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Placeholder cat
Current SpringClan
Given Warrior: Tornadostorm
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Debut Unknown
Father Ashfrost
Mother Spottedheart
Siblings Jadepaw, Lilypaw, Blazepaw, Sorrelpaw
Mate Leafstem (Formerly)
Kit Nutfall
Owner None

Tornadostorm is a light gray tom with light blue eyes, an exact copy of his father.


Tornadostorm is somewhat stubborn. He likes to practice with his littermates, and loves to fight.  He is strong and adventurous, but has a strong loyalty to SpringClan that will never be broken.  He doesn't accept Splatterpelt as his Brother in Law, and dislikes him slightly, and loves his sister deeply.


Tornadopaw is born to Spottedheart with his siblings, Lilykit, Jadekit, Blazekit, and Sorrelkit, in the forest just after his mother had killed an evil person by the name of Warmpelt and died after they were born.

He is not seen much after except for playing with his siblings after their apprentice ceremony along with Meadowpaw, Shatterpaw, and Splatterpaw.

Later on, Leafpaw is seen talking to him. He gets distracted by staring at pretty little Soaringkit. She later on walks away, and he becomes a warrior. Leafpaw is seen congratulating him.  They they become mates, and she has his only son, Nutkit.  She gets the warrior name Leafstem.

He is never seen again, and Leafstem is thought that he is either dead or a loner.  She then starts hanging out with Pearlspirit, having an affair with him.  Tornadostorm is seen walking in camp, asking where his mate is. Blizzardstar replies that she hasn't seen her.


Mother: Spottedheart - Deceased; Residence: StarClan

Father: Ashfrost - Living

Siblings: Jadepaw - Living, Lilypaw - Living, Blazepaw - Living, Sorrelpaw - Living

Grandmothers: Bridleflower - Deceased; Residence: StarClan, Sandheart (Ro) - Deaceased, Suspected StarClan member

Grandfathers: Fireblaze - Deaceased; Residence: StarClan, Talon - Living

Aunts: Firesky - Living, Jadewhisker - Deceased; reincarnated as Jadepaw

Uncle: Nightpelt - Living

Cousins: Thunderpaw - Living, Duskpaw - Living, Smokepaw - Living, Berrypaw - Living, Morningpaw - Living


<p style="text-align: center;">Tornadokit's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Froststar: "Let all cats old enough to catch their prey join here for a Clan meeting! Now, all kits, step forward. You all have reached the age of 6 moons, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect your clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Kits: "I do."
Froststar: "Then I make you apprentices. *later* Tornadokit, your shall be now known as Tornadopaw, your mentor Snowflower."

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  • Of the two cats in SpringClan with the prefix Snow-, he and his sister got the two of them, which rarely happens with siblings, usually the other Snow- prefix would go to a different kit of a different litter.
  • Basically what that ^ is saying is that both Lilyflower and Tornadostorm's mentors names were Snow___, which is rare, because if there is more than one Snow___ in a Clan, they are given apprentices from different litters.

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