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Current AutumnClan
Past Loners & Rogues
Given Kittypet: Tiny
Loner: Tinykit
Apprentice: Tinypaw
Warrior: Tinyleaf
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut June 18, 2013
Father Unknown tom
Mother Willowsky (foster mother)
Sibling Sootwhisker (foster brother)
Mate Sootwhisker
Kits None

Tinykit is a tiny, pretty, fluffy, slim, delicate gray-and-white she-kit with semi-long, clean fur, a pink nose and paw pads, soft paws, pure white, sharp teeth, a gray tail with a white tip, long, slim legs, a long tail, a slender body, an atheletic build, and beautiful emerald-green eyes.



Tinykit is very small and quite a pretty kit. She has unusually soft paws with sharp claws. She has semi-long fur which helps her to live in chilly conditions. Tinykit has beautiful emerald colored eyes, and is usually complimented for this.


Physical Health

Tinykit is a very healthy kit. She is expected to live for a very long time.

Mental Health

Tinykit is a mentally healthy kit, although she sometimes worries about things that she doesn't need to. She can get upset if cats tease her about once being a kittypet.


Tinykit is very friendly, and is sometimes shy and quiet. She gets sad if cats think she doesn't belong in AutumnClan. She loves her foster mother, Willowsky, and is quite good "friends" with Sootkit. Tinykit is very intelligent and always tries to be positive. She is especially afraid of dogs.

Skills and Abilities

Tinykit is a good fighter. She is not very heavy and therefore cannot hold her oppenent down easily but is very fast and can confuse her enemy whilst swiping and biting them. Otherwise, she is gentle and, when cats are panicking, does a good job of calming them down.



Tinykit, though not mentioned by name, is found one frezing cold night in the woods by a AutumnClan patrol. She was only a few hours old and is slowly chilling to death. Willowsky, who is part of the patrol, is shocked and upset to find the she-kit. She insists that they care for the kit, but the patrol disagree, saying that it isn't their problem. Willowsky is outraged. She angrily reminds them of the warrior code, which says that no warrior must ever neglect a kit in danger. Eventually, the patrol give up arguing and take the kit back to camp.
There is a Clan meeting to decide whether the kit would be able to stay, and if Willowsky could foster her. The main argument is that Willowsky already has a kit, Sootkit, and may not have enough milk for both of them. Willowsky says that she does, and Mudstar decides to welcome the she-kit into the Clan. Mudstar decides to name to kit Tinykit for her size. However, some cats do not seem happy about a newcomer withkittypet blood.
Silentwhisper takes Tinykit to her den a licks her fur the wrong way round to warm her up. It works, and soon Tinykit is making faint, squeaking noises and wriggling. Willowsky thanks Silentwhisper and takes Tinykit to the nursery. She curls up around Tinykit and promises to take as good care of her as if Tinykit was her own kit.
Sootkit wakes up. He asks who Tinykit is, and why she smells like a kittypet. Willowsky tells him to be quiet, which appears to anger Sootkit. He tells Tinykit (who is asleep) that she would never be like a sister to him, and curls up without saying another word.
Tinykit opens her eyes for the first time. Willowsky comments that Flowerkit's eyes were the same color as hers and Sootkits. Sootkit is not impressed.
Tinykit is seen talking to Rainpaw, and is fascinated that Rainpaw, as a kit, survived being taken by a fox. She seems to like Rainpaw.
One day, Tinykit sees a deep pool of water in the nursery that must've leaked through the roof. Then, she sees Sootkit squirming, drowning in it. Tinykit acts quickly, and pulls Sootkit out by the scruff. Sootkit, stunned, thanks Tinykit, stating that she saved his life.
Tinykit sits watching Umbrastripe. She seems to be a little afraid of him for some reason. Umbrastripe doesn't seem to happy to see Tinykit either.


A kit, revealed to be Tinykit, is found by Willowsky under some snow on a cold day.







Foster Mother

Willowsky - Living

Foster Brother:

Sootwhisker - Living

Love Interests

Sootwhisker - Living


Sootwhisker - Living
Rainstream - Living


  • Tinykit's biological parents are unknown.
  • Tinykit's mentor will be Featherstream.
  • Tinykit does not know that Sootkit has a crush on her.
  • It is likely that she is unable to have kits because of a faulty gene in her blood.
  • Tinykit's warrior name will be Tinyleaf.




Sookit: "(gasps) You... you... saved my life!..."
Tinykit: "Uh, you're welcome!"
Sootkit: "Tinykit..."
Tinykit: "Huh?"
Sootkit: "Nothing. I'm just glad I've got you for my foster sister."
Loners & Rogues


Tinykit: "Okay. Goodnight, mother. Goodnight, Sootkit."
Sootkit: "Hmph."
Loners & Rogues


Life Image


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