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Current The Storm Fronts
Past Kittypets, Loners & Rogues
Age Approx. 25 moons at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Rockfall
Debut The Storm Fronts/Roleplay/Archive I
Last Post CS
Father Dash
Mother Merida
Siblings Peach, Dallas, Venia
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Crys

Volkner is a sleek, brown, distinctive tabby tom with a lighter muzzle and amber eyes. He is a former member of The Storm Fronts, and his siblings are DallasPeach and Venia. His parents are Dash and Merida. He died from a rock slide. He was known for being quite an independent and a calm tom.



Volkner is a mackerel tabby tom. He has short, dark brown fur, and dark tabby stripes, highly defined at the legs. On his head, an "M" shaped stripe marks his forehead. He has creamy markings around his eyes, and a creamy tabby chest. There are lighter shades of brown on the underbelly. His nose-pink is a striking red, and his eyes are a round hazel.
His head is shaped sharply and stoutly, and his body is slim but strong. He has thin, long legs, and a long tail. His ears are somewhat large and triangular, with slightly rounded tips. His paws are small with unusually long claws that are curved neatly. His teeth are small but very sharp. Volkner's fur is too long to pass as "short", and too short to pass as "long". The fur is light and sleek, and very glossy due to the amount of care he takes in the fur whenever he has nothing to do.


Physical Health

Although Volkner frequently exercises to keep himself fit and healthy, he has a weak immune system, and gets sick very easily. He always runs and works himself until he tires out to keep himself healthy, and always sleep early to continue keeping himself healthy. He's usually scolded by the other members of the group for the long stretch of the time that he sleeps.

Mental Health

Volkner is not the most mentally stable cat around, as he is absolutely terrified of anything that relates to ice or anything cold due to an incident in the past. He is also slightly afraid to get sick and never get better, especially with his weak immune system. Because of the scars from the past, he frequently gets alternate nightmares of the event. He also has a few habits that make him kick whatever white pebble is in front of him and pick up a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile. Apart from those phobias, habits, and his frequent nightmares, he is very intelligent tom compared to the other members of The Storm Fronts, apart from the leader.


He doesn't care for the social life, and will do anything to keep out of trouble. Volkner isn't the loudest cat in the clan, nor is he absolutely silent. He usually wants to speak up but doesn't know how to put his thoughts into words for the cats around him to understand. He can be very snarky and very sarcastic to the cats around him whenever he talks, which gives him the anti-social jibe. 
He can be rather quirky at times, and sometimes very clumsy, but he usually tries to keep himself straight-forward and neat. He is usually very laid-back and calm, but never likes to "go with the flow".  He has a rebellious streak to his personality, and won't hesitate to go against the leader for his own sake. Volkner is usually eager to do the opposite of what cats tell him to do and very independent, believing that he should have his own say in what he should do in his own life.  
Volkner doesn't make the best choices at times, and he can an unwise choice for a cat to befriend, but at heart, he is a loyal tom with masks around to hide himself for who he actually is. When boredom overwhelms him, he becomes lazy and ignorant, but he's determined to do something exciting. 
Coming Soon

Skills and Abilities

Volkner is very skilled at hunting and fighting, but fares poorly on climbing. He can't climb to save his life, and always falls back whenever he goes about six feet up a tree. He is an average swimmer, while being fast but always having to take breaths. He is also very fast when running.



Volkner had a very conflicting past. He was born to Dash and Merida, along with his siblings Peach, Dallas, and Venia, but they separated after the death of Merida. He had no training skills at all, so he wandered around for a while. Then, a twoleg took him in and despite his resistance, he was forced to stay in the twoleg nest for a whole moon. 
When the twoleg had opened the door during leaf-fall, Volkner escaped and ran away from the twolegs. He tried to teach himself to hunt and fight alone, but he couldn't learn without the help of a rogue. He learned how to fight and hunt with the rogue, but during that time, he had gotten badly hurt from the training, mentally and physically. He left the loner and tried to live for himself without confronting any other cats. 
During leaf-bare, he was dying from hunger, and forced himself to take prey from a group of rogues. He was caught by a cat, and went on the run. He ate the prey to keep himself alive and moving, but lost the head start in process. The rogues caught him, and he was kicked around for a while before he escaped. He then ran out into the snow, but tripped and fell into an icy hollow that threatened to freeze him to death. Volkner then fainted from all the commotion, and was taken in by The Storm Fronts after a while.


Volkner has his usual nightmare where he is chased by the rogues from the past. He wakes up, shocked by the nightmare. He then starts licking his paw. Volkner gets over the nightmare and goes out to hunt. 
Outside the camp, Volkner reminds himself that it was just a dream, and that wasn't how it really happened, anyways. He tries to shove the thought of the past out of his mind, but it keeps coming back. He then looks up at a tree, and is unable to catch it due to his poor climbing skills. He looks for some more prey on the ground, and then catches a mouse. He finds another mouse and catches it. With the two fresh-kill, he returns to the camp.
Volkner drops the mice onto the fresh-kill pile and picks up a rabbit. After looking around, he eats the rabbit, then stretches. He licks his paw again, and then leaves the camp to go out onto the territory beyond The Storm Fronts camp. He finds the SplashClan border, and paces between it, commenting to himself about the clan and how The Storm Fronts was better than it. 
Spirit, another Member of his group, follows Volkner to the border. She then attempts to catch a mouse near by, and fails horribly. Volkner laughs at her poor hunting and asks if she was out of practice and why she had followed him to the border. Spirit retorts that she could do whatever she wanted, and that if he wanted to be alone, he had to go somewhere else. She then rudely comments about the fish that SplashClan cats ate. Volkner replies by asking if she was still a kittypet. He then adds that SplashClan cats loved fish for some unknown reason. Spirit, angry, argues that she is not and will never be a kittypet. She then realizes that she was being over-defensive, and calms down, continuing the conversation about "slimy fish". 
Volkner senses that Spirit does not like water, and asks if she didn't like getting wet. He then adds that getting wet was what all wild cats were used too, mostly because of the rain. Spirit replies that she could get wet if she wanted to, and that she could jump into the lake any time. She dips her paw in the lake, and retreats, saying that it was too cold. Volkner snorts and jumps into the lake. He tells Spirit that it wasn't cold, and that she had to be stronger. The now provoked Spirit jumps into the lake, and starts drowning. Volkner watches the she-cat flail in the water before dragging himself out and back into the territory.
As Volkner returns to the camp, he finds a mouse, and catches it. He brings the mouse back to the camp, and drops it onto the fresh-kill pile. He picks out a thin rabbit due to his habit and settles down. He spots a white pebble and kicks it- another one of his habits. Returning to the den, he forces himself to finish the stringy and falls asleep. As the Member sleeps, he finds himself back into his usual nightmare, and wakes up from it. He notes that it was still dark out with the moon still climbing in the sky, and leaves the den, making sure to not wake anyone up. He finds a mouse out in the forest and catches it. He returns to the camp and drops the mouse onto the fresh-kill pile, and then sits back down on his nest. He then falls asleep.
He is usually seen hunting or training. After a few days, he wakes up in the middle of the night, and realizes he hasn't been helping the group. He leaves the camp, determined to catch some prey for The Storm Fronts, and when he finds a mouse, a badger comes up to him and charges, making him release the mouse. He runs away blindly into the forest, and crashes into a rocky wall. Trapped and oblivious to the rocks that were tumbling down, the last thing he saw was the moon before the rocks crushed him, killing him instantly.


Life Image


Character Pixels

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Daxter; deceased, residence unknown


Merida; deceased, residence unknown


Dash; living


Leah; deceased, residence unknown


Peach; deceased, residence unknown
Venia; living


Dallas; living

Foster Niece(s):

Misty; living


Addertail - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Earthspirit - Living
Bakura - Deceased; Residence Unknown
Yami - Living
Seto - Living
Sunsetfall - Living
Rumble - Unborn
Danny; deceased, residence StarClan
Paul; living
Tony; living


Frogstep - Living
Brightwish - Living
Wavesplash - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Windsky - Living
Lee - Living
Grace - Living
Darkstorm - Deceased; Residence StarClan
Morgan - Unborn
Stoatpelt - Living
Mottledfur - Living
Gingernose - Living
Alexia; living
Geckonose; living


  • He has Cryophobia, which means "fear of cold, frost, and ice".
  • He also has slight Pathophobia, which means "fear of illness or disease".
  • Whenever he sees a white pebble, he always kicks it, no matter how big or how heavy.
  • He also almost always chooses a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile.
  • Volkner is loosely based off Crys in a few ways. Like Crys, he always has an urge to kick a certain item whenever he sees it.

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