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This page is not for adding in art. It is simply for join requests and other discussion.

You can find the approval page here, and this will be where you can post your artwork.


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Okay, I feel like this is going to be somewhat annoying since we've already approved images and enforced the kit/juvenile/adult images but, I feel like that was kind of taking the fun out of it for some people? I know I'm kind of going back on my words in the previous discussion but, I feel like if we did go back to our old image system (with some changes that'll I mention below) it would entice more people to join, bring life back into the project, and give us better practice.

If this does go through, as we'll likely vote on it below, I would like to make some changes. So I think the following blanks should be kept the same;

  • Kit
  • Apprentice/MCA
  • Warrior
  • Medicine Cat
  • Elder
  • Kittypet

As for some others, I think we could substitute them with some of the other blanks that would be 'retired';

  • Deputy could become the Member base from TSF
  • Leader could become the leader base from TSF
  • Queen could become the queen base from TSF
  • Loner/Rogue could become ground runner base from one of the Tribes (I'm suggesting that we use one base for this category since they are both technically clanless cats)

For StarClan, StarClan kits, and the Dark Forest blanks, I think we should use the bases from here, as I still have the files from the StarClan and Dark Forest (as I'm the original artist). We would only need to ask permission from Ferk about their StarClan kit base.

Now, for images that have already been approved, I think we should keep them approved (for the ones that can still use the blanks) and simply rename them to fit the old naming conventions. For images that would need to be redone, it could work in a similar manner to Warriors Wiki - if they go say 24hrs then they can be 'approved' and placed on the page. Sorry guys for this, it got a little long, but I think this idea might be in the best interest for the Wiki in the future. #chicks =trouble 00:08 Sun Apr 30 2017

Sure, I'm okay with swapping it back. While I thank you for asking for my input- don't take my word as heavily, since I'm barely active as it is. I'd be happy to make art of others, but I don't have the time to RP with my own characters, so... yeah. But if ya'll decide to switch it back, then I think it would be lovely, as the warrior's wiki has a great model for following. spookycat27merp de merp merp 01:14, 4/30/2017

I'd be fine with switching back. I feel like if the adult, juvenile, and kit blanks just stick as warrior, apprentice, and kit blanks, there won't be much of an issue. Although it's more work for lazy people like me who save shading as a file and reuse it over and over for the adults, I feel like having a variety of blanks is always nicer. Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 01:20, April 30, 2017 (UTC)

I agree with switching back to the old blanks; i've always liked having all the ranks than just the three, and like you said, the images already done just need to be renamed. ~Patchfeather~ 02:15, April 30, 2017 (UTC)

Alright, so far it is a majority vote - so it'd be safe to say that this will be implemented almost straight away. I'll update the PCA page with the blanks and I can get to work on working on fur tweaks to be posted. What I would recommened everyone else do is re-reuploaded images to the old image naming conventions (or the ones that WW use) and mark the old images for deletion (unless you have the power to delete them/rename them).

Images previously approved will stay approved - so no need to place 'em back up for approval. #chicks =trouble 03:48 Sun Apr 30 2017

I agree with the seperate rank, I like the idea you have going so far. This would help the wiki gives a few more chararts to do. Gonna use WWiki as an example here. So they seem to be doing great with ranks. I also want to bring to attention that we should do whag WWiki does basically with their current project charart chart and the charart list of what blanks for characters need done. Thoughts on that? Also on the loner and rogue, shouldn't those two be different blanks like use the rogue with Ground Runner base and loner maybe use the apprentice blanks from witf (which Beau made, they know what I'm talking about) My name is Lord Voldemort 04:05, April 30, 2017 (UTC)

(this kind of makes me realize how long I've been here) There use to be a page like that where people would make note but, then it was taken down and stopped because people would just start making others for people without asking? I think its alright the way it is because that way people are in charge of how their characters look and if approached can politely accept or decline the offer of art.

As with the blanks, the apprentice ones would be too young to use for an adult cat. Also, I've never really noticed the difference between rogues and loners on this site in particular expect for the 'rogues are evil/bad cats' vibe. I personally think the one blank would suffice for the rank as it both loners and rogues are clanless cats as stated previously. #chicks =trouble 04:23 Sun Apr 30 2017

Hm true. There's a rather valid point for Loner and Rogue. Okay I say we go with the same blank then. Are we staying true to the loner/rogue groups not getting the leader blanks? My name is Lord Voldemort 18:20, April 30, 2017 (UTC)

Alrighty all good, and with leader blanks, it's a tough call because they've recently decided on WW to use leader blanks for non-Clan leaders and I think it is a good thing for us, a well established warriors roleplay, should try and keep aligned to them. So in short, yes, I think it wouldn't be a bad thing to use 'em for any cat called a leader. #chicks =trouble 02:26 Mon May 1 2017

Alrighty. Discussion over then? If so then we can archive this as the first discussion My name is Lord Voldemort 02:48, May 1, 2017 (UTC)

I believe so - but, maybe leave the discussion here for a couple days just to make sure everyone has at least seen it or been aware that there has been that change maybe? #chicks =trouble 03:43 Mon May 1 2017


I would like permission to use these blanks on other sites than this wiki. --Featherstar27❀ 23:45, August 31, 2016 (UTC) 22:40, May 3, 2017 (UTC)

Hi! Would you mind linking the site/sites that you would like to use the blanks on? That way we can keep a tab on where they are going to be used. #chicks =trouble 22:51 Wed May 3 2017

join request!

hi! can i join the project? apollo here comes justice! 21:56 Sat Jun 3

Of course! I've added you in as a warrior. We no longer use an approval page system - it's basically just post any chararts to the character's page as long as the image is transparent and would be approved under normal circumstances. #chicks =trouble 08:22 Sun Jun 4 2017

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