Whinchatstorm is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current SummerClan
Age Approx. 36 moons old (3 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut N/A
Last Post Unknown
Mentor Snaptooth
Apprentice Marigoldheart
Owner Mink

Whinchatstorm is a pretty brown and white tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes. She is a senior warrior of SummerClan. Her former mentor is Snaptooth and she mentored Marigoldheart before the molly left.



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Whinchatstorm is described as a blunt, sassy, respectful, and realistic molly that doesn't take crap from anyone. Her straight forward and blunt comments about others can be seen as rude, but she does not see them as so. At times when the past is brought up she can turn into a rather bitter, uneasy, and nervous molly that hates any aspect of returning to her old ways. She is said to have a very sassy attitude towards those who are disrespectful and tend to show them how she would treat them as they do her. The molly especially hates it when others throw past things he's done in her face and is always seen stating that the past is in the past. Her vocabulary is rather large and she often tends to use large words such as fastidious and pandemonium as she sees that it shows that she sees herself as mature and can use larger words than others. This also sees that she herself smarter than the rude and egotistic cats, usually toms, she talks with.
Whinchatstorm tends to be very blunt about what she has to say about others and will not hesitate to tell the truth. She is often scolded by her peers them saying that she should really think about what she says before saying these "hurtful" things to others. She usually replies back that the truth hurts and leaves it at that. Whinchatstorm is said by many to be confused when stating her opinion, but she is quite the opposite. When she has an opinion of someone her opinion usually stays the same for a very long time until that someone decides to change it by surprising her and doing something they normally wouldn't do.
Whinchatstorm, however, does have a rather soft and loving side. This is for the younger generation and she tends to be stern just not as stern as she is with others. She, however "babies" the kits due to her dream of someday having a family, but knows that will be a very long time from now as she has no interest in a mate. She has a soft side as well for nature and enjoys going out at dawn and dusk to watch the sun set over the lake.


Whinchatstorm possesses quite few abilities that aid her in SummerClan, her most notable being her fighting ability. The molly is said to be a very good fighter and often sidetracks her enemy into thinking she's running or giving up and this causes them to let their guard and she then in turn attacks them while their distracted with the thought of her giving up. She also has exceptional skill for hunting and does very well in the tall grass of their respected clan. Her long legs aid her in being able to see over the top of the grass as well as running and leaping at the prey.
Whinchatstorm, however, doe not usually tend to climb trees due to her being able to not really climb them very well and looks more like a squirrel falling out of one. The molly is said to be a talented swimmer and her thin pelt aids in this as well. Her pelt helping her to stay afloat instead of sinking is one of her notable qualities.
Whinchatstorm, however, suffered a great injury to her back right leg during a hunting chase where it was broken and she was taken in by twolegs during her apprenticeship and had her legs fixed has a slight limp, but sees this as a obstacle she can over come.


Kithood and Adolescence

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Ceremonies and Mentions

Rank Ceremonies

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Character Pixels

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  • Whinchatstorm has a major fear of thundestorms, this is called astraphobia.
  • Whinchatstorm is Mink's favorite OC cat.
  • Whinchatstorm was made to become a leader at some point.

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