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Current StarClan
Past WinterClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by badger
Debut CS
Last Post WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 41
Father Azurestar
Mother Reedstar
Siblings Hiddenshadow, Applewhisker, Crowfoot, Guppyfin, Petalkit
Mates Poolstar (Formerly), Juniperclaw
Kits Seedfur, Orcacry, Rollingstone, Dolphinwave
Owner Crys

Visionblur is a muscular, black-based tabby tom with green eyes. He has a bright red nose and long, white whiskers. The son of Azurestar and Reedstar and the sibling of Hiddenshadow, Applewhisker, Crowfoot, Guppyfin, and Petalkit, Visionblur tries to hide his pride of the family line and replaces it with a wall of loyalty to hide his sadistic, egotistic nature. His mate is Juniperclaw, and his former mate is Poolstar. His kits are Dolphinwave, Seedfur, Orcacry, and Rollingstone.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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On the outside, Visionblur loyal, and protects his family and their secrets. He'd risk his life for his clan, even if its not worth it. He is quite cocky, and stands up to many challenges. He doesn't speak his thoughts, though, but it is quickly covered by his protective nature, He loves to hang out with his brother, Hiddenshadow, and share secrets with him. However, on the inside, he is a much more different cat, with a wavering loyalty that may let him down sooner or later.
He really quite arrogant and a selfish cat, and those that are extremely close to him know it. Visionblur is also cowardly, but hates this feature, and tries to swallow down his fear every time. He is also sadistic, but all the thoughts he say in his mind, he doesn't say out loud. He is pretty impulsive, and doesn't think before taking an action, like how he fell in love with Poolstar when Tanzanitepaw liked him. He is still very cocky and protective- maybe even overprotective. He is also still very close to Hiddenshadow.
Visionblur always tries to protect his family, even if the whole forest was at risk. He would kill himself for the smallest problem for his family, and is quite vulnerable if his family was in danger. He would even protect them if they were against him. Despite his loyalty to his relatives, he is quite prideful and takes large pride in his mother and father, who were and are both leaders.
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Skills and Abilities

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Visionkit is born to Reedstar and Azuregaze, along with his siblings Crowkit, Applekit, Guppykit, Hiddenkit, and Petalkit, who is a stillborn.


Visionkit is a very minor character, and never role-played, but later on, the kit becomes an apprentice of Glasspool. He then becomes a little more major, joining in on patrols, battle training with his mentor, and hunting with his brother. He also shows a little affection to Juniperkit, who runs away after Hiddenpaw tries to help her.
Visionpaw is seen with Hiddenpaw, his brother and his best friend. Later, he sets out with his siblings to find Applepaw, who left to become a kittypet. He smiles at Juniperpaw, developing a crush on the shy she-cat and twin of Iolitepaw. After this, he starts playing and hunting with Juniperpaw, who shows that she likes him back.


Later, he joins the Dark Forest, not liking it.  He sees Juniperpaw, and walks over to her.  The two train together, growing closer. He later rescues Poolstar from drowning.  The two fall in love, and Visionblur starts visiting her for a while, until she reveals the news that she was expecting kits. He then leaves her, and stops visiting her, and returns to a very unhappy Juniperpaw.
Soon, the battle comes, and Visoinblurr fights by Juniperclaw, who became a warrior, during the war between SummerClan and WinterClan, which was expected for a long time. After the great battle, Visionblur then asks her to be his mate, and she happily replies yes.  She later tells him she's expecting his kits, and when Visionblur hears the news, he's pleased. He then starts taking care of her, making sure that she had enough prey and that her kit was going to be healthy.
The two mates gives birth to one kit: Seedkit. However, he tended to ignore his daughter and mate after she was born, leaving the two to be very melancholy. He visits SplashClan to see Poolstar and her kits, and when the family meets, his son Dolphinpaw is threatened, while Orcapaw is uncertain about her father. Sensing that they weren't very pleased to see him, Visionblur says goodbye to his former mate and returns to WinterClan, and continues ignoring his kit and mate there.


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Reedstar ~ Deceased, Residence StarClan


Azurestar ~ Living


Hiddenshadow ~ Living
Crowfoot ~ Living


Petalkit ~ Deceased, residence StarClan
Applewhisker ~ Living
Guppystar ~ Living


Poolstar ~ Deceased, residence StarClan
Juniperclaw ~ Living


Seedfur ~ Deceased, suspected StarClan
Orcacry ~ Living


Rollingstone ~ Living
Dolphinwave ~ Living


Risingfeather ~ Deceased; Confirmed Dark Forest member


Marshshade ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Guppysplash ~ Living
Moonsight ~ Living


Fadeshadow ~ Living
Bluekit ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Sorrelstep ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member


Aspenflower ~ Living
Willowkit ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Lightningstorm ~ Living
Leopardkit ~ Deceased, Confirmed StarClan member
Regretkit ~ Living
Beakkit ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Briarshine ~ Living
Pebblesong ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Shadestripe ~ Living
Stormwhisker ~ Living
Mottlenose ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Yellowbird ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Thornkit ~ Deceased; Confirmed StarClan member
Foxtail ~ Living


Love Interests

Juniperclaw -
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Poolstar -
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Moonfeather -
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Hiddenshadow -
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Life Image


Character Pixels

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