This character is a NPC and can be claimed freely.

Thornfoot is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Given Thornfoot
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Rabies
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Mates Blossombreeze (formerly), Rajani
Kits Pikepelt, Claudette, Gordon
Mentor Oceanwave
Owner Leggo

Thornfoot is a large, muscular, lithe, sleek, brown tabby tom with a torn ear, a downy, thick pelt, battered, scarred, nicked ears, and wide, clear pale green eyes.


Thornfoot is intent, collected, calm and strategic. More

Coming Soon


He is briefly seen as an apprentice, when he passes by the nursery. He tells Smokepaw to stop fighting with Yellowkit.
He is later seen practicing battle moves.
Later he approaches some warriors talking, to tell them he scented a fox on the territory. He then joins the warriors in battling a fox and blinds a cub.
He has a one-night-stand with Blossombreeze, in which she becomes pregnant with his kits. She later has Pikekit, and Thornfoot tries to be a good father by visiting the kit often, although he has no feelings towards Blossombreeze.
During the battle with WinterClan, he is attacked by Azuregaze. He is distracted by the lack of one of Azuregaze's eyes, and the older tom attacks him, nearly killing him. Thornfoot passes out from the pain and blood loss, later waking up in WinterClan's medicine den, where Azuregaze was laying with him. After talking for a while, and a few days of resting, Thornfoot makes the trip back to SummerClan, almost healed.
He is seen going on patrols from time to time and goes hunting frequently.
He is sitting besides Pridefall during a gathering, and chides the younger warrior for hitting on Guppystar, among other she-cats. However, Pridefall is killed soon after by Ivyfang, and thornfoot attempts to fight against the murderer. He is bitten by her several times, and returns to camp with a few wounds.
The wounds soon heal up, but he notices that he was more and more moody and irritable. Thinking something was wrong with him, he flees the camp, and runs into a rogue named Rajani. The two end up mating, and Thornfoot keeps on going to the twolegplace. He loses control of himself and murdered a kittypet, and runs to AutumnClan. He finds Darkshade hunting, and kills the tom, before falling over dead, himself.
He joins StarClan, and Rajani has his two kits, Claudette and Gordon, two moons later.


  • He was in love with Yellowpaw, and misses her very much.

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