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Current SummerClan
Age Approx. 28 Moons Old (Approx. 2.33 Years)
Status Living
Debut SummerClan Archive I'
Father Congolifin
Mother Mulletbreeze
Siblings Littermates: Three Unnamed Kits
Half: Skinkfang, Morningbreeze, Silverface
Mate Nightstar
Kits Ashpaw, Horsepaw, Nightpaw, Darkpaw
Apprentice Privetshade
Leader Position
Predecessor Nightstar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Daisystep
Successor Skinkfang
Owner Mink

Waspstar is a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.


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Leader Info

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I'm not my father's biggest fan, especially since he's with Rainflower. I feel like he doesn't really care about my mother, Mulletbreeze deserves better. She deserves someone who's only for her. I just don't like my father or his other mate.Waspwhisker's thoughts on her father, Congolifin
Waspwhisker has never really liked her father and can't really say she loves him or ever has. After spending most of the time in the nursery with her mother after she lost her three siblings to sicknesses she began to see how much more Congolifin showed his feelings for Rainflower than Mulletbreeze. Despite, Congolifin trying very hard to become close with after she became an apprentice he was unsuccessful. After trying several more times he just gave up and now the two have a tense relationship that usually involve Waspwhisker insulting Rainflower and himself.


I love my mother to death, I'd kill anyone who went to harm her. She's my everything, and I don't know what I'd do without her. I was there when my father took Rainflower as his mate, they had their litter, and then my siblings died. It hit my mother hard and she just hasn't been the same since.Waspwhisker's thoughts on her mother, Mulletbreeze
Waspwhisker absolutely adores and loves her mother t death, to the point of actually harming or killing someone that harms her. Despite this, Waspwhisker is very close to her mother and the two spend almost very moment together. Since becoming a warrior, Waspwhisker has noticed a change in her mother's behavior, most warriors telling her its just Mulletbreeze becoming senile in her age, however Waspwhisker believes it has to do with her father and is trying very hard to be their for her. Currently the two are practically inseperable.



Morningbreeze and I, we're tight. Like two peas in a pod. We were pretty close as kittens and got even closer as we grew, despite our age difference not really much just a moon. I respect her as a warrior and all, except she's quite the flirt.Waspwhisker's thoughts on her half-sister, Morningbreeze
Despite being one of the daughters of Congolifin's mistress, Waspwhisker is actually very close to Morningbreeze and even considers as her best friend, possibly a sister of sorts. The two became close approximately two moons after Mornignbreeze was born. First starting out causing trouble together. As they grew older both mellowed out and become more mature, although there were the rare occasions of causing trouble with Skinkfang.


Silverface is cool, a little mature. More mature than most at her age, especially her brother. If Snakestar were to pick anyone as deputy I'd expect her as I don't see me nor Morningbreeze being picked.Waspwhisker's thoughts on her half-sister, Silverface
Waspwhisker isn't as close to Silverface as she is Skinkfang or Morningbreeze, Silverface was always more mature than her half-sister and her siblings. Believing that acting like a child would get her nowhere in the Clan. Waspwhisker, however, highly respects the warrior as both a sister and a friend.


Oh StarClan! There's more to say about him than anything else. He absolutely childish and has no control over his prankster ways. Like when he was a kitten. I remember him rubbing a ton of purple berries in Silverface's nest then. Man did she throw a fit.Waspwhisker's thoughts on her half-brother, Skinkfan
Skinkfang and Waspwhisker's relationship is a weird one. As a kitten he always had a crush on her, but never actually told her. After finding out that they shared he same father he grew protective of her as a friend and brother. The two to this day still cause trouble when they can.



I can't really stand her. She's my father's mistress and she's super obnoxious and annoying. I mean she never shuts up! She's always complaining. Ugh..why did it have to be her?Waspwhisker's thoughts on her father's mistress, Rainflower
Waspwhisker absolutely can't stand the perma-queen, much like most of the Clan. She feels like Congolifin is trying to use Rainflower to replace her mother and in a way feels quite a bit of hatred towards the molly.



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  • She will most likely join a different Clan briefly after she is chased from SummerClan by Spiderclaw, she will only remain in that Clan until her wounds are completely healed then become a Kittypet.
    • Despite her becoming a Kittypet she will go to StarClan when she dies.
  • She will most likely have a litter with a breeder tom after becoming a Kittypet.
  • Her Kittypet name will either ve Talusa or Reyna.

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