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Placeholder cat
Current SummerClan
Age 22 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Badgernose
Mother Auburnberry
Siblings Ragwortpaw, Zira (half), Ferahgo (half) Badrang (half), Sharppaw (adopted)
Mate Vixenlight
Kits None
Mentors Tansyspring, Eaglefrost (unofficially, formerlly), Shadeleap (unofficially)
Owner Meerkat
Trouttail is a black and white tom with a long tail. He is a warrior of SummerClan, being the son of Badgernose and Auburnberry, the brother of Ragwortpaw, the adopted brother of Sharppaw and the half brother of Zira, Ferahgo and Badrang. He has recently become the mate of Vixenlight.

As a kit, Trouttail was a fun loving, confident kit, something which he carried on until late apprenticeship. After his sister's and adopted brother's deaths by a fire, Trouttail has grown bitter and vengeful. After his personality change, he eventually began to train in the Dark Forest, with Eaglefrost as his first mentor and Shadeleap as his second.



Trouttail is a large cat, larger than his mother and nearly the same size as his father and also has a few simularities to him. Just like his father, Trouttail's black and white pelt is short, which doesn't give him much troubles while cleaning and grooming and also has his father's green eyes. However, Trouttail's claws aren't as long as his father's, although they're sharper and don't give him much trouble sheathing and unsheathing them. Also, as his suffix suggests, Trouttail's tail is quite long, something which was probably inherited from his mother. After a recent training session in the dark forest, Trouttail has a long scar across the bridge of his muzzle.


With a healthy metabolism and eating habits, Trouttail is physically healthy. While he can sometimes get his tail entwined in things, he often doesn't get too many injuries on his tail. However, like all cats, he sometimes gets infections and illnesses.

Trouttail's mental health isn't as clean as his physical health. Since the death of his sister, Trouttail has begun to have rather violent thoughts and a more irritable disposition.


As a kit, Trouttail was typical for his age; mischivous, fun loving and with a desire to become a warrior. However, Troutkit was also rather care-free, which often led to arguements with his mother. Despite that, Troutkit had a very special bond with his sister Ragwortkit and while he would bring out Ragwortkit's tougher side, Ragwortkit helped Troutkit discover his softer, milder side, a side which he didn't show often.

His personality took a sharp turn after the deaths of his sister and best friend after a fire. Since the accident and his training in the dark forest, Trouttail has seemingly got rid of the softer side of him and the rest of his old personality. Now a rather irritable, fierce tom who can become quite violent if a cat gets him too angry, Trouttail often places the blame of their deaths on his father, who was once his idol.

Trouttail has also become somewhat of a womanizer, often trying to get the attention of the cats he feels attracted to, although he often tries to deny this. Some of Trouttail's charm he had as a kit has slowly come back because of this, although it is half of what it used to be.

Skills and abilities

With his long tail and sharp claws, Trouttail's most notable set of skills are his balance, figthing and hunting skills. His fighting skills are particually noteworthy, able to overpower a cat with quite a bit of ease, even if the cat outsizes him, although it does take a bit more of a struggle. His sense of balance also makes him a relatively competent tree climber, although he rarely climbs them due to rather being on the ground.

Trouttail's argumentive skills are also quite good, not giving up when a disagreement comes up between him and another cat. However, he doesn't keep an arguement without attacking the cat if he feels like he wants to.

Trouttail is a poor swimmer and doesn't work on this skill very often. While his fear of fire occasionally wants him to learn to swim, he knows that this is not exactly necessary when he is in SummerClan.



Troutkit is born to Auburnberry and Badgernose, his sister being Ragwortkit. He is seen sleeping with his sister near his mother's belly. He is mentioned to be slightly bigger than his sister. He is later seen with his sister, both who are working on their walking skills. More coming soon

Troutkit is seen, nearly ready to become an apprentice. He is seen when Sharpkit eyes him and leaps onto him. Troutkit tries, but fails to shake the younger kit off him, which makes both of them laugh, then laugh even harder when Troutkit's sister Ragwortkit jumps onto them.She states that snow is around, making Troutkit eager to lead them out, Sharpkit following and Ragwortkit at the rear. Troutkit is then seen playing with Sharpkit again, Ragwortkit watching on. More coming soon


Troutkit becomes an apprentice, with the name of Troutpaw and his mentor being Tansyspring, much to his joy. More coming soon.


Troutpaw later becomes a warrior, with the name of Trouttail. Coming soon



Badgernose: Living


Auburnberry: Deceased, StarClan resident


Ragwortpaw- Deceased, StarClan resident

Adopted brother

Sharppaw- Deceased, StarClan resident

Half sister

Zira: Living

Half brothers

Ferahgo: Deceased, residence unknown

Badrang: Deceased, residence unknown

Half nephews

Shamrock- Living

Hagor- Living




"He's hardly the dad he was when I was a kit. I've grown less social sure, but he's changed so much, he's like a different cat now. I idolised him, but now, I can't even look him in the eye and think that it's his fault Ragwortpaw died. It's just so confusing." 

Trouttail's view on his father has changed dramatically from his view on him as a kit. While he once idolised Badgernose and always loved him coming to the nursery and continued to be close during the majority of his apprenticeship, Trouttail now blames him for the death of Ragwortpaw, much to Badgernose's anger and sadness. While Trouttail has become less social, he thinks that Badgernose has changed so much and can hardly look his father in the eyes now and their father-son relationship has wavered to nearly beyond repair. The bond became practically non-existent when they began fighting over Tansyspring and Badgernose has completely disowned him as his own son. Trouttail doesn't mind that Badgernose no longer considers him his son and he treats him as an enemy.


"My Mother and I weren't as close as Ragwortpaw and Mother. I hated her guts honestly and I hate to admit it, but I'm glad she died. I want her to rot in the dark forest so bad, just the thought is making me smile." 

Trouttail and Auburnberry's bond was rather shakey, less developed than Ragwortpaw's realtionship with her. Trouttail would often get into arguements with his mother as a kit, mostly due to his adventurous streak. While Auburnberry would often apologise, Trouttail never seemed to care and the bond remained broken, even up to Auburnberry's death. Trouttail is honestly glad that his mother is dead, hoping that she has rotted away in the dark forest.However, when he realised that she went to StarClan, he wasn't too upset, as he knows that she probably won't be in his dreams any time soon.


"Oh, my sister! I miss her so much! I still think that she will come through that entrance of the warriors den, with her nest next to mine and Sharppaw's near it. It sucks that she never will come into the warriors den. I want her back so bad."

Trouttail was incredibly close to his sister, both as kits and apprentices. They would often spend time together, although Trouttail was more confident and energetic, while Ragwortpaw was more reserved and shy. Trouttail would also tease her about the crush she had on Sharppaw, which she often denied. However, the two never had any serious arguments and the disputes they did have never hindered their relationship. Trouttail was devestated when Ragwortpaw died and this event triggered his downward spiral. Trouttail has been unable to find a proper way to get rid of his grief of losing her and often wishes that she was still alive. Trouttail sometimes even pretends that Ragwortpaw is alive, thinking about her as a warrior. 



"This cat is interesting. I haven't met many cats like him, actually, I've never met a cat like him. Loving his family one minute and trying to kill them the next. He's not a bad dark forest mentor, but I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of him."

Coming soon


"I thought Eaglefrost was bad, but Shadeleap's just down right evil! But he's such a more charismatic cat than Eaglefrost and he's much tougher to beat in a fight. I'm glad to have a batter mentor."

Coming soon


Coming soon


"He's such an angry kit, but not vengeful. I don't know why he has anger issues, but he's actually impressive. i definately want to see more of him."

While he hasn't known the kit for long, Trouttail is quietly impressed with Turnstonekit's anger and potential. Trouttail often doesn't show that he has developed a liking for Turnstonekit, allthough he hopes that the grey and white tom will respect him more than he respects the kit.



See Love interests


Coming soon

Love interests


"Alright! She was a cat I loved that way and I still do love her that way, but it never would have worked. She's still in love with my father and I love her daughter, but I will always have something for her and I will never get over her."

Trouttail firmly denied being in love with his former mentor, although as he matured, he realised that there may be something more than friendship, although he wasn't sure if it was. Eventually, Trouttail realised that he did love her, although she still retained feelings for his father. While he is now mates with Vixenlight, Trouttail hasn't got over his feelings for Tansyspring and doesn't think he will.


Coming soon


Coming soon



Coming soon


  • Meerkat was originally going to kill Trouttail in the fire that killed his sister and best friend, although she changed her mind because she wanted to know how he would deal with his sister's death.
  • Trouttail will always continue to have feelings for Tansyspring and he will shortly break up with Vixenlight over their differences.
  • Trouttail has pyrophobia, which is the fear of fire, after his sister's and best friend's deaths.



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