Swiftthorn is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current AutumnClan
Given Swiftthorn
Age Unknown
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Brightsplash
Siblings Icechaser, Riverdash, Yellowpaw
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Swiftthorn is a lean smoke tabby with bright yellow eyes.


Swiftkit first appears in the nursery when a fox attacks the camp. He is eager to fight, and follows Rowanstar to where she defeats it. He is defiant about leaving Rowanstar and Stormclaw to talk. He manages to discourage Stormclaw when he turns down the warrior's offer for training.
He is then seen in the nursery, wishing aloud to become an apprentice. It is noted he wants Swiftfoot as his mentor.
After he congratulates Brindlepaw and Pepperpaw at their ceremony, he is seen again in the nursery. His mother consoles him, telling him it will only be a moon until he rejoins his friends in the apprentices' den. Icekit dismisses the remark with scorn.
Some time later, he is made a warrior, with the name Swiftthorn.
Next, he is seen sitting in the middle of camp with Rosepetal, Sedgecloud, and Cloverflight. Spiderfang is seen watching them. Swiftthorn sits very close to Sedgecloud, making him uncomfortable and teasing him about seeing a ladyfriend outside of camp.
Soon, Rosepetal asks Swiftthorn to move because Sedgecloud looks uncomfortable, and Swiftthorn reluctantly agrees.
Carppelt approaches and asks Swiftthorn why he's sitting so close to Sedgecloud, and if he has a crush on the tabby. Swiftthorn immediately becomes extremely defensive, insisting he is not gay, since he's still 'in the closet'.


Positive- Adventurous, Alert, Athletic
Neutral- Dominating, Noncommital, Physical, Flirtatious
Negative- Arrogant, Blunt, Cynical


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