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The Rise and Fall of Jaystorm/Guide

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Jaystorm -

The main protagonist in the story and also the main character on the cover image, the story's point of view, which is third-person styled, and the entire story is named after him as well. This story recalls his life that happens inbetween the roleplay and recalls inportant events that were not mentioned.


Snakestorm -

The lead deuteragonist and one of the characters on the cover image, Snakestorm plays a major role in Jaystorm's stories and also in his life. He plays as his adoptive brother, and also his future crush and one of the reasons for his heart broken situation in future events.

Frostrose -

The second deuteragonist and the last cat on the cover image, Frostrose plays a major role as well in Jaystorm's stories and also his life in most events. He is Jaystorm's rival in the stories, as well as the roleplay, and shows to dispute with Jaystorm for the stupidest of reasons, or just to hear his reaction.


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