Lilypaw looked at herself. Her tortoiseshell fur was ruffled. I wonder why I'm the only tortoiseshell in my family. She shrugged the question off and went to go get some fresh-kill. Her mother, Rosefur, and her father Deerheart, stopped her midway. Rosefur gulped. "Lilypaw, dear.. We have to tell you something."

They pulled her behind a bush. My parents have officially gone crazy. Lilypaw thought to herself. "My darling.. We, well.. We're not.. It's not that.. We just.. Rosefur?" Deerheart stuttered. "One day, me and Deerheart were at the stream. I had been expecting kits, and just then, I had your sister, Hollypaw. Your father-- he heard something mewling, and it wasn't coming from your sister."

"So, what about me! Was I born next?" Lilypaw said anxiously. Her father ignored her and finished off Rosefur's story. "I saw the mud scrambling, and I became suspicious. So, I crossed the stream, and I found...Well, dear... I found---you." Lilypaw gasped and tears started streaming down her face. "But! I! What? No! You're lying! I was born to YOU! And Rosefur! I won't believe a word you say! This is NOT funny! I don't care if this is a trick or what but I am NOT buying it! Too bad!" Rosefur gasped and tried to comfort her. "I know this is hard, but.. Anyways, let me finish. There were two cats, one a brown tabby male, and the other a tortoiseshell female, and they both had collars on. Obviously Kittypets. They told us that your name was Lily, and to take good care of you. Then... They left without another word."

Lilypaw pushed against Deerheart. Her long fur was almost completely drenched from her tears. This was the most devastating thing that had ever happened to her. "So you're saying that I was a Kittypet?!?!?! WHO ELSE KNOWS ABOUT THIS?" The heartbroken young she-cat demanded. "Nobody except for us," Rosefur said as calm as she could. "You know what? I'm going to find my parents. This is important--- I want to know who my real family is. Thank you, guys, for taking me in. I love you." The tortoiseshell she-cat said through tears. She walked away and into the forest. She dug up some leaves, and she went into a tunnel. It was her secret hiding place. She had fresh-kill and herbs there. She was saving them so that if a disaster, like a fox attack happened, she could stay safe in there. It was almost impossible to find, and nobody else knew about it.

A little while later, she had made a complete travel-pack. She had stuck leaves and moss together with sap, and she had fresh-kill, water, and herbs stored inside of it. There were lots of houses nearby, and the hard part was that she had to find one certain one. The one where her parents lived.

She ran to the closest one she knew of. She had to go fast-- She was hoping to get back by tonight. Soon, after lots of running, she had found her destination. A silver kittypet was sitting on the porch, licking it's paws. Mouse-dung! She's silver. She ran off to the one nearby. Three plump kits were being cradled by a Twoleg. Nope, not them either. She went to the next house. There was a brown tabby tom! "Hey, Mr. Brown cat! Do I look familiar to you?" She asked. The tom walked towards her. Her eyes glinted with excitement. Hopefully it's my father! "Stay out of my territory!" The fierce tom said, to her surprise. He started thrashing his claws and twisting and hissing, and he ended up chasing her. He was very slow, though. After running for a pretty long while, she quickly turned a corner. He lost track of her.

Oh no! Now I'm lost! She thought sadly. And then, she turned her head. Sitting on a fence were two old kittypets, licking their paws. Lilypaw beamed with excitement-- One was a tortie, and the other was a brown tabby! This had to be them! She cleared her throat. The pretty female turned her head. She gasped and whispered to the tom sitting next to her. They both jumped off and ran up to her. "It's, it's, it's you!" The tom mewed excitedly. Lilypaw blushed. "So you're my.. my parents? Really! This is awesome!" The young she-cat was so happy to see them. "You're name is Lilyclaw, right?" The tortoiseshell she-cat mewed. "No, it's Lilypaw. But that was a good guess! How did you---" She wondered. Her mother cut her off. "Oh.. well, sometimes, we watch you train. We can see you through the bushes, over there." She flicked her tail towards a gap in the bushes. "Wow! I could've gone that way! Silly me!"

"So, what are your names?" Lilypaw said in awe as she stared up at her real parents. "I'm Frink, and my mate is Spronk." Frink, the tom, said proudly. "Wow! Those names are so cool!" The beautiful apprentice replied. The two cats dipped their head. "It's been awfully great meeting you, but I just have one thing to ask. Why did you give me up?" Lilypaw asked. Her parents look at eachother. Spronk stepped forward. "It's a dangerous world. Everyone knows that. After I had you and your siblings, our owner would never let me keep any of you kits. Most of my kits were given away. You and your sister--we'll get to that later-- were the only ones left. Frink and I had seen those cats in the wild. We had learned that they stood up for eachother and would risk anything. We thought that if we gave you to them, we'd at least be able to see you. And we do! So, on the day that we witnessed that creamy queen giving birth, we decided that it was time. We left you by the stream, and we left. It was the most heartbreaking thing to do, we knew it was for the better. Pansy! Pansy, Lily--oh, yeah, Lilypaw is here!"

A gorgeous white she-cat came out into the yard. "Lily! Oh, Lilypaw! I'm Pansy, and I'm... your sister!" The lovely cat said with a smile. "Oh, hi!" Lilypaw said. She really didn't know what else to say. "Everyone, it's been so great meeting you. I'm so glad I had the chance to do this, and I'll never forget you guys. I promise, I will come visit you. Thank you for everything." The young tortoiseshell she-cat said, and she padded off. Then, Pansy yelled something to her. "Wait! Lilypaw, come back!" Lilypaw turned her back. "Yes?" She asked. Pansy's fur shone. She gulped. "I think I would like to join the Clan."

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