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ooo a fresh talk page lemme start it off for u. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 15:31 Sun Nov 9

about what, im serious about lots of stuff u know. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 18:31 Sun Nov 9

i dont wanna bang countries, anyway im not into hetalia that much anymore. im more into other things like south park, corpse party, and black cat. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 18:35 Sun Nov 9

stop being stupid. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 18:37 Sun Nov 9

what fact, i dont see a fact. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 18:42 Sun Nov 9

watch south park and youll get it. (chica as your avvie is scary). ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 22:09 Mon Nov 17

is it that you dont wanna watch it or you cant watch it c: its quite funny. no toy chica was scary as fuck. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 01:06 Tue Nov 18

eh its not for everybody

they are scary like wtf. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 01:23 Tue Nov 18

crys i know where death the kid is a gay fish came from now, south park! it all makes sense now! i love it even more now. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 02:12 Wed Nov 19

you no longer like soul eater, for shame. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 03:44 Wed Nov 19


Hiya~ I missed you! and I miss the wiki. But no one's on chat *le sigh* also, I felt very nostalgic and sad because you are nice and we haven't talked... message me sometime? I'll be on chat more often nowadays. My tumblr is btw.

That Raven-Obsessed Person 21:20, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

will you make Starlightpaw's StarClan pixel image?Patch

Yeah, I often hate the new updates...

k now back to ignoring. :PSilverstar Goat Simulator fTW 20:46, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

hello. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 21:13 Thu Dec 4

kay, im sorry. ~~ その Put on your War Paint! 02:15 Fri Dec 5


omg. i didn't think that would happen but omfg I love the fact that it did. a+ thank u for making me giggle —ferk pete wentz! get the stretch! 15:08, 12/9/2014


it's been so long since i saw your message :0 sorry. anyways... i was gonna come back to this wiki but idk?? i'd be here for my friends but i feel SO disconnected with the whole plot of everything rn. That Raven-Obsessed Person 15:29, January 14, 2015 (UTC)

Its Foxpaw now. Patch (talk) 18:27, January 21, 2015 (UTC)

Apprentice Blanks

Yooo could we maybe use the ones that I made on WCRP wiki on here? They'd be modified for fur and an anatomy tweak but I realy like them and you don't seem to be working on the ones you have up? Would that be ok or do u wanna continue working on the ones you have up there —ferk pete wentz! get the stretch! 16:26, 01/31/2015

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