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Viperflower is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Viperflower is currently inactive and is available at the Adoption page.

Current SummerClan
Past SpringClan
Given Kit:Viperkit
Apprentice: Viperpaw
Warrior: Viperflower
Age Approx. 70 moons (5.83 years)
Status Living
Debut SpringClan/Archive IX
Father Leopardfang
Mother Lunarflower
Siblings Huntingshadow, Songwillow, Doveheart
Mate Enigmamist
Kits None
Mentor Wingheart
Apprentice Patchpaw
Owner None

Viperflower is a muscular, thickset smoke tabby tom with blind blue eyes. Formerly of SpringClan, he began to doubt his loyalty and instead moved to SummerClan.



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He is born to Lunarflower and Leopardfang in SpringClan with his siblings Huntingkit, Songkit, Dovekit. He sees Lostkit and Cheetahkit playing, and says he'll be Viperstar of ViperClan, if they'll let him play. Cheetahkit tells him of course and tackles him. He jumps on Cheetakit's back, despite not being able to see him, and bats at his head. He squeaks and nips his tail.
When he plays with his sister, Dovekit, and one of his best friends, Tealkit, he hears a cry for help from the forest with his excellent hearing. He, Tealkit, and Dovekit sneak out of camp to find out what called out. He leads to other two kits through the forest, when Tealkit finds a "box". He asks Tealkit what it looks like, and she tells him there's something inside it.
He asks Dovekit how to open it, and she suggests a stick. Tealkit gets a stick and opens the door. When a kit falls out, Viperkit tells Tealkit it's not an it, purring. He asks the kit what it's name was, and the replies Sparks. The three kits take him back to camp when he asks to join.
When Froststar announces Sparks is joining and names Sparkskit, Freezekit protests, stating a kittypet shouldn't be in the Clan. Viperkit asks why it matters, and Freezekit tells him he should see how weak and wimpy he is. This makes Viperkit upset, and he tells Freezekit he doesn't need to see him, that it's what's on the inside that counts. He growls and pads over to Enigmakit and asks her to play.
She agrees, but in a riddle, confusing Viperkit. He pokes her nose to provoke her. His best friend, Cheetahkit, walks up to him and Enigmakit asks if he can join them. Viperkit tells him he can. He asks Cheetahkit if he had seen Tealkit lately, before bowling him over, and cuffing Enigmakit on the ear. He tell them it's not easy being blind, stating despite the fact he makes it looks easy.


He later becomes an apprentice with his mentor being Wingheart. He leaves with Wingheart, telling Cheetahkit it would be his turn soon. He bumps into a log due to his blindness, and hisses in annoyance and pain. Wingheart asks him if he's okay and he nods. Wingheart lets him hunt on his own. He hears a rustling,a nd turns around, his ears pricked. He sniffs the air, and realizes it's just Cheetahpaw.
He purrs and calls his name. Cheetahpaw bounds up and purrs. Viperpaw smiles, stating happily Froststar had made him an apprentice. Cheetahpaw smiles and tells him yes, purring Spiritheart was his mentor. He sees Cheetahpaw asleep in the elder's den and asks if he's okay.
He pads up to Tealpaw and greets her. She responds with a smile, and is glad he can't see her blush. He flashes her a seductive half-smile, and asks what she's up to. She tells him she isn't up to anything and asks if he wants to go on a walk. He agrees.
He goes to the Gathering. When Brackenpaw commits suicide, he is informed by his mother, Lunarflower. He hisses, and asks why StarClan didn't help him, stating his friend might still be alive.
He trains with Wingheart, practicing interceptions and avoiding attacks.


He and his siblings become warriors, earning the names Viperflower, Huntingshadow, Doveheart, Songwillow, and Enigmamist. He shoves Cheetahpaw and playfully pins him when the ginger tom mentions the irony in his new name. He looks for Tealpaw, calling for her.
He receives his first apprentice, Patchpaw. He is worried about training an apprentice since he's blind. He looks for Patchpaw, following his scent trail. He tells him to come down from a tree, since he can't climb himself. Patchpaw asks if they have to train right then, and the black tabby tells him no. Enigmamist asks if she can speak to him when he has the time. Viperflower says he's free at the moment, and the two go talk. She asks him to be her mate, and he agrees, nuzzling her.
He suggests that Enigmamist train Applepaw, but Enigmamist staes she can't, informing him that she is pregnant. He is happy and scared at the same time, thinking he might be unfit to be a father due to his blindness. Enigmamist purrs and nuzzles him and he licks her face. He tackles Cheetahspirit and tells his best friend the news. The ginger tom congratulates the couple.
He sees Cricketstar and Stealthpaw on the border. He greets them, calling Cricketstar by his warrior name, Cricketheart. Cricketstar corrects him, stating Rowanstar had passed as well as Stormclaw. Viperflower becomes sad at the news, but wishes Strongstar luck. Viperflower tells Cricketstar he would inform his Clan of Rowanstar and Stormclaw's deaths, earning a thanks from the SummerClan leader. He is introduced to Stealthpaw, and the cats part ways.
He recognizes Mintkit's scent and greets the gray tabby she-kit happily, calling her sweetheart. Horizonkit jumps in and tells him not to call her sister sweetheart before dragging the other kit away by the tail.


  • His suffix, flower derives from his gentle nature and desire to father kits.


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