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Current The Storm Fronts
Given Kit: Thor
Member: Thor
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut The Storm Fronts/Roleplay
Father Aeschylus
Mother Rajani
Siblings Unknown
Mate Unknown
Kits Unknown
Owner Whiskey

Thor is a large, bulky, brown tabby tom with golden eyes. He is a member of The Storm Fronts, and is the son of Aeschylus and Rajani. Given a powerful name to express his father's desire to return power to their bloodline, Thor feels heavy willpower in fulfilling the wishes of Aeschylus.



Thor is a heavy, muscular cat. His pelt is the colour of the trunk of a tree during leaf-bare, except notably a tad darker. He has classic tabby stripes running along his body, while his fur is thick, and a tad lengthy. When enraged, Thor can bristle his fur as a way to make himself appear double his actual size. Supporting a broad head on sturdy shoulders, Thor is noted to have a low-pitched rumble as his voice.
He has a well-built frame, and while he has broad shoulders, he has wide paws. Thor has an average-sized tail, which he frequently uses to express his emotions about a particular topic more often than he does verbally. In general, Thor has a strong build, though he is slow considering his amount of muscle. He has rough dark grey paw-pads, which have grown used to troublesome terrain.
With golden eyes that are almost always narrowed in focus, Thor often finds himself in deep thought, which is exposed easily. While Thor also has semi-long whiskers, he has thorn-sharp claws and teeth in which provide him an easy advantage in combat.


Physical Health

Despite the fact that Thor takes a while to fully wake up for a new day, his mind is usually sharpened after he practices battle moves, or even the occasional hunting skill. While he might not eat or sleep enough, Thor is quite healthy. His health is significantly decent considering the fact that he exercises quite often, and he appears to be able to fight infections and illness well.

Mental Health

In relevance to his mental health, Thor is a strategist and a fighter. While he is intelligent, Thor is quite capable of overlooking some situations when they might need more evaluation. He is able to quickly think when in battle, though Thor occasionally gets carried away when on such a battlefield.


While Thor might appear to be ambitious and fierce, he has a special willpower that many cats would understand better if they simply attempt to learn about him a bit more. Thor can be bossy and impatient, but he is extremely persistent and is determined to bring his own family back to power. He is very outspoken, causing him to get him into trouble, sometimes. Thor, even when he is misunderstood, will do his best to maintain a patient air- though he often fails due to his short temper.
Thor has absolutely no sense of humour, so he relies on his stern attitude and wise words to get his way. If all else fails, he is always ready to fight, even if the battle is pointless from the beginning. He is merciless is combat, and is overly willing to keep fighting long past the point will any ordinary cat would have quit. Never afraid to jump into conflict, Thor is gradually maturing as he grows older, finding it easier to channel this trait.
Intelligent and honest by nature, Thor firmly believes that he will take back the power. He is a very opinionated cat, but while he might have an extremely rough exterior, Thor does have a soft heart for his father and grandfather, as proven by his one goal and how hard he is fighting to achieve it.

Skills and Abilities

Thor does not excel in stalking successfully, but he can dash long distances without finding a necessity to stop. Fighting is his strong point, though he does need to work on his speed and accuracy when fighting an opponent. He avoids tracking and hunting for this specific reason.



Thor is fathered by Aeschylus, who gives his son a powerful name as an attempt to give him willpower to accomplish what he had failed, along with his own father, Loki- restore power to their family.


Thor is first seen just barely waking up from a dream, noting how the silence greatly provokes him. Despite this, it is mentioned how he is more agitated as a result of the pressure in striving to fulfill the wish his father had left him. His dreams are stated to, for apparently ages, have been filled with query as to how to go about restoring the power to his family. Hearing the sound of cats taking in the world just beyond his sleep, Thor blinks open his eyes, agreeing inwardly that it is time to rise for a new day- time to continue working out his plot for his one and only goal. Thor yawns and stretches for a few heartbeats, then proceeds to emerge from the thick ferns. Solemnly slinking toward the center of the camp, Thor halts suddenly as he catches a glimpse of Mey-Rin, the she-cat who happens to be the mate of Sebastian. He begins to smoothly make his way toward the chocolate tortoiseshell, receiving an idea in his head.




Aeschylus: Deceased; Unknown Residence


Rajani: Living


Several Unnamed Kits: Deceased; Unknown Residence


Loki: Deceased; Unknown Residence


Caprina: Deceased; Unknown Residence


Hunter: Living
Cole: Living


Callie: Deceased; Unknown Residence
Grace: Deceased; Unknown Residence


Unnamed Kits: Deceased; Unknown Residences


  • He is about four years old.


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Character Pixels

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