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Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Age 10 moons (approx. .9 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Talonclaw
Mother Irisfrost
Older Siblings

Gemcave, Snowbreeze, Leafface, Brightcloud, Sootpaw, Raccoonpaw

Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Tigerclaw
Owner Whiskers
Talonpaw is a tall, sturdy ginger-brown tom with darker flecks, and really dark ginger-brown points (almost black). His eyes are a bright yellow-green color. Talonpaw is the son of Irisfrost and Talonclaw, being named after his father. He is currently an apprentice of WinterClan, with no littermates, only older siblings. His older siblings are Gemcave, Leafface, Snowbreeze, Brightcloud, Sootpaw, and Raccoonpaw. He is the apprentice of Tigerclaw, who is his father in a different body.



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Much like his father, Talonkit is a brave and strong cat. And like his mother, Talonkit is daring, always willing to take dares and follow through with them. Talonkit never seems to step down from a challenge, making other kits look up to him.  He can be a bit intimidating to others, since he never backs down and will keep on fighting. He's one to stare death straight in the eyes, amazing others, and making some think he's foolish.

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Talonkit is born to Irisfrost in WinterClan, and he is born with no siblings. His father, Talonclaw, is dead, so he's not there at Talonkit's birth. Irisfrost wraps her tail around her son after naming him, and rests her head on her paws and goes to sleep.

When Firekit is dropped off by Scarceclaw, Talonkit becomes very curious of her. Irisfrost has to pin him with a paw to keep the kit from tackling her. Irisfrost introduces them, and Firekit asks where they are, and Talonkit happily responds that they're in WinterClan. Firekit runs off the talk to her father, and Talonkit manages to get out of his nest and peer out from the nursery. It is noted that Talonkit has only opened one eye. Irisfrost gently tells her son that he has a long time before he starts exploring, and the kit purrs, curling up closer to his mother and nursing. He sleeps quietly, curled into a tight ball with his foot twitching as he dreams of chasing a moth. Talonkit wakes back up moments later as Irisfrost thinks of her mate, licking Talonkit's head gently after he finishes nursing one more. His body relaxes as he nears another nap.

Talonkit grows strong, playing all day and pouncing on his mother's tail who asks if he's tired yet. The kit responds with a no, and continues to play until he eventually tires. He cuddles underneath his mother's chin, about to sleep.

Irisfrost is visited from Talonclaw and her sleep, muttering his name occasionally and waking her son. She asks what's wrong, and Talonkit asks Irisfrost who Talonclaw is. Irisfrost tells her son that he's his father, and was a brave and great warrior.

Irisfrost leads her son from the nursrey as he bats at her tail happily. The tired Irisfrost tells her son to stay out of trouble as he plays in camp, since she needed a nap. Talonkit nods briskly, bounding around camp after his mother takes a nap with his tail high, thinking of how lonely he is, since he's the only kit of his litter and fatherless. Risekit wonders out of the nursery as well, thinking about how tall he is before running into Talonkit, interrupting his thoughts. The kits begin to argue, telling each other to use their eyes when walking. Risekit reminds himself that Talonkit's just as tall as he is, and calms, asking Talonkit who his father is. To the other kit's surprise, Talonkit becomes even angrier by this question, snapping that it isn't any of his business, but admits seconds later that his father is a StarClan warrior. Risekit feels bad, apologizing to Talonkit and deciding to be the tomkit's friend.

Risekit asks Talonkit if he wants to leave camp and explore, an Talonkit hesitantly replies that they should use the dirt-tunnel, but he continues to eye the black smoke kit. They leave camp, their eyes widening at the sight of the world outside, and the two suddenly become playful. Talonkit pounces on Risekit, and they start a game of tag. This game is ended as Risekit and Talonkit roll into a thorn bush. They quickly streak from the bush, crying in pain. Risekit says they'll be in big trouble, from their mothers and Guppystar. The two toms quickly flee back to camp, and Talonkit calls his mother, who drowsily pokes her head out of the nursery. She notices Talonkit and Risekit, and races to them, dragging them to Cinderpaw's den, asking the she-cat to fix up the two tomkits. Cinderpaw calls the two troublemakes, and starts pulling the thorns out of the kits withthe help of Irisfrost. Risekit exclaims that the thorns attacked first, but Irisfrost reminds him that they're just thorns. Talonkit puts in that they kind of rolled into the thorns, not attacked them.

Irisfrost continues to pull thorns out of her son, thinking of what Talonclaw would say, seeing his son in his current state. Talonkit giggles, telling his mother to stop since her whiskers tickle. He rolls onto his back, the thorns going further into his skin, causing him to yelp. Irisfrost tells her son that's what he gets for acting so foolish. Talonkit quickly flees from his mother as she tries to leap after him, but decides that it's better for him to get rid of his energy before removing the thorns. Talonkit races around, exclaiming that he's Talonstar of WinterClan. Cinderpaw tries to order the kit to come back while she plucks the last thorn from Risekit. Irisfrost plucks the last thorns from her son before the two return to the Nursery. Irisfrost tells Talonkit not to go out of camp again with Risekit, since she didn't want the two to get hurt.

Risingspirit walks into the nursery with Risekit batting at his tail. Confused at this sight, Talonkit asks Irisfrost who the cat is walking with his best friend. With a frown, Irisfrost explains that the tom is Risingspirit, Risekit's father. Talonkit asks what a father is and if he has one, and Irisfrost tells her son that a father's like a mother, and that his father's dead. Feeling confused and a bit hurt, Talonkit pads over to Risekit and Risingspirit, greeting the two cheerfully. Risingspirit responds just as cheery, telling Talonkit that he's grown and has become quite handsome, unlike his mother. He smiles back at his old friend, but Talonkit asks Risingspirit what a father is. Risingspirit explains what a father is to Talonkit, and tells him that he had a father, but Warriors don't last forever. The warrior goes on into the story of Mistcloud and Stemacloud, explaining their death and the birth of his first litter. Irisfrost wraps her tail around Talonkit, while he cuddles into her soft fur. Talonkit leans up against his mother, closing his eyes while she purrs.

Talonkit wakes up after passing out in the middle of the Nursery (without a nest), watching Opalgaze play-fight with Risingspirit. He fluffs out his pelt, walking stiff-leggedly to Risekit, challenging him to a "battle". He let's out a "rawr", tackling Risekit who says he's a SummerClan-Scum named Risesun. Talonkit calls himself Talonstar, leader of WinterClan, the best Clan in the forest. The two toms roll around in a playfight before running into Irisfrost with wide-eyes, calling her a dog as she suddenly becomes part of their game.

When Webspider kills Eternitypaw, Irisfrost streaks over to the cruel warrior while Talonkit and Risekit poke their heads out of the nursurey, Talonkit exclaiming that his mother was going to kick tail. Wildheart notices the two tomkits, and pulls them into her nest so they don't watch. It is noted that Wildheart does have bits of affection for Talonkit, sine she's the son of her friend. Talonkit blinks at Wildheart with wide eyes before noticing his mother, greatly injured by Webspider. He races to her, calling out her name. He sniffs his mother curiously, asking if she's alright. The queen responds with a nod, licking her son's cheek with dull, grief-stricken eyes. Talonkit cuddles with his mother as Risingspirit approaches. Irisfrost tells Talonkit to never be a fool or a trader like Webspider, and the kit agrees. Risingspirit purrs at the two, calling them innocent, encouraging a play-fight between Irisfrost and Risingspirit. Talonkit exclaims that he's not innocent, and randomly tackles Risekit who had been blankly sitting around.

Risekit and Talonkit continue to play, Risekit being leader of StormClan, and Talonkit being leader of BlazeClan. Risekit tries to tackle Talonkit, but misses, running into Puddlekit instead. Puddlekit laughs, while Talonkit says Risekit's really leader of ClutzClan, but Risekit argues, saying he caught a loner. Puddlekit then snaps, calling Risekit a clumbsy idiot, and pads away. Both kits are angered by this, asking each other what that was about. Talonkit approaches Puddlekit once more, asking what that was about, she explains that she can be a little dramatic. Risekit starts staring into a puddle, gazing at himself, ignoring Talonkit. Talonkit begins to paly-fight with Puddlekit, saying that BirdClan was awesome.

After their play-fight, the Clan moves camp to an old WinterClan camp. Irisfrost carries Talonkit and Risekit on her back to the new camp. The two tomkits chat to each other the whole way.



Irisfrost- Living


Talonclaw- Deceased, Reincarnated into Tigerclaw


Gemcave- Deceased, confirmed StarClan member
Snowbreeze- Deceased, confirmed StarClan member
Leafface- Deceased, confirmed Dark Forest member
Brightcloud- Deceased, confirmed StarClan member
Sootpaw- Living
Raccoonpaw- Deceased, confirmed StarClan


Eternitypaw- Deceased, confirmed StarClan member
Cynder- Living


Daffodilnose- Living
Dawnnose- Living
Oakheart- Living
Hornetpelt- Deceased, confirmed StarClan member


Hawkpaw- Living


Brokenkit- Living




Talonkit is extremely close to his mother, especially since he doesn't have a living father. He's like a tick, clinging to his mother's side whenever she's in trouble or needs some cheering up. Talonkit loves his mother dearly, and would kill to keep her safe, if she couldn't defend herself on her own. Talonkit doesn't care how old his mother kits, he will always love her. Talonkit seems to follow her around (as a kit), even when she just wants to get a bite to eat. Talonkit and Irisfrost have a very close bond, and are inseperable.


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The two toms are noted to be thes best of friends, though not from the start.  They happen to be very close, almost like brothers, and are insepreble. They always have each other's back, and are known to fight and hunt back-to-back, side-by-side. Talonkit isn't attracted to Risekit, he just considers him his best friend, and best friend only. Coming Soon Coming Soon


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  • He is named after his father.


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