The Three Clans and General Areas


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To the North

SplashClan - (SplC)

  • The camp is right on the edge of one river, with soft, sandy banks that flow slowly. Smaller streams sprout off of it in the spring and early summer, which can criss-cross the camp depending on how much snow melted. Nests must be made of branches so that they can float when the river floods, which happens fairly regularly. Some nests for able-bodied warriors are up in the willow trees, resting between forks in the branches. The ground is covered in a soft dirt and sand mixture, and small shells sometimes wash up on the bank of the river. Cats often adorn their dens or nests with the artefacts they find. In the spring small, pink flowers cover the ground, giving the camp a fresh, sweet scent.
  • The rest of the territory is covered in water. The largest river, the Sun-Down River, runs from the city, through SummerClan, through SpringClan, and into SplashClan. Smaller rivers feed into it, springing from the rest of their territory. Various streams pop up fairly randomly throughout the year, thanks to the sandy soil and hilly terrain of the area. Evergreen trees cover most of the area, with tall, ancient willows covering the riverbanks.

SpringClan - (SprC)

  • The camp rests above the Sky River, known for its crystal-clear waters that perfectly reflect the sky. The Sky Oak can be seen from its shores. Shorter oak trees surround the camp, giving it plenty of shelter in the winter from snow. Most of the dens are made from bushes and old dens below the roots of the trees. Snail shells are in an abundance in the camp, and many cats will take them to decorate their dens. A large Magnolia tree is in the center of camp, and in the spring, the entire camp is covered in its petals. The ground has very few small, vine-like plants covering it, due to a large amount of shade masking the area. In mid-summer, they provide soft, white blooms, which cover the entire forest floor.
  • The rest of the forest is covered in blooming plants, hence why the terrain earned its name.
  • The Sky Oak is rumoured to have been a mere sapling when Vita first came to the forest, but it was there even before he joined the early group. It towers over all other trees in the valley, and may even rival the ancient pines of WinterClan. Only a few cats have ever climbed to the top, but many have fallen and died while trying.

WinterClan - (WC)

  • The camp located closest to the border is the original camp, founded by the first WinterClan cats. Filled with brushes and other short grasses, it provides plenty of shelter throughout the year. Wildflowers fill it in spring, and not much rock face is exposed. Being very close to the borders of both SpringClan and AutumnClan, it is easy to access. Its use has since been discontinued.
  • The camp along the timberline of the mountain was founded by another leader and has been used throughout most of the Clan's leaderships. Located at the base of a steep cliff, the ground is made primarily of snow, and only a tall pine growing in the centre of camp provides shelter. The rest of the camp is clear of brush and undergrowth, but more pine trees begin to grow at the edges of the camp. Resting at the top of the timberline, the steep slopes make it tremendously difficult for cats born outside of the clan to access, practically leaving it intangible.
  • The small lake pooled at the centre of the four rivers is known as Claw Lake, and is often frozen over in the Winter and Spring.
  • The timberline marks off the general area of where prey ceases to roam. Most hunting takes place in the trees, as any place above timberline is tricky to manoeuvre. The tree-covered area of the territory is dominated by evergreen trees.

The City

  • A small city on the edge of the valley, primarily filled with residential homes. Many kittypets live in its limits. The further north you go into it, the taller and more industrialised its buildings get until it tapers back down into suburbs.