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Welcome to the Warrior Cat Clans RP Wiki!

Are you obsessed with Erin Hunter's best selling series Warriors? This site lets you live out your crazy dreams of becoming one! You get to create as many cats as you can handle, chat with friends, go to gatherings, and maybe even become the leader of a clan! Do you like art? Check out one of our projects, Project Charart! You can also roleplay outside the clans with a loner, rogue, or kittypet! Remember, if you ever need any help on this site, you can talk to any of the staff and members on here! Come on in and have fun!


The Main Clans:


The Projects & Other Useful Links:

Project CharartProject CharactersCats up for adoptionNew User Guide

Featured Article

Redcloud.warrior Redcloud is a ginger and white tomcat. He is a former loner, current warrior of... Read More!

New Fanfictions and More!

Get Started!
Time to get started. Once prompted, make a page for your cat. Ask any staff member for further details. Remember to have fun!

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