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Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Kit: Talonkit
Apprentice: Talonpaw
Warrior: Talonstrike
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a falling branch
Debut SummerClan 16
Last Post Unknown
Father Stormclaw
Mother Suntail
Siblings Twigstep, Cloudsky, Wolfspirit (Half)
Mate One-ear
Kits None
Apprentice Thunderstorm
Owner Stormeh

Talonstrike is a black and white she-cat with blue eyes.


She is stubborn, hot-headed, and very hard to convince. She loves to sneak out of camp and disobey her mom and dad. She kind of has a connection to WinterClan that she can't explain. She loves to run around and be active. She is a great fish hunter like her father. She is sad that her parents aren't even together anymore, but she prefers to hang with her dad, Stormclaw more then her mom, Suntail. She loves her mate, Duskjaw, deeply.


She is born to Stormclaw and Suntail of SummerClan with her sibling Twigkit.

She's shown to be playing with her father, Stormclaw. Her and him are best friends, and are always together. She beats him, and hepretendsto squirm around as if he were beaten. Later, Talonkit tells Twigkit that Stormclaw is thier father, and she doesn't take it well, which makes Talonkit mad.

She is seen later staring at the clan, and one sausage watches as Duskjaw becomes a warrior, and she takes a sudden interest in the tom. One day, when he was upset about Jadewhisper, she comforts him.

She becomes an apprentice, Talonpaw, ad gets Duskjaw as her mentor. She i overjoyed, and immediately heralds her around the territory. She looks at him longingly, but says nothing.

Later, Stomclaw shows her some fighting skills, since their bodies were built the same, and she trains hard. Cloudpaw says how she isn't cared for enough, and Talonpaw objects, saying Stormclaw tried to love her, but she never accepted it.

Talonpaw and Duskjaw take a walk, and they admit their true feelings for each other. She wonders if Duskjaw likes her the way she likes him.

Later, she becomes a warrior, earning the name Talonstrike. Duskjaw asks her to be his mate, and she says yes, excitedly.

Later, she gets her first apprentice, Thunderpaw.

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Talonkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Rowanstar: "Rowanstar jumped to the highrock "May all cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!""
Narrator: "Cats joined together, Sootflight licked Tigerkit's ruffled fur on his head."
Rowanstar: ""Tigerkit, Nightkit, Talonkit, and Twigkit have reached 6 moons of age and now are able to become apprentices! Tigerkit, you shall be known as Tigerpaw, and your mentor shall be Smokeheart, Nightkit, you shall be known as Nightpaw, and your mentor shall be Brindlenose, Talonkit, you shall be known as Talonpaw, and your mantor shall be Duskjaw, Twigkit, you shall be known as Twigpaw, your mentor shall be Longstripe. Train hard!""
—Talonpaw's Apprentice Ceremony SummerClan/Roleplay


Mate - Duskjaw - Living
Father - Stormclaw - Living
Mother - Suntail - Living
Sisters - Twigstep - Living, Cloudsky - Living
Uncle - Dark - Living
Aunts - Cloudlove - Living, Rosa - Living, Lilly - Deseased; Residence unknown
Grandmothers - Shine - Living, Lillybreeze - Deseased; verified StarClan member
Grandfather - Jackpot - Living


  • She is based off of a character that Stormeh made up in her stories.
  • She is in love with Duskjaw.

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