Hey new users or just curious onlookers! Since you are here, you must be wondering how to get around this place or how to do something, and it can be confusing at times! Have no fear, this guide should explain the basics of how to navigate and create your first cat without hassle! Of course, if something about this does not make sense to you, or if this information does not answer your question, always feel free to ask for help from any of the staff or members!

Explaining the Basics

What this wiki is about

WCCRP, or Warriorcatclansrp Wiki, is a long-standing wiki that has existed for a fair amount of time with several users coming and going. It is a smaller wiki with a usual populace of people that stay compared to the few that come and go, so people know each other well on here and get used to new users very fast. As for the roleplay, the main clans are known as WinterClan, a snowy clan, SummerClan, an open field clan, SplashClan, a clan of swimming and lots of water, AutumnClan, a clan of many trees, and SpringClan, a calm and more flowery landscape of a clan. The territories and descriptions of where every camp, territory, etc. is on the Territories page. That should explain how large the clan territories and who borders who are, as well as the trees and bodies of water that are within them.
Not only are there clans, there are also roleplays for cats outside the clans. The places where you roleplay loners, rogues, and kittypets are separated into three different areas; The Valley City, Port City, and Unclaimed land. The Valley City, or called 'Bridgebrook' by the twolegs, and Port City, also called 'McHenry' by the twolegs, are both cities around the areas of the clans and usually have large groups or gangs of cats living within them, as well as kittypets living within the buildings with twolegs. The Unclaimed land is anywhere else around the clans and beyond, so let your imagination go with where they may live! This blog should show the various groups living in the Valley City and Port City and their status as far as what they stand for! As well as those, you can also create your own loner group in any of these parts like those users have! The structure is usually set up like this example, and you can be imaginative and make up the occupations, name, etc!
Besides living cats, you can also roleplay a cat that has been previous deceased in both the Dark Forest as well as StarClan. On top of those, there are three other groups of cats called The Wind Chasers, FreeClan, and ForestClan. The Wind Chasers are a group of cats outside the realm of the clans, and each cat has powers, pretty much anything you can imagine! This group is good for people wanting a cat with a special ability like, ex. to shapeshift into a creature of choice, or to fly. FreeClan and ForestClan on the other hand, are two groups of former loners, rogues, or kittypets that have come together and formed Clan-structured groups.


Creating your Character

To create a character, you first have to post a join request on the talk page of the clan/group you wish to join. To do this, make a message headed with something along the lines of "Join". In the message should be the name of the cat, it's description, and what rank it is. Higher ranks (such as medicine cat) are usually planned or prophesied from a cat's birth. You generally have to ask far in advance to get a cat with one of these ranks. If you create/adopt any cat, not just ones of high rank, please be sure you're able to roleplay them. You do not have to ask permission to create a deceased cat. As soon as someone responds to your join request, create a page for your cat.
If there is already a cat with the same name as yours, add the abbreviation for the group at the end of the page name. For example, there are two cats named Mistfire. The second one is in SplashClan. At the end of the page name would be (SplC), since that's the Clan the cat is in. If there's already a Mistfire (SplC), add (SplC II) and so on at the end.
On the page, there should be a few templates. At the top should be {{Bronze Grade}}, which displays that the character has been graded Bronze in Project Characters. When your character's page is completed, it can be nominated for a Silver or Gold grade. After that, there should be the template character, with all applicable parameters filled in. Don't add None or N/A to the areas, as these can add unnecessary categories to your cat's pages. All the options either disappear or are already filled in with Unknown or None if they're left blank. Do not add categories to your cat's page manually, add them to the template. After the character template, there should be a short description of your character, stating their name and appearance. Higher graded pages also typically feature the cat's family, or a paraphrasing of their personality. If you give your cat a mental illness, disorder, or serious disease, please do your research first. If you cannot deal with a little research, then you shouldn't give your cat the thing. Non-researched illneses just cause headaches, and are just irritating.
A cat's page should follow the page requirements for section headers. The page also goes over how much should be on a cat's page before nominating it for a higher grade. If there's a section that's incomplete, use the {{CS}} Coming Soon template.

Adopting a Cat/NPCs

If a user is inactive for a while, their cats will be put up for adoption. Any user can request one of these cats here. To request a cat, add |req=~~~~ to the end of a template in source mode. Any staff member and/or the 'heads' of the adoption page can accept adoption requests. Any user can have 80 living major cats at one time, but there is no limit on deceased cats and living minor cats.
Any user can put cats up for adoption. To do this, put {{Inactive}} at the top of the cat's page, and add the adoption template to the adoption page. For example, if you wanted to add a cat named Firesong to the page, you would add {{adoption|Firesong|date=~~~~~}} to the page under the Clan that the cat is in.
NPCs are cats who were on the adoption page for an extended period of time, and can be claimed by any user for use. NPCs do not have to be requested, and can just be claimed. A cat can be claimed for a short time, and then put back up to be an NPC. This is useful if you'd like to build a cat's family, or just want a new character to roleplay.


RP Basics/Rules

This is a RP wiki, therefore if you wanna join in, you gotta know the basics of RP on here!
  • No godmodding/powerplaying.
  • If you want to do something with another roleplayer's character, like kill them or make them be mates with your character, you MUST have the person's permission.
  • When it comes to birth scenes, they do not have to be shown unless it's important.
    • When it comes to things like that and mating, it's best to do a 'fade to black' transition. It means the same thing and less weird and gross.
  • Don't bother people too much - asking them too many questions will make them feel irritated and frankly annoyed. It's understandable if you're a newb, though, since you'll have to learn the ropes.
  • Play along with the plotlines - it'll make things go smoothly.
  • Be mindful of others squicks, or discomforts. If you're roleplaying something like heavy gore, put it under a drop-down box so that it's not easily seen when they're viewing it.
  • Don't mess with the Clan descriptions, history, lore, etc. without the approval of an admin.
  • If you are to add something to your character, like a mental disorder, a diability, or the like, research is HIGHLY suggested. We don't want to offend anybody in any shape or form, and if you can't handle even a little bit, perhaps it's best you don't add it at all.

How to RP

First of all, edit the page. To introduce a character, you can just have them come back into camp after hunting or something like that. You don't have to do anything special, you can just play it like they've been in the clan for ages. You don't have to do much for your first post, maybe have your cat approach someone else's. Don't kill anyone's cat without their permission, and don't have your cat mate with anyone else's without their permission. Try to use good grammar when roleplaying, as it makes your posts much easier to read. Only roleplay your own characters, unless another user gives you permission. Once you're done typing up your post, sign it with four tildes (~~~~) so we can know who posted it. Then, you're done!

RP Lingo

Just for people's convenience...

General RP Terms

  • Godmodding - One roleplays a character not owned by them, usually for their own purposes. Also known as powerplaying.
  • Mun - The person roleplaying the character. Also known as RPer.
  • Muse - The character the person who owns them roleplayers. Also known as OC, RP char, etc. etc.


  • AC - AutumnClan
  • SprC - SpringClan
  • SplC - SplashClan
  • SuC - SummerClan
  • WC - WinterClan OR WindClan
  • ShC - ShadowClan
  • SkC - SkyClan
  • TC - ThunderClan
  • RC - RiverClan
  • TWC - The Wind Chasers
  • TSF - The Storm Fronts
  • KP - Kittypet
  • Lo - Loner
  • Ro - Rogue
  • NA - New Autumn


Project Characters

Project Characters is a project dedicated to improving character pages. Every character page starts out with a bronze grade, and can be nominated for silver or gold. To nominate articles, you need to request to join on the talk page of the project. Any nomination put up by a user not in the project will be declined. A lead will accept you into the project, and then you can begin nominating articles! A user classified as a lead is the leader, the deputy, or a senior warrior. The leads of Project Characters can put votes up for articles, give them a CBV, and accept join requests. The leads of Project Characters are Giaria, Shoon, Stoemstar, Nervousbreakdance, and Ospreypaw.
As long as you're in the project, you'll need to follow the guidelines of the project. If you don't you'll be warned, and possibly removed from the project. Since you've now hopefully read the rules of the project, you can get to nominating articles. The Page Requirements page lists the bare minimum requirements for each grade. It's recommended you have a little more than what's listed on the requirements in order to have a successful nomination. You're allowed to ask for comments if your nomination has gone a few days without them. When the nomination has gone a few days without comments and a lead thinks it looks good, the article will go through a CBV period of three days. When that period is up, the vote will be put up for your article. Voting lasts for a week. You can vote on any article nomination using the {{voteyay}} template. You can vote on your own articles as well. When the voting time is up, a senior warrior will add the correct grade template to your character's page, and list it under the quality pages section. You can have up to three nominations up at a time, not counting votes.

Project Charart

Project Charart is a project dedicated to making art for character pages. Every user starts out as a kit, and then can be moved up to apprentice and warrior. To put up art, you need to request to join on the talk page of the project. Any art put up by a user not in the project will be declined. A lead will accept you into the project, and then you can begin putting up art! A user classified as a lead is the leader, the deputy, or a senior warrior. The leads of Project Charart can decline and archive art, give them a CBA, and accept join requests. The leads of Project Characters are Shoon, Nervousbreakdance, Rainlegs, Stoemstar, and Giaria.
As long as you're in the project, you'll need to follow the guidelines of the project. If you don't you'll be warned, and possibly removed from the project. Since you've now hopefully read the rules of the project, you can put up art. There are several tutorials on how to make chararts, though many of them are outdated. You can always ask another user to help you out. Once you put a charart up on the approval page, people will comment on it. They'll give you tips on how to change your art, and once nobody sees anything wrong with it, a lead of the project will give it a CBA. This lasts 24-48 hours typically, though it can last longer. Once this time is up, the character art is approved and placed on the cat's page. You can only do chararts for your own cats, unless someone gives you permission.

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