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strays blank

so like. I'm the orginal artist of the strays blank and I really kinda don't like how it looks. I was wondering if yall would be ok if I redid them? I have a few different blanks (one, two) that would just need the med/long versions done, and theyre a better size than those monsters in terms of length. if we really want that hunting pose, I think we should use the prey hunters that max fixed up a while ago. thoughts? don't kill me I just really hate the current blanks ferk was here 00:59, 09/22/2017

hey man since you're the original artist it is totally chill if you're not chill with the blank and I'm not fussed if we decide to change and if we do I'm gonna say I'd to see that second one become the new strays blank - I've always kinda loved it 'cause it looks cool as man max #pkmnmaster 07:11 Fri Sep 22 2017

I really like the second one too lol, I had originally made them for the New Autumn messengers, and Ive always really wanted them to get used. I'd like Whiskers opinion too, since theyre deputy of the project. If we get the ok to change them, would you be willing to do the fur edits? It's ok if not, you just have a better way of doing it than I do lmao. my fur is blocky and yours is flowy and nice and I cant figure out how to do that for the life of me. ferk was here 17:00, 09/22/2017

I think it'd be okay to change them. I'm gonna go with the second one if we do, mostly coz my pieve of junk phone won't let me see the other. But I am the Chosen One 17:09, September 23, 2017 (UTC)

I'm on board for the change of blanks and like Max said if you're the original artist of a blank you should have some say to it. Also, on Max's behalf, they've given me permission to post the links for the medium/long hair versions of the blank. Mediumhair and Longhair. ╾cooper Sigh No More 02:27 2 Oct 2017

bless!!! thank u max (and coop for posting them)!! ferk was here 15:02, 10/2/2017

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