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Current AutumnClan
Age Approx. 14 moons (1.16 years)
Status Living
Debut AutumnClan Archive I (born)
Father Falconheart
Mother Sorrelstar
Siblings Dipperstorm, Swiftstream, Morningflame, Dappleleaf
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Deerflower
Owner Max

Sycamoreheart is a tabby tortoiseshell and white she-cat with yellow eyes.



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draft; she's kinda grown up on her own away from her family, independent from the start but she was kinda nervous as a younger apprentice, she's a leader in the making according to those who know her, very keen to learn about her Clan and she believes highly in the legends from the history. she likes to make remarks about rival clans every so often as she frequents patrols to ensure the territory is safe, tba.


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Sycamorekit is born to Sorrelstar and Falconheart of AutumnClan. Her littermates are Morningkit, Dipperkit, Swiftkit, and Dapplekit. She, like the rest of her siblings, was named by her mother for her pelt. Sycamorekit isn't seen much in her early childhood up until her apprenticeship. Sycamorekit is renamed Sycamorepaw and is given Deerflower as her mentor.
Sycamorepaw makes her first appearance leaving the apprentice's den. She is shown to be unsatisfied as she had slept in and felt in her gut that she would now be in trouble because of it. The young she-cat then decides to look around camp for her mentor to start training. Rosepetal finds her and greets the young cat enthusiastically and seemingly not bothered by the fact the apprentice had slept in. The older she-cat asks if she is ready to head out and Sycamorepaw replies excitedly and eager.
The two cats brush over the basics as Sycamorepaw had only recently been named as an apprentice. A territory tour is decided on and mentor and apprentice head out. Sycamorepaw follows her mentor closely as they walk the territory. SpringClan is the first Clan the young apprentice gets a scent for and she comments on how sickening their sweeter scent is. Rosepetal agrees and then they start moving to the next stop. The next Clan they move onto is SummerClan, and Sycamorepaw comments that this Clan doesn't smell as 'yucky' as SpringClan did.
While at the SummerClan border, a patrol appears and the young apprentice stays behind her mentor. She thinks about how if a fight were to break out she wouldn't be able to do anything and hopes that Rosepetal would be able to handle the situation. The apprentice watches as Rosepetal talks to the SummerClan deputy and continues to lie close to the ground. She is not seen for a while following this encounter.
Sycamorepaw is seen presumably a few moons later as the narrator describes her more mature looks. She is shown sleeping outside of the apprentice's den. She wakes up from her light sleep to notice that her mentor isn't around and hasn't taken her out for training. She looks around camp and can't find the older she-cat and something in her gut tells her Rosepetal might be in trouble. So, she decides to leave camp to find the warrior and while it takes her some time to find her scent, she eventually finds Rosepetal near the SummerClan border. An interesting note is that she finds another scent mixed with Rosepetal's and makes a comment about how weird that is but, pushes on. Sycamorepaw calls out to her mentor before running over to her.
The apprentice tells Rosepetal that she had been looking for her in camp but couldn't find her. Before Rosepetal can respond though, Sycamorepaw makes an observation about the weak scent markings from SummerClan's border. She comments that they must not be patrolling anymore. That's when her mentor replies that she isn't sure and as she does, a SummerClan patrol that was led by Skinkfang walks past and marks the border. The black-and-white deputy flashes the older she-cat a warning glare and Sycamorepaw silently scoffs. She remarks to her mentor that the rival deputy could be less cocky to which Rosepetal agrees.
A few moons following, Sycamorepaw and her littermates are named as warriors. She earns the name Sycamoreheart which her mother notes is earned for her gentleness. The newly named warrior closes her eyes and embraces the moment of hearing her new name on the chants of her Clanmates. She opens her eyes and looks for her former mentor to nod her thanks. Sycamoreheart makes a mental note to thank the older she-cat after she sits her vigil for the night. She also, like her sister Dappleleaf, takes note of the look Sorrelstar has in her eye as she names them as warriors. But, Sycamoreheart assures herself that she doesn't need to worry, reiterating that she had already distanced herself from most of her family to worry more about being a productive member of AutumnClan.


Sycamorepaw's Warrior Ceremony

Sorrelstar: "Swiftpaw, Dipperpaw, Sycamorepaw, Morningpaw, Dapplepaw, step forward, do you promise to follow and uphold the warrior code as your ancestors before you did?"
Sycamorepaw: "I do"
Sorrelstar: "From this moment on your names are no more, Sycamorepaw, you shall be known as Sycamoreheart for your gentleness."
—Sycamorepaw and her siblings's warrior ceremony AutumnClan Roleplay

Sycamorekit's Apprentice Ceremony

Sorrelstar: "Dipperkit, Swiftkit, Sycamorekit, Dapplekit, and Morningkit. You have all reached the age of six moons and are ready to be apprenticed."
Sorrelstar: "From this day forward you shall be known as the following Dipperpaw, Swiftpaw, Sycamorepaw, Dapplepaw, and Morningpaw. With your respective mentors being Aspenflower, Otterdance, Deerflower, Jayflight, and Orchidsnow."
—Sycamorekit and her siblings's apprentice ceremony AutumnClan Roleplay



Falconheart: Deceased; StarClan resident


Sorrelstar: Living


Swiftstream: Living
Morningflame: Living


Dipperstorm: Living
Dappleleaf: Living


Duskshade: Deceased; StarClan resident


Antheart: Deceased; StarClan resident


Flametail: Deceased; Dark Forest resident


Minnowflower: Status unknown


Blackkit: Unborn


Robinkit: Unborn
Shellkit: Unborn


Unnamed cats: Statuses unknown




Sycamoreheart never met her father as he passed away before she was born. However, she has heard much from her Clanmates and from the few times, Sorrelstar has acknowledged her. From what she's heard, Sycamoreheart pictures a brave and loyal AutumnClan deputy who died protecting his Clan - even in his last moments. Sorrelstar has even made the off-hand comment to her children that all of them, save Swiftstream, remind her of Falconheart. Sycamoreheart at first didn't understand what she meant, but, as she has grown, the young she-cat has realized that she is quite a bit like her father.
She hopes that she has made him proud in StarClan, and has wholeheartedly decided that she wants to become a cat just like him - remembered for his loyalty and bravery dedicated to AutumnClan.


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Swiftstream & Morningflame

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Dipperstorm & Dappleleaf

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  • Sycamoreheart has essentially distanced herself from her family as much as possible - save for some of her siblings. This comes from the very obvious distance that her mother has created between Sycamoreheart and her siblings.
  • It is also interesting to note that Sycamoreheart and her siblings were made warriors quite early. They were named as warriors at ten moons instead of at twelve or more.


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