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Current StarClan
Past SummerClan
Given Kit: Tigerkit
Apprentice: Tigerpaw
Warrior: Tigerclaw
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a Badger
Debut SummerClan 19
Last Post Unknown
Father Longtail
Mother Sootflight
Sibling Nightglow
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Smokeheart
Apprentice Gentlegaze
Owner Stormeh

Tigerclaw is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.


He is ambitious, caring of his family, strong, powerful, and sometimes a little overpowering. He has leadership skills, and is a great problem solver.


He is born to Sootflight and Longtail of SummerClan.

He is seen playing with his littermate, Nightkit , and just being a normal kit. He creates mischief in the clan, and is the one who is caught. He gets forced into the nursery, but he comes back and runs outside camp again, only to be scolded by his mother.

He becomes Tigerpaw, and gets Smokeheart as a mentor.

He trains with him, and beats him with his amazing skills of battle. He is seen later taking food to the elders, and Rowanstar tells him he can go to the gathering.

He goes to the gathering, and watches all the fighting cats in awe. He doesn't join in, but just watches.

Later, he becomes a warrior, Tigerclaw, and sits his silent vigil.

He becomes a warrior at a terrible time, because SummerClan and WinterClan are preparing for a bad battle.

He later dies with Brambletail from a Badger. He now resides in StarClan.

Character Pixels

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Tigerkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Rowanstar: "Rowanstar jumped to the highrock "May all cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting!""
Narrator: "Cats joined together, Sootflight licked Tigerkit's ruffled fur on his head."
Rowanstar: ""Tigerkit, Nightkit, Talonkit, and Twigkit have reached 6 moons of age and now are able to become apprentices! Tigerkit, you shall be known as Tigerpaw, and your mentor shall be Smokeheart, Nightkit, you shall be known as Nightpaw, and your mentor shall be Brindlenose, Talonkit, you shall be known as Talonpaw, and your mantor shall be Duskjaw, Twigkit, you shall be known as Twigpaw, your mentor shall be Longstripe. Train hard!""
—Tigerpaw's Apprentice Ceremony SummerClan/Roleplay

Tigerpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Rowanstar: "May all cats old enough to catch thier own prey join beneath here for a clan meeting"
Narrator: "Cats gather silently, Smokeheart sticks his head high"
Rowanstar: "We have two apprentices who are worthy enough to becomes warriors. Tigerpaw, Nightpaw, step forwards"
Narrator: "steps forwards"
Rowanstar: "I, Rowanstar, leader of SummerClan, call opon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices, they have trained hard to know the noble code, and I give them thier names in return. Tigerpaw, Nightpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect it, even if it costst you your lives?"
Tigerpaw and Nightpaw: "I do"
Rowanstar: "Tigerpaw, from this moment forwards you shall be known as Tigerclaw, and Nightpaw, from this moment forwards you shall be known as Nightglow."
SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 24


Father - Longtail - Living

Mother - Sootflight - Living

Sister - Nightglow - Living

Uncles - Batwings - living, Gingerpaw - Unknown

Aunts - Brightpaw - Living, Tawnypaw - Living

Grandfathers - Cloudstorm - Living, Dusknose - Living

Grandmother- Branchheart - Living, Mistytail - Living

Great Uncles- Shadowpelt - Living, Brambletail - Living

Great Aunts - Poppyheart - Living, Songbreeze - Living, Whistlewind - Living

Great-Grandfathers- Swiftfoot - Living, Lionheart - Living

Great-Grandmothers- Rowanstar - Living, Luckshine - Living

Great-great Uncles and Aunts- Feathernose - Living, Cloudsong - Deseased; StarClan member, Ivyblaze - Deseased, Fallowheart - Deseased, Echo - Living

Great-Great Grandfathers- Rowancloud - Deseased; StarClan member, Airface - Deseased; suspected StarClan member, Swift - Living

Great-Great Grandmothers - Whistlewing - Deseased; StarClan member, Wingbreeze - Desased; suspected StarClan member, Sapphire - Living


  • He has ThunderClan blood, because his great-grandparents, Rowanstar and Swiftfoot, were born in ThunderClan.
  • He is based off of the character, Tigerstar, from the Warriors series, and his Warrior name will be Tigerclaw in honor of him.
  • Stoem completly forgot him, so she just killed him.

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