The Wind Chasers

The Wind Chasers

The Wind Chasers is home to the gifted and unique, and by that, we mean cats with abnormal abilities. The newest of the groups, this Clan was founded by Swampstar, a young tom who suffered through illegal experiments committed by humans. But he wasn't alone, a handful of other feral cats were left with the same fate. Some died from all of the radiation and chemicals, but there were still the survivors. Oddly, these unnatural cats can usually pass on their abilities genetically; those who are not gifted with superpowers are not welcomed into the Clan.

Their home is just as unique as their abilities. The Wind Chasers live in a massive forest with a handful of swamps, located many many miles away from the Clans, far behind WinterClan's mountain. As a result, interaction with the primary Clans is rare, if the cat has the ability to travel such far distances with poor conditions. What really defines The Wind Chaser's home is the eerie purple fog (that is fortunately non-toxic), the aftermath of the illegal experiments.

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Swampstar—seal lynx point classic tabby tom gifted with the power of nova. 9/9 lives. Roleplayed by: whiskers



Medicine Cat

Ophelia—chimera tortoiseshell she-cat gifted with the ability to control the weather of the seasons and grow plants with just a touch. Roleplayed by: the rising cure


Fogsky—black smoke tabby she-cat with the ability to completely copy the powers of others Roleplayed by: whiskers
Galaxystorm—muscular black she-cat flecked with silver gifted with the ability to control the stars, gravity, and change the temperature of her surroundings. Roleplayed by: whiskers



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