During a very interesting topic of drawing I thought of this contest. You must draw some sort of picture real or imagiary. The drawing must be done by hand. It can be a picture of anything like your favorite anime character or a flower you though was very pretty. The picture could also be from years past. Also you could team up with other wiki members and make a colage or something. 


I, Kitty, will be a judge.

Snow will be a judge. 


Rain will be a judge.

Due Dates:

You must enter the contest by January 4, 2013.

You Must submit your art by January 22, 2013.

These dates may be changed.


First Place Prize: A drawing of your choice (depending on difficulty) and a charat.

Second Place Prize: Either a drawing of choice (depending on difficulty) or a charat.

Third Place Prize: I'll do a small drawing or something.

These prizes may be changed.


The rules are simple: 

Don't cheat! 

No Stealing! If anyone did steal your drawing, just tell me or any other judge.

No traceing if you drawing a picture of another picture. 

If you do like a group picture don't forget to give credit to anyone.

If you arn't able to enter, please tell me so I don't have to eliminate you for not posting a submission.

Where to Post Your Entery

You may ask, "Oh now I have this amazing entery for Kitty's contest and I will totally win because I am awesome. But where do I post my drawing to win first place?" Well first of all you might be a total fail at drawing so dont get your hopes up. I will have a second gallery for the enterees to post their drawings. Right under my gallery. Just put the title and any other information in the discription thing. If You cant edit it give it to me in my talk page, chat, or in the comments and i will add it. 


Submission Gallery

Theres one thing in it! 8C Please fill it up with your beautiful enterys. 

Please make a title for you work of art and tell us what it is (if possible) 

Good Luck To You All!! Check back in for updates and example.

                                                                                          Derp wuz heer~ I mean Kitty~ 21:39, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

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