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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SummerClan, SplashClan
Age Approx. Seventeen Moons (1.05 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died due to Rabies
Debut SplashClan 4
Last Post Unknown
Father Stormclaw
Mother Silverwave
Siblings Rainingflame, Stormfrost, Oakkit, Talonstrike (Half), Twigstep (Half), Cloudsky (Half), Wolfspirit (Half)
Mate Foxwhisper (Formerly)
Kits Owleyes, Ivyfoot, Dappleclaw
Mentor Talonstrike
Owner Stoemy
Thunderstorm is a silver tabby and black she-cat with a stubby tail, blue eyes, and folded ears.



Thunderstorm is light and lithe. She has a rather large body that is skinny but rather muscular in the shoulder area. She has long, thin, glossy black fur with silver tabby splotches among her back, legs, and face. She has a pure black tail and dark silver stripes in her silver splotches.
Thunderstorm is a lithe bodied she-cat. She has a skinny, caved in stomach that is now plump and swollen due to her unborn kits. She has long, skinny legs, in which her back legs are longer. Her paws are small but strong, and her claws are even longer, like her father's. She has broad, muscular shoulders. She also has a well-arched back, in which some fluff sticks up along it. She has a long, flickering tail that is described to never stop moving around, it usually shows her mood to those whom know her well. She also has a long, skinny neck.
Thunderstorm has a large, finely-shaped head. She has large, deep sapphire blue eyes that are the shade of Stormclaw's, and they are described to sparkle a lot. She has a short, thick muzzle that is strong and sturdy with strong jaws and short, curly white whiskers. She has a large grey-pink nose and large, rounded ears.


Mental Health

Coming soon~

Physical Health

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Confident and calm, she's the type of cat anyone would want on their side. She's fierce, mostly with her claws rather then words, and she's very sly when it comes to sneaking around. She could get out of murder somehow, though she doesn't plan on hurting others, except when it comes to protecting her kits or crush. She's got a sharp tongue, but it's mild compared to other cats sharp personality. She tends to be outspoken, and quite the over protective she-cat. Although, she's cool with going with the flow of things, she's more of a follower then a leader.
Even though outspoken, she is quite shy. She hates talking to new cats, as she thinks that friends she has now are good enough. Confident in combat as well as hunting, she'll act like a total different cat around her friends or family. She's a friendly she-cat, just very shy and preferably wanting to he alone rather then new cats, which is why she usually goes out alone.
Although, she's very independent, and proud of what she does. She loves to take pride in what she does regularly, and she loves to help. She hates being in the spotlight of the clan, so gossip about her nearly kills her every time, as she hates gossip. Although, she likes to get help from others, or she likes to help others, which is how she makes friends a lot easier.

Skills and Abilities

She is quite a skilled hunter, with a keen sense of smell and sight, she sometimes is described to have the eyes of a hawk. She can catch anything from a mouse to a sparrow, and she even tries to aim for hawks, in which hawks are a little extreme for her, but she does practice. Being good at fighting has it's upsides as well as downfalls. She doesn't look like the type to be a fighting cat, but she'll fight until she dies, knowing that her life is worth many others that the cat would've killed in the process.



She is born to Silverwave and Stormclaw in SplashClan, even though her father and mother live within two different clans and are no longer mates.

She plays with the SplashClan kits, but they dont like to play with her because her mother wont say where her origins lay. She is an outcast mostly, with her siblings. She is one day dropped off at SummerClan, and her father finds her and her brother, Stormkit. He takes them back, and the clan welcomes the kits of a loyal clan warrior. Though, he doesnt tell them whos kits they are.

Thunderkit is seen playing outside the nursery with a moss-ball, and Stormclaw tosses her one and she playfully swats at it, her little paw monuvering it around the camp, which brings delighted smiles to SummerClan. She is seen staring at Shiftkit when he gets to leave camp with Silentspark, she is a little jealous, but instantly shakes it off.

She is seen playing alone, bored. She then jumps onto her dad's fur and clings there when he is leaving for the battle patrol on WinterClan. She asks where he is going, and if she can come. He laughs, and puts her safely in the nursery, smiling. He says for her to be safe, and worry is seen flashing in his eyes, but she doesnt catch the seriousness in his voice. He walks away, and she stares at him, wide-eyed.

When the cats come back, broken and beaten, she is seen worried. She runs around and investigates every cat, worried for her adopted clanmates. Though, when her father is picked as deputy after thier defeat, she is very excited, and dances around.

Later, she is seen staring wide-eyed at Alpinefeather, who rudely insults Rowanstar and Stormclaw. She walks away, disgusted.

She walks up to Shiftkit one day, and asks him if he wants to play. He doesnt respond at first, and she walks to the apprentices den. He suddenly walks to her, and asks her if shes ok. She says yes, and notices shocks going through his body She shakes it off, thinking its normal, and goes on talking to him.

Later, she becomes an apprentice, Thunderpaw, and recieves Talonstrike as a mentor. She walks up to Shiftpaw and tells him that shes a bit jealous that he got Rowanstar as a mentor, but shes happy that she got her half sister as a mentor. She usually sits and tries to impress Shiftpaw, which usualy ends in her becoming disappointed.

Later, she becomes a warrior, Thunderstorm, and is happy. She meets with a tom, Foxwhisper, Foxpaw at the time. They become mates, and then she decides that it isn't best for her to meet up with a SpringClan cat so she breaks with him and they walk their seperate ways, her being pregnant with his kits.

She walks out of camp for a drink of water, when she thinks of Shiftkey. In her sadness, she thinks of losing Foxwhisper was well, and walks back to camp. She finds Shiftkey looking for her, and they talk for a bit, and then he mentions that he wants kits, and that Rowanstar was his hero in a way. Thunderstorm takes him out of camp and tells him she was pregnant, and if he can be their father. He agrees, and they purr together.


Mate -

Foxwhisper (Formerly)- Living

Father -

Stormclaw - Living

Mother -

Silverwave - Living

Brothers -

Stormfrost - Living
Oakkit - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Sister -

Rainingflame - Living

Aunts -

Rosa - Living
Lilly - Deceased; residence unknown
Cloudlove - Deceased; residence unknown

Uncles -

Batwing - Living
Dark - Deceased; residence unknown

Grandfather -

Jackpot - Deceased; residence unknown

Grandmother -

Shine - Deceased; residence unknown

Half-Sisters -

Talonstrike - Living
Twigstep - Living
Cloudsky - Living

Half-Brother -

Wolfpaw - Living

Love Interests



  • None


  • She is part SplashClan because her mother, Silverwave, is the SplashClan deputy.
  • She was once going to be a tom, but Stoem changed it because she felt this kit was better as a She-cat.
  • She has a major crush on Shiftkey
    • Although, she was mates once with Foxwhisper, but she still likes Shiftkey.
  • She'll have Foxwhisper's kits, but most will die after birth.









Thunderstorm: "You'll be a father someday, any time soon, a random she-cat will come walking to you and there, love and stuff,"
Shiftkey: "I hope that day comes soon, I want a family to lead, to have, Nobody likes me like that anyways."
Thunderstorm: "I wouldn't count on that,"
—Thunderstorm to Shiftkey SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 36


Thunderkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Rowanstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highrock for a Clan meeting!"
Narrator: "Clan gathers"
Rowanstar: "We have just lost Fallowheart."
Cedarpaw: "How did she die?"
Rowanstar: "I do not know, but alas, we must grow. "Shiftkit, Spicekit, Jewelkit, Nettlekit, Gentlekit and Thunderkit, step forward."
Thunderkit: "Steps forwards eagerly"
Rowanstar: "Do you six promise to believe and uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your given lives?"
Shiftkit: "I do, Rowanstar, I do"
Thunderkit: "I do too!"
Rowanstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I hail you all as apprentices. Spicekit, your mentor will be Loonface, Jewelkit, your mentor will be Nightglow, Nettlekit, your mentor will be Cloudsky, Gentlekit, your mentor will be Tigerclaw, Thunderkit, your mentor will be Talonstrike, and Shiftkit, your mentor will be me. "From this day forward, you shall be known as Shiftpaw, Spicepaw, Jewelpaw, Nettlepaw, Gentlepaw and Thunderpaw. Help make SummerClan stronger!"
SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 26

Thunderpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Rowanstar: ""May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highrock for a Clan meeting?"
Clan: "gathers"
Rowanstar: "Shiftpaw, Jewelpaw, Cedarpaw, Bluepaw, Spicepaw, Rainingpaw, Thunderpaw, Gentlepaw, step forward"
Thunderpaw: "steps forwards"
Rowanstar: ""Do you all promise to believe in and uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your lives?"
Thunderpaw and the rest of the apprentices: "I do!"
Rowanstar: "I give you your new names, Shiftkey, Gentlegaze, Jewelheart, Cedartail, Bluestone, Spiceflame, Rainingheart and Thunderstorm. StarClan honors your patience, and courageousness and welcomes you as full warriors of SummerClan"
SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 30




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