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Trail of Falling Comet

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Trail of Falling Comet is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.


Trail of Falling Comet
Current Tribe of Stars that Shine
Cave Guard
Trail of Falling Comet
Trail of Falling Comet
Trail of Falling Comet
Age 24 Moons
Status Living
Debut Tribe of Stars that Shine II
Father Song of Passing Bird
Mother Rain that Hits the Earth
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Charlie

Trail of Falling Comet, or Trail, is a silver tabby-and-white they-cat with pale yellow eyes. They are the son of Song of Passing Bird and Rain that Hits the Earth, and they have no known siblings or half-siblings. Trail has no mate, and has not yet taken on a To-Be.



Trail is a sturdily built cat, all lean muscle and raw power. They are made even bulkier by the massive amounts of fur they're covered in, thanks to their Norwegian Forest Cat heritage. They make an imposing figure, towering over many (if not all) of their Tribemates. Their size makes them rather slow in battle, but they are such a tank it hardly matters. They pack enough brute force to bring down even the toughest of cats, and all of their thick fur make it hard to land a solid blow. Even so, their lack of agility gives quicker, smaller cats an advantage, as they can dance around Trail's blows.= with some amount of ease. Their paws are enormous, and are good for both traversing rough terrain and for beating the snot out of the Tribe's enemies.

Much of Trail's coat is a lovely silver mackerel tabby, with elegant dark stripes across their back and legs. This pattern is broken up by patches of snow-white, mostly centralized across their chest and stomach, as well as on their hind legs. The stripes that coat their body are lighter across the back and face, and are a dark grey color that goes nicely with their silver base coat. They grow darker across their front legs, where they are nearly a black color, and create brilliant contrast with the rest. They are a rather handsome cat, with their angular face and well-built body. However, it is often underplayed thanks to Trail's fur's tendency to stick out everywhere. It really is quite silly.


Trail of Falling Comet has been described as a motherly sort of cat, the kind of soul who is always trying to look after others, no matter how overbearing they might come off as. They have a soft spot for younger cats, especially kits, but they will most definitely hover over just about anyone, trying to give advice and comfort and whatever else may be needed. It comes off as surprising to many that Trail works as a cave-guard, often seen as a rough-and-tumble job. However, they are not opposed to violence so long as it is in the name of their Tribe and/or their tribemates. Loyal to a fault, Trail will protect those they love with all of their strength, and even with their life.



Trail of Falling Comet did not appear formally in this stage of life.


Trail of Falling Comet did not appear formally in this stage of life.


Trail notices Stray Ember from Wildfire having a sort of panic attack, and goes up to try and comfort him by volunteering to groom his fur. Ember allows this, and the two start at bit of small talk.

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