Tawnyleaf (SuC) is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Tawnyleaf (SuC)
Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Tawnyleaf (SuC)
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Cloudstorm
Mother Branchheart
Siblings Batpaw, Longpaw, Brightpaw
Mate Breezefur
Kits None
Mentor Feathershine
Owner Raven

Tawnyleaf (SuC) is a brown she-cat with white splotches and dark blue eyes.


She is a bit of a tomboy. She is adventurous and brave. Tawnyleaf is probably stronger than most she-cats.


Her first major appearence is when she leaves her den after a bad dream. She looks up at the full moon and feels uneasy. The she-cat closes her eyes and hears what seems to be a prophecy. The tan-colored leaf will hold SummerClan together when it is splitting apart. She opens her eyes and demands to know who said it. Longtail walks out of his den and asks Tawnypaw what she meant, but she ignores him and returns to the apprentice's den.

Tawnyleaf has her warrior ceremony, earning the name Tawnyleaf for her prophecy. She is later seen on patrol.

Tawnyleaf becomes mates with Breezefur, who later dies by falling off a cliff. This devastates her and she is very depressed from here on after.

Her next big appearance is not until her death, where Twigstep goes into a rage after Tawnyleaf asks her to change her bedding. Twigstep kills Tawnyleaf by the river, where Tawnyleaf goes to StarClan.

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