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Placeholder cat
Current WinterClan
Past Kittypet
Age 7 moons
Status Living
Debut WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 55
Father Thomas
Mother Applewhisker
Siblings None
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Silverwhisker

Webshadow is a golden-brown tabby tom with green eyes



Webshadow's fur is quite stunning looking, being a golden-brown color with darker mackerel tabby stripes. He takes after both his mother and father, his fur being slightly the same as his father's, but being just as soft as Applewhisker's. His fur isn't glossy or sleek, it tends to be rather fuzzy, often standing up slightly. Webshadow's coat isn't always the cleanest, though he often keeps up on it, yet he's occasionally seen with it dusty or snowy. His fur is dense like his mother's, keeping him warm during the colder season, despite being short in length.

Much like his mother, Webshadow has a lengthy build, however, he is built much better than his mother. He has brawny legs and larger, flat paws that help him walk in the snow. As a result, he is one of the few cats allowed to patrol, leave camp on his own, and attend Gatherings. Webshadow's shoulders are broad, along with his chest, while his tail is thinner and rather long, almost whip-like. His jaw, much like his father's, is a larger size, providing the warrior with powerful bites. His skin, hidden well underneath his thick pelt, is a pale pink shade, with the slightest hue of gray. He has a few scars he received from random skirmishes, his most notable wounds being on his shoulder and chest. His ears are a triangle shape, however, they aren't feathered at the tips. His eyes are a lighter shade of green, with the slightest tint of yellow around his pupils.

Webshadow has healthy gums and straight teeth, however, his white teeth are faintly stained with yellow. He tends to stand with his legs a shoulder-length apart with his head equal with his broad shoulders. His tail of usually held in a "u" shape, but he is always alert, due to his past with his brother. Webshadow's claws are of an average length, their sharpness depending on how often he sharpens them.


Like his mother, Webshadow has grown into a very hard-working cat with a determined nature. He's set on proving himself worthy...although not to his Clan, but to his pig-headed mother. He's very good at getting in over his head by taking up too many duties at once, and causing himself to stress out. Regardless, he's always set on finishing what he's started, and will not tolerate anyone getting in his way. Webshadow's famous for setting goals and working on a self-thought schedule. Also similar to his mother, he will get snappish if anyone attempts to distract him from his work, or attemtp to provide him with any aid. He likes to work alone.

Webshadow is very independent in nature, likely due to his lack of a proper motherly/fatherly figure in his life. Help from others is never really appreciated by him, in fact, he hates receiving aid from others. It makes him feel weak and incapable, just like how his dam sees him. He's commonly seen alone in camp and not accompanied by others, but that seems to be the way he prefers it. However, he is a social cat, just not lonely in nature. He enjoys endulging in conversation every once in a while, but he can live his life without much contact. He also despises receiving pity from anyone in his Clan because of his lack of his mother's attention.

His love for independence gives him this sort of cold outer shell, frequently pushing help away and working on his own. However, Webshadow does have an affectionate core, it's just not seen too frequently. He has a strong taste for humor, particularly of the crude type, which can be difficult to tolerate. He's willing to stand as an affectionate guy with a shoulder to lean on, as that was never how his mother was, so he'd like to be that way. It's just a matter of gaining his trust and respect, which is a timely process. Then, he's willing to shower his friends in silent affection.


Webshadow's notorious for his battling skills, learning well from Tigerclaw.Coming Soon

He is also well-known for his stealthy stalking abilities, though his golden pelt isn't too helpful in the snow. Webshadow's rather quiet on his paws, and has a great amount of speed for his taller height. Coming Soon



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Applewhisker - Living


Thomas -Deceased, residence unknown




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