Tarkit is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Placeholder cat
Current AutumnClan
Kit: Tarkit
Age 2 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Rustletail
Mother Sagewhisper
Sibling PakohKit( dead)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Marshie

Tarkit is a bright orange she-cat with dark, black eyes. She is a kit that lives in AutumnClan. She is very curious about the world, and doesn't like it when things go wrong. She is daughter of Sagewhisper, a loyal AutumClan warrior, born and raised. She was the only kit in her litter to survive a moon, but her sister, Pakohkit did last a quarter moon.



Tarkit is a bright orange she cat with long fur. you would think that her bright orange pelt would be hard to blend in with, but surprisingly it fits well when the leaves start to turn colors. Her pelt would be luchoius and silky, of she groomed more than once a day. She says it "wastes time. " Don't worry, she'll grow out of this phase ( hopefully.) Her eyes are a deep, dark brown, and they catch your attention and keep it like tar would. This is where she got her name.


TarKit is a very healthy kit, despite both her siblings dyeing. She is prone to hairballs, as a result of her ever-matted fur. Her eyes are beautiful and clear. She has not had any Kind of sickness yet, but she is still a kit.


Her main personality trait is curiosity, and her true color is probably orange. She has a good number of friends, and is friendly to all cats, even from other clans. She is very understanding when other cats have no clue what they are doing, even though she probably does because of her higher IQ. She does not like being told no, and gets into trouble trying new things. She would never want to be a medicne cat, because she would find that boring. She has no interest in being leader, but would'nt mind being deputy ( she still isn't sure how that would work though. )


Tarkit is young, and therefore not completply comprehensive of the world, though she is a quick learner, and can easily memorize hunting and battle moves. She allready shows a love of trees and other high places, foreshadowing the fact that she will be a skilled climber in the future. She also has a tendency to be optimistic and not give up, which in my veiwpoint, is an ability.


Mother: Sagewhisper

Father: Rustletail

Sister: Pakohkit ( Dead)

Relation to former clan: Has a little ThunderClan blood

Breeds: Domestic Shorthair and Turkish Van Cat


  • She does not know her father is dead
  • She will be visited by her father later

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