Siblings Sunpaw, Runningfoot
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Patchbelly
Owner Stoem
Swiftstream is a fluffy cream colored and brown tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a pale brown colored bushy tail and kitten-blue eyes. She is currently a Warrior of SplashClan, and is daughter to Redpelt and Runningsoul, and sister to Runningfoot and Sunpaw. She is often described as quiet, calm, responsible, and rather wise for her age.



Swiftstream is a rather large she-cat. She has medium-large sized kit body that grows continuously throughout her kit-hood. She has kitten-soft, thick, fluffy, but elegant long fur that is rather glossy and shines sometimes. Her fur is cream colored and light brown, splotched with dark brown patches among her body and a pale colored brown tail. She also has a white muzzle, head, chest, and paws, and a little bit of her underbelly.
Swiftstream has a muscular figure. She has broad shoulders that kinda stick out against her fur. She has a well-rounded stomach and rather long legs. She has small paws with really long claws that tip them off that are a shade of white-gray. She has a bushy but long pelt brown tail and a rather large rump side. She has a straightened back that is almost never arched with a long, narrow neck that is fluffy and later in her life, most likely in apprenticeship or early warrior-hood, gains almost a lion's mane like thing.
Swiftstream has a rather large head. She has a fluffy head that has long fur handing off of it with a finely shaped bridge on her head. She has a short, almost smudged-in muzzle that almost looks persian-like. Her muzzle is tipped with a large pink nose and long, sharp, needle-like teeth. She has strong jaws, long white-gray whiskers, and pointed, but large ears. She also has large, round kitten-blue eyes that will later, in apprenticeship most likely, shade into a brilliant gray-blue.


Mental Health

Coming soon~

Physical Health

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Swiftstream is just Swiftstream. She's sweet, kind, quiet, and very calm. You'd probably never meet a quieter cat then her. She is the opposite of his mom and brother. She prefers to keep in the quiet lane, and there's almost no way to turn her around. She hates mischief, she doesn't like to get into trouble, and if she did, she would feel horribly ashamed. She likes to think of herself as more sophisticated as most kits, and always catches the chance to side with the Warriors and adults. Being herself is what it's all about for Swiftstream, and she is never embarrassed to do what she does best or acts like.
Although she is sweet and caring, she is quite shy and very annoying. She'd go on about how much others are annoying and don't listen to the Warrior code, blah blah blah. But, even though she is dedicated to the code, she usually follows her brother into trouble every time, always blaming herself if he ever got hurt or kicked out because she didn't 'supervise him'. She is very collective, and like organization. She has the tendency to over do the cleaning part, and she hates when things are messy, especially her nest or den.
She can be a pain in the butt, but she's a cat whom you want on any cats side. She is very knowledgeable, very kind towards others when she's not being a know-it-all, and comes in handy during the times when your alone. She ain't some popular cat, she hates the spotlight. She likes to lay low with only a few cats, no too many. When she's down, she'll go to her family or friends for advice, or keep it to herself since she's a very proud, independent she-cat, like her mom. She'll take a bullet for the ones she cares about, and she wouldn't miss the chance to tag along to any mission she is able to find, and she is very courageous and brave when it comes to her stable curiosity.

Skills and Abilities

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Kithood and Adolescence

She is born to Redpelt and Runningsoul in SplashClan along with her brothers Runningkit and Sunkit, being the second one born. Her mother names her Swiftkit. She is not seen much after this during her kithood or Apprenticeship.




Runningsoul - Living


Redpelt - Living


Runningfoot - Living
Sunpaw - Living


Thornfang - Living
Talonclaw - Living
Lightning (Half) - Living
Blade (Half) - Living


Emeraldstar - Living
Icefeather - Living
Nightheart - Living
Auroraspirit - Living
Singedstripes - Living
Emberpelt - Living


Leopardpaw - Living
Patchpaw - Living
Chancepaw - Living
Luckypaw - Living
Rubypaw - Living
Ravenshadow - Living
Dawnspirit - Living
Frostfall - Living
Frozenheart (Adoptive) - Living
Goldenstripe - Living
Snap - Living
Shadowforce - Living
Nightfire - Living


Bone - Living
Venomstrike - Living


Leaf - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Twilightrose - Living

Great Uncle:

Newt - Living

Great Aunts:

Daisy - Living
Dandelion - Living

Great Grandmother:

Ravenwhisper - Deceased; Residence Unknown

Love Interests

  • None


  • None


  • None


  • She is part loner, because her grandparents on Redpelt's side are loners.
  • Her name will be Swiftstream.
  • As said by Stoem, she is the first cat that made her top ten list that isn't obnoxious or cocky, because Stoem loves cocky cats. Also, Stoem's cocky at times, as Mintnose's personality says it all too. crys:iloveobnoxiousandcockycatstoo
  • She has Ragdoll ancestory somewhere up her family line.


None yet


Coming soon~



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