Warmpelt is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Dark Forest
Past SpringClan, Kittypet
Given Kit: Warmkit

Kittypet: Soil

Apprentice: Warmpaw

Warrior: Warmpelt

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Spottedheart
Debut Warmpelt's Story
Last Post Unknown
Father Bird
Mother Shade
Sibling Gingerpaw
Mate none
Kits none
Mentor Snowflower
Owner whiskers

Warmpelt is an apprentice-sized brown tom with yellow-brown eyes.


He is jealous of every cat who has a mate, and feels lonely because no cat will be his mate. He has a bad temper, and blames everyone else for his mistakes. When he gets frustrated, he uses claws instead of words to solve the problem, but kept this a secret from most of his clanmates for a long time.


In the roleplay, he comes in as a warrior, but in Warmpelt's Story, it gives you a background of his kit and apprentice ages.

Warmpelt was born to a former rogue, Goldshade, and was smaller than his brother, Gingerkit. His mother thought he was good for nothing and cast him aside, refusing to let him play with his brother, feed, or even sleep in the same nest. She never even named him, so every cat just called him 'Runt', except for his brother, who despised him even more than his mother, and called him 'Rodent'.

Bluefeather, the young, new medicine cat, took pity on the kit and adopted him as her own. However, Shade said that in the rogue world, if there were a kit as useless as him, they would toss him in a kittypet yard and that was the end of it. She snuck him away from Bluefeather in the night and gave him to tTwolegs, and the leader banished her for doing so, along with her mate, Dirtbird. They revert to their original rogue names - Bird and Shade, and Goldshade warns Bluefeather that she would regret rescuing him. She adds that when he ruined the Clan, she would not be around to say that she told her so.

Warmpelt, at that time renamed Soil by his twolegs, befriends Nikos, another kittypet, and told him the story. After awhile Bluefeather found him and took him home, renaming him Warmkit. While he was an apprentice, a patrol consisting of Snowflower, Spottedheart, Sandstone, Gingerpaw, and Warmpaw was attacked by badgers. they all climbed up trees, but Gingerpaw refused to let his brother climb up his tree, which was the only one he could use. Warmpaw got up Gingerpaw's tree, an in a fit of rage, pushed his brother out of the tree, and Gingerpaw was killed by badgers. This makes Warmpaw realize he could take out his anger through murders.

Snowshine kitted while Warmpaw was an apprentice, and had Frostkit. Shellkit and Velvetkit were born too, and Warmpaw fell in love with Shellkit from the beginning. When she started showing feelings for Frostkit, it started his rivalry with the white and ginger tom.

The Dark Forest took advantage of Warmpelt's murder skill and recruited him, and Warmpelt slowly plotted agiant Froststar. He never actually killed Froststar, but killed Blazeshine and took one of Froststar's lives. He was killed by Spottedheart, but she died giving birth short after.


Warmpelt's parents, Shade and Bird, hated him and treated him so badly that he avioded them at all costs. whenever he wante dto play with his brother, Gingerpaw, he would yowl for Shade and Warmkit would be abused in some way by his mother, who constantly said that he didn't 'deserve to play my wonderful, handsome kit'.

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